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The Asshole
Why women are so entranced by "The Handmaid's Tale"
Published 05/29/17 by Archwinger [0 Comments]

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is a novel, written in the mid-1980s by a female Canadian author of moderate renown. It's a popular book in hardcore womens' studies programs, but not too well-known elsewhere. It is a dystopian work that paints a dark picture of America’s future. The Radical Right launches a terrorist attack and assassinates the United States’ leaders, takes the country over, and rules tyrannically. Women are stripped of all rights. Everything goes to hell, and due to all of the pollution, most people become infertile. The last few fertile women that are left get stolen away by the wealthy elite governmental officials and become “handmaids”, who have forced sex every month at the right point in their ovulatory cycle, so that the wealthy elite can have kids. There’s no love, no respect – they’re barely people – and they exist solely for procreation and sexual release. Monthly rape by the men who have power over them.

Like most works of literature, this book and its author were pretty much completely unknown to most Western women, who don’t give a flying fuck about books or literary concepts unless they see them on a screen, until earlier this year, when a TV series based on this book premiered. As we all know, nobody in the TV or movie business actually generates creative content any more. Everything that comes out nowadays is a sequel, prequel, remake, based on a book, based on a true story, and so on. And somebody decided to cash in on this book, so here we are.

So this year, the literary concepts presented in a dystopian book written in 1985 have suddenly entered the consciousness of American women, as though these old and tired topics explored in countless books (dystopia was especially popular in the 80s) are somehow fresh and new. And for many of these women, who have never read or thought beyond their cellular telephones, these thoughts are indeed new.

Many women viewing this TV show are completely immersed, enraptured in the tale. They feel so connected to the story of a sub-human sex toy, as though it speaks to them directly. Most women glibly pass this feeling off as modern social commentary on Donald Trump. After all, he’s an asshole and a misogynist and the country elected him, and this cool TV series is clearly what Donald Trump wants to do to all women everywhere, so that must be why they’re feeling this way about this TV show, right?

I submit, however, that the feelings these women are having have nothing to do with being oppressed by the evil Donald Trump. Women don’t feel this strong of a connection to television show over the fact that the government is run by rich assholes (which has definitely never happened before). No, this connection comes from the feelings they have about the people that are close to them. Not the president. These women feel this way because deep down inside, they feel oppressed by their husbands, their boyfriends past and present, and by the men in their lives that they know, closely and personally.

We constantly explore the plight of men, here at The Red Pill, while often completely overlooking the plight of women. It’s easy to forget that when the large majority of men suck, the large majority of women are unhappy. If you think it’s tough being a shitty loser man in a low-sex marriage, imagine being his wife and having to fuck him every month. Having to muster up the willpower to, essentially, let a man that you don’t want to fuck – that every fiber in your body is screaming at you to run away from – rape you, because you don’t want to break apart your family or lose your stability.

Many wives and girlfriends, simply put, do not want to fuck their loser men. But the alternative is worse. Breaking families apart, losing financial stability and all of the labor their men provide, turning their lives upside down – these women essentially feel like their lives are being held at gunpoint. They don’t want to have sex, but the men in their lives have power over them, and because these men have power over them, they allow these men to rape them. They don’t love their men – at least not in a sexual way – and are simply allowing themselves to be used for sexual release by someone who has power over them.

Women who are married to or involved with loser men feel like handmaids, from the TV show. No respect, no love, just monthly rapes because the alternative is worse. And this is why The Handmaids Tale speaks to so many women.

Like most fictional novels, The Handmaid’s Tale caters to its audience. Not too long into the book, the evil oppressor man who owns the female protagonist starts to become interested in her for more than just her handmaid duties. And, of course, there’s another man that she eagerly wants to fuck in between forced fuckings, who loves her back because, as we all know from Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and other such books, men always fall left and right an average woman for absolutely no reason whatsoever simply because there’s something so darn indescribably special about her. The book quickly turns from its dystopian commentary about America’s dark future into a tale of this woman’s hopes, dreams, and attempts to escape to a better life with a better man – directly speaking to its target audience of unhappy wives.

Remember, the majority of men are losers. Well, not really. They’re average guys. But in the eyes of women, that makes them losers. Most women are not happy with most men. They’re just whoring themselves out for money, labor, and stability. Meanwhile, they dream of an escape to a better life with a better man. And over time, these feelings take a toll. The Handmaid’s Tale speaks to modern women because modern women literally feel oppressed by their men. On some level, deep down inside, they feel powerless, used, and raped by the men who love them. It’s seriously messed up.

You are their salvation. No woman has ever met a man like you. You can make a woman feel special. Alive. Sexy. You can be the hero in her story, simply by not being a loser. By engaging her emotions. By making her feel.

Don’t try to be her stability. She doesn’t need another loving, stable man to whore herself to while feeling unfairly oppressed by all the good things he provides. She needs a man who can help her escape. Who can make her feel like just for a few hours, she can forget it all with you.

Women are petrified of failure. Use that.
Published 05/05/17 by Archwinger [0 Comments]

We live in a society where women are denied a very important right that cripples them: Women are denied the right to fail.

Women are predisposed to avoid risk. This biological advantage dates back to ancient times, because women get pregnant and have babies. So women dying in large numbers meant bad things for large populations of humans. This is why ancient women cowered in the herd, learned how to forage in groups, how to fit in, and how to start fucking the conquering men if any of them ran in and killed all of the current men in the tribe. Women survived by avoiding risk.

Women today are much the same as women were back in ancient times. Most women try very hard to fit in with a herd, to work with groups, and to avoid conflict and confrontation with men. Women today avoid risk.

This leads to women applying for sub-par jobs, being afraid to negotiate for salaries or ask for raises or promotions, and being petrified of admitting that the reason they don’t succeed is their fear and not the evil patriarchy making them worry about being seen as bitchy.

This leads to women selecting college majors based on what comes easily to them rather than where the money and jobs are. Because women genuinely believe that if they are not predisposed to naturally do well at something, then they weren’t meant to do it. The idea of sucking terribly at something, working very hard to improve, investing time and energy into improvement, and quite possibly still sucking at it and failing is completely alien to women. Because investing your time and energy into learning and improving at something when there is no guarantee of a good outcome is risky. You can fail. And women are not allowed to fail.

This also leads to women sucking at work, because when you ask a female employee to start doing something new in addition to her current duties, and she doesn’t know how to do that new thing and isn’t good at that type of activity, she’s going to bitch. She’s going to complain that this isn’t her job and that she shouldn’t have to do this thing. She will accuse you of singling her out, being mean, being sexist, and sue the company, all to avoid failing at this activity she’s not good at doing.

Women are afraid to fail, and society encourages this and coddles them and never holds them accountable or puts their feet to the fire, so that they never have to fail. Society denies women the gift of failure, which is just about the most anti-female, anti-feminist, woman-hating act possible.

This shit starts young and goes on throughout a woman’s life. My daughter is only five, and she’s already afraid to fail. And my wife is in her 30s, and she’s even more afraid to fail. And my mom is in her 60s, and she’s petrified of failure.

We make our daughter do all kinds of activities, even if she sucks at them, and unlike most of the other upper middle class suburbanite parents, we don’t let our kid quit activities just because they’re hard and she keeps losing competitions. We just make her practice more, and she still loses. Which is fine. She’s five. Five year olds are supposed to have problems scoring soccer goals from large distances, swimming across an Olympic sized pool, beating a bigger, older kid at a marital art, and playing a piano sonata.

But the more we push our girl to try things and fail, the more she comes up with defense mechanisms to avoid failure. Her latest gimmick is as acting very obviously silly when she attempts something, so that nobody thinks that she’s actually trying her hardest. That way, when she fails, she was just being silly, not actually failing. I’m not sure if it’s possible to train a woman to be okay with failure, but we’re trying.

My wife simply stonewalls and won’t do anything if she thinks it will be hard. When she won’t go to the gym or for a jog or rock-climbing with me, I just shrug and invite a group of our yoga pants soccer mom neighbors. So far, getting hot and sweaty with pretty, fit women hasn’t been enough to make my wife actually start jogging, but it’s been great for getting me yelled at for about ten minutes, ignored for about two hours, then fucked for about an hour after that. I usually use the last part of the two-hour ignoring period to shower and shave so I’m nice and clean for sex.

My mom, who is ever-the-narcissist, lies. Whatever you try to get her to do, she swears up and down that she already knows all about it, used to do that activity religiously in her youth, and has practically invented the way that activity works today. And if I'm good at it, she probably taught me how when I was younger and I just forgot. But it’s been so long since she’s done anything like that, so she’s not willing to try today. But she insists that she definitely knows all about whatever the topic is, which should definitely impress you, so please validate her.

Women are born with an innate fear of failure. A woman will only undertake a task if she expects to be able to do it well, and will make all kinds of excuses to avoid doing a task where failure is possible. This is true in all circles. The nerdy girl hanging out with gamers won’t play a video game she isn’t good at in front of the guys. She’ll just watch. The girl who isn’t already in shape won’t go to the gym alone. The girl who can’t sing won’t do karaoke unless a whole group of people goes on stage with her, or unless she has a group of friends egging her on, at which point she’ll act like my five-year-old by pretending she’s just being silly and not actually failing.

This is something you can use.

Assign tasks to your women. Ask them to do things, but always make sure that the things you are asking are well within their abilities. When a woman can complete a task for you easily, she’s less likely to give you push-back when you ask, and she feels good about herself for being capable of something. And she grows accustomed to following your instructions.

Neg your women by asking them to do things you know they can’t do well, but that they ought to be able to do. When your woman can’t cook and you hand her a knife to chop potatoes for dinner, you can tease the ever living fuck out of her when she refuses and gives you some kind of crazy excuse about how she worked so hard doing this other thing for you today and why she shouldn’t have to help with dinner. When your woman can’t catch a Frisbee and all of your friends are playing while she just watches and pretends she doesn’t want to play and doesn’t like Frisbee, throw it at her anyway.

Use a woman’s fear of failure to make her feel inadequate, like she needs to prove herself to you. Get her accustomed to making excuses to you when she won’t try something. This gets her used to feeling like she needs to justify herself to you.

On the other side of the coin, you, as a man, need to embrace failure. Try things, fail, improve, and grow. But remember: Women hate failure and have a complete inability to imagine that anybody else in the world could possibly live or think differently than they do. So don’t talk about your failures and shortcomings with women you’re trying to fuck. Save your self-improvement activities for your bros. Women need to think that you're innately and naturally good at things, because that's the only way they believe it's possible to be good at something. Because in their coddled and child-like world, failure doesn't exist.

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