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I want her to bow befor me.
I want her to bow befor me.
Published 04/22/19 by expede [1 Comments]

Hi, I'm new here and I starting to get redpilled. I have nerver seen the woman as a emotionell being before. Sollitary as an emotional being. But I'm waking up. Wow it a good feeling. I have seen woman as an unreachable creature that you could not understand. But One can.

I got a woman at my work that is the sexiest woman I ever seen. She is 18 years younger that me. And I do not care. She is going to be mine, some day. I need her. And all my coworkers do not suspect anything. I think. But she does. She is very hot and just down my ally. She is the sexiest woman I have ever seen. But she is very short and not very feminin. She is what I desired. She got everything. I could leave my family in a glance, if she asked me to.

Ok, here is my problem;

I was getting along quite well and then she "ghosted" me from sms and said "We need to communicate through work e-mail. This way there is no misstake made. I have made up my minde, and this is the way we will communicate."

What?? Bitch! I went "dark side". Do you not understand? You and I just send 90 sms and e-mail during one week. Come on??!

What should I do?



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