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MGTOW by RedBigMan
Take Control. Go Your Own Way.
Manosphere Factions
Published 05/02/16 by RedBigMan [3 Comments]

I’ve been subtly involved in what has been called ‘The Manosphere’ for a while now. Initially I found it a refreshing change of pace from the everyday bullshit you see on the news and what not. The problem with the manosphere lately has been the rise and fall of various factions within it.

Whether you follow the PUA, MRA, TRP, MGTOW or whatever other divisions that have arisen in the past year or two. One thing that unites us all is the fact that we as men want to make the lives of other men better (I would say easier but sometimes what is better is not always what is easier). The only difference is in the approach and specifics.

The truth is that we need each and every section of the Manosphere to create the change that we would like. We need the PUAs to teach guys to get pussy. We need the MRAs to fight for our legal and social protections. We need TRP to show men how to improve themselves and we need MGTOW to show men at large that you can have a life without women ruining it.

The world crafted by The Manosphere may not be perfect for each and every man but I’m sure we can all agree that whatever comes of it will be better than what the last 50 years of feminism has brought upon the world.

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Comment by MentORPHEUS on 05/13/16 10:06pm

Thank you for this. I strongly agree that infighting serves the puppet masters and is plugged-in behavior. A big tent, united we stand Manosphere has the power to push back against the forces that keep men down.

Comment by RedBigMan on 05/07/16 11:27pm


Pretty much what I was trying to say. The manosphere is stronger together. We should be focusing on the similarities between the various factions rather than the differences because as a whole we can fix shit because that is what men do. They fix shit that is broken.

Comment by redpillschool on 05/03/16 04:45pm

I would consider TRP to be the common framework that ties the manosphere together. MGTOW and people in LTRs may have different goals, but they all agree on our worldview.

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