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MGTOW by RedBigMan
Take Control. Go Your Own Way.
Manosphere Factions
Published 05/02/16 by RedBigMan [3 Comments]

I’ve been subtly involved in what has been called ‘The Manosphere’ for a while now. Initially I found it a refreshing change of pace from the everyday bullshit you see on the news and what not. The problem with the manosphere lately has been the rise and fall of various factions within it.

Whether you follow the PUA, MRA, TRP, MGTOW or whatever other divisions that have arisen in the past year or two. One thing that unites us all is the fact that we as men want to make the lives of other men better (I would say easier but sometimes what is better is not always what is easier). The only difference is in the approach and specifics.

The truth is that we need each and every section of the Manosphere to create the change that we would like. We need the PUAs to teach guys to get pussy. We need the MRAs to fight for our legal and social protections. We need TRP to show men how to improve themselves and we need MGTOW to show men at large that you can have a life without women ruining it.

The world crafted by The Manosphere may not be perfect for each and every man but I’m sure we can all agree that whatever comes of it will be better than what the last 50 years of feminism has brought upon the world.

Preparing for Doomsday
Published 03/08/16 by RedBigMan [1 Comments]

I know there are a bunch of shows out there like 'Doomsday Preppers' where they show people who prepare for major catastrophes or end of the world scenarios. Things like terrorist attacks, economic collapse, pandemics or even something as crazy as zombies like in The Walking Dead. People like to point at these people and call them crackpots or paranoid or whatever. The truth is I feel that the economic collapse scenario is far more likely to happen than any other disaster as it is the only one that would have impact on not just a local or regional but a national or global scale. I have to admit that I respect those who prepare for impending disasters. Like our forefathers these people are not just sitting by and hoping for the best but they are also prepared for the worst.

At first humanity was constrained to hunter-gatherer societies. In those societies the resource that kept the tribe alive was herds, hunting and fishing grounds (aka. mostly food). The key to extracting these resources were skilled hunters. Hunters were prized above all others because they put their lives on the line to bring home the bacon (often literally with wild boars and the like). The one in charge was usually a former hunter who became to old and frail (or perhaps injured) to do active hunting but still had knowledge to pass on to the younger hunters.

Eventually the gatherer part of society realized that 'hey we can take these nuts and berries and grow them wherever we want!'. This started agarian societies (agricultural). The resource that kept the tribe alive in this society was land that could be used for agriculture (ariable land). The key to extracting these resouces were skilled gatherers (eventually called farmers). However, in claiming land it meant that you needed to be able to secure that land and protect it which meant that hunters went from being purely hunters to a sort of hunter-warrior. This put all men on relatively equal footing, sure there was some prestige to being a warrior and/or hunter by bringing in some variety for meals like deer or whatever but for the most part farmers kept everyone's bellies full.

For thousands of years barter was the economic system... If you wanted 2 bushels of grain to make flour or a couple loafs of bread you'd bring some chickens or eggs and trade for them. Eventually we ended up with a precious metal economy and we had coins made out of copper, silver and gold. The thing with these coins was they were valuable because you could in fact melt these down and use them as silver or gold in theory (in actuality like today there were probably laws in place that made it a crime to deface or destroy currency). Eventually this lead to paper money which was given to people as a token of how much gold they had available to them.

In 1933 I'm guessing it was the height of the depresion the government confinscated all gold more or less (some collectible coins were spared) and removed the promise that there would be gold in exchange for the money you have in your hand. Effectively it was a bait and switch since noone was carrying around blocks of gold just the promisary notes that the government would give you an ounce of gold for like $20. Without the possibility of a run on gold to keep the government honest they could now print as much money as they feel like. If you want a true sense of what things are worth look at how much they cost and consider how much gold in ounces it would take to buy it today. You may be surprised if you compare prices today to prices of like early 1900's or before. Particularly if you compare it in terms of how much gold it would cost for such an item.

Anyways I'm rambling you might be wondering what all this has to do with MGTOW or The Red Pill? Well in todays culture you would be well off to cultivate those old craft skills because they can be very useful for survival in a disaster whether it's short term or long term. If you can hunt and fish, forage, make a shelter, build a fire, knit blankets or clothes, sew things together or repair things, fix a bicycle, brew beer or wine, learn to distill things (especially water so you can make safe drinking water but alcohol serves as a good fuel and fire starter) you can always turn your back on society at any given time and go your own way because when it comes right down to it... real men don't necessarily need dollars in their life (they just make life easier/more fun).
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