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I want her to bow befor me.
I want her to bow befor me.
Published 04/22/19 by expede [1 Comments]

Hi, I'm new here and I starting to get redpilled. I have nerver seen the woman as a emotionell being before. Sollitary as an emotional being. But I'm waking up. Wow it a good feeling. I have seen woman as an unreachable creature that you could not understand. But One can.

I got a woman at my work that is the sexiest woman I ever seen. She is 18 years younger that me. And I do not care. She is going to be mine, some day. I need her. And all my coworkers do not suspect anything. I think. But she does. She is very hot and just down my ally. She is the sexiest woman I have ever seen. But she is very short and not very feminin. She is what I desired. She got everything. I could leave my family in a glance, if she asked me to.

Ok, here is my problem;

I was getting along quite well and then she "ghosted" me from sms and said "We need to communicate through work e-mail. This way there is no misstake made. I have made up my minde, and this is the way we will communicate."

What?? Bitch! I went "dark side". Do you not understand? You and I just send 90 sms and e-mail during one week. Come on??!

What should I do?


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Comment by The-Sea-Wolf on 05/23/19 03:13pm

Quit being a bitch that obsesses over one woman. She obviously isn't interested and her telling you she wants to communicate via work email likely means she doesn't even want to talk to you outside of a professional context. Now shut up, and go lift until you're not sad about it.

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