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11/10/2018 Journal Of Events
Published 10/11/18 by clavabot [0 Comments]


  • Got 7+ Hours of sleep
  • Started my shower off with cool water and eventually went to cold
  • Urge surfed [Feeling like I need to use porn, because I am not getting laid but everyone else is]
  • Got into a gym at 6, [Walked for 15 mins then did Tabata *8 ]*3 + A final 15 min walk
  • Finally finished one of my readings with notes
  • Going to meditate before bed

Needs Improvement

  • O Woke up at 12:30
  • O ‘Wasted time’ from 1 to 2 [ Reading TRP vs doing school work]
  • O Did Not do my Ritual fully

Water + Supplements only

  • O Procrastinated from 12:45 – 14:30
  • O Went form cool shower to warm
  • O God damn spent the whole day wasting it away
  • O Did not manage my time well enough as I’m typing is at 10 Pm Ie past the screen shut off time

Learn to hate warm water, showers are to be < 3 mins

Strategic alarms to snap my Attention [Did not even attempt this/Therefore will implement tomorrow]

The start of the day is Key, I did not do my ritual and therefore started it from a weaker position

Tasks to complete Before 9 PM / 21:00 + To do list

  • Out of bed b4 6 AM [ Sleep 7-9 hours]
  • Do Full proper Ritual

D3+Multivitaman+Fish oil
Gratitude [Things, People, Experiences]
Do 1 15 min Headspace session
Contrast showered
Do 25 Kettle-bell swings

  • Got into the gym
  • Go inside a gym and walk for 30 mins
  • Do review of reading 1 and finish reading 2 b4 my class [My mess up]
  • Go collect documents b4 1:30
  • Begin meal prepping breakfasts for 2 weeks
  • Hit up friends to see if anything is ‘happening’
  • Go to the MMA gym I emailed see what its like before committing
  • Go to Sport Course
  • Party With Freedom from outcome + while still trying to get laid

As a note I will be writing ‘Field reports’ from now on as well when ever I go out, to inspire me to take action.

See you boys tommorw!
10/10/2018 Journal of events
Published 10/10/18 by clavabot [0 Comments]

This will be a daily log I make before I go to bed [If I dont make this log no bed for me] Tracking what I did, the good and the bad with solutions listed below. The goal is to reduce the Needs Improvement section to less then 5 points, and implement one fix a day.


P Woke up at 6 Am

P Got out of bed despite not wanting to

P Did my Ritual

  • Took D3+Multivitam+Fish oil
  • Gratitude [Things, People, Experiences]
  • Did 1 10 min headspace session
  • Contrast showered
  • Did 25 Kettlebell swings
  • Got into the gym

P Did my 5*5 workout [Was 10/10 as I lifted more this time around]

  • Squat 23.75kg/side 5*3
  • Over-Head Press 12.5kg/side 3*3
  • Deadlift 25kg/side 5*5

P Currently 11:35 Am Got my-self back on track after wasting time

P Lost track of time again, but was still productive over all

P Invested [12:45 – 13:00] 10 mins reading The Way Of The Superior Man

P Ate A meal at 3.30 + snack at 5

P Went to sport course and gave it my 98%

P Went to a ‘party’ after and DID not drink at all!

P Felt Like I was social af chatting with people and had fun with no ‘Liquid Courage

P Noticed that I was feeling down and latterly started repeating ‘Im the prize’ in my head like an autist

P Logged the whole day, and posted it

Needs Improvement

O Shower was 30 Mins enjoyed the hot water too long

O Procrastinated from 9:30 to 11:35

O Procrastinated from 11:45 to 12:45 So far [Approx 4.5 Hours wasted]

O Went to class late by 15+ min

O Took a nap in the afternoon

O Over all time wasted till sport course

O Was kinda stifled at the party, spoke to 2 girls had one apporch meal but 2 smoked cigs 1 had a bf so I chose to ‘reject’ them [tbh should got for the lay like tf First pussy > values]

O Felt really damn needy, forgot I was the prize, and to delude my self that I have abundance with women

O Got back to my dorm at 12;30

O ATE a lot of Food [but it was healthy]

O Did not headspace

O Watched Netflix Until 3:35 AM meaning my wake up and sleep time are affected

Timers to shower ie. Set timer for 3 mins and force it cold “Those who do it have the power” [Will possible tat that on my body]

Random timers to snap my back to doing work

Read an article and implement advice for better time management skills [ Major sticking point will be the focus for the next week]

Tasks to complete Before 9 PM / 21:00 + To do list

  • Wake up before 12 [ Sleep 7-9 hours]
  • Do Ritual
  • Go inside a gym and walk for 30 mins
  • Do both readings for class
  • Write a blog post about what I want in my life ie defining my standards regarding, people situation and, girls
  • Read TWOTSM & NMMNG / Plan a weekend trip for my self as per the BFA in the book
  • DO a 24 Hour fast
  • NO PARTYING + Screens off at 22:00 + fall asleap at 22:30 To wake up at 5:30-6 am
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