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The Asshole
Women are petrified of failure. Use that.
Published 05/05/17 by Archwinger [0 Comments]

We live in a society where women are denied a very important right that cripples them: Women are denied the right to fail.

Women are predisposed to avoid risk. This biological advantage dates back to ancient times, because women get pregnant and have babies. So women dying in large numbers meant bad things for large populations of humans. This is why ancient women cowered in the herd, learned how to forage in groups, how to fit in, and how to start fucking the conquering men if any of them ran in and killed all of the current men in the tribe. Women survived by avoiding risk.

Women today are much the same as women were back in ancient times. Most women try very hard to fit in with a herd, to work with groups, and to avoid conflict and confrontation with men. Women today avoid risk.

This leads to women applying for sub-par jobs, being afraid to negotiate for salaries or ask for raises or promotions, and being petrified of admitting that the reason they don’t succeed is their fear and not the evil patriarchy making them worry about being seen as bitchy.

This leads to women selecting college majors based on what comes easily to them rather than where the money and jobs are. Because women genuinely believe that if they are not predisposed to naturally do well at something, then they weren’t meant to do it. The idea of sucking terribly at something, working very hard to improve, investing time and energy into improvement, and quite possibly still sucking at it and failing is completely alien to women. Because investing your time and energy into learning and improving at something when there is no guarantee of a good outcome is risky. You can fail. And women are not allowed to fail.

This also leads to women sucking at work, because when you ask a female employee to start doing something new in addition to her current duties, and she doesn’t know how to do that new thing and isn’t good at that type of activity, she’s going to bitch. She’s going to complain that this isn’t her job and that she shouldn’t have to do this thing. She will accuse you of singling her out, being mean, being sexist, and sue the company, all to avoid failing at this activity she’s not good at doing.

Women are afraid to fail, and society encourages this and coddles them and never holds them accountable or puts their feet to the fire, so that they never have to fail. Society denies women the gift of failure, which is just about the most anti-female, anti-feminist, woman-hating act possible.

This shit starts young and goes on throughout a woman’s life. My daughter is only five, and she’s already afraid to fail. And my wife is in her 30s, and she’s even more afraid to fail. And my mom is in her 60s, and she’s petrified of failure.

We make our daughter do all kinds of activities, even if she sucks at them, and unlike most of the other upper middle class suburbanite parents, we don’t let our kid quit activities just because they’re hard and she keeps losing competitions. We just make her practice more, and she still loses. Which is fine. She’s five. Five year olds are supposed to have problems scoring soccer goals from large distances, swimming across an Olympic sized pool, beating a bigger, older kid at a marital art, and playing a piano sonata.

But the more we push our girl to try things and fail, the more she comes up with defense mechanisms to avoid failure. Her latest gimmick is as acting very obviously silly when she attempts something, so that nobody thinks that she’s actually trying her hardest. That way, when she fails, she was just being silly, not actually failing. I’m not sure if it’s possible to train a woman to be okay with failure, but we’re trying.

My wife simply stonewalls and won’t do anything if she thinks it will be hard. When she won’t go to the gym or for a jog or rock-climbing with me, I just shrug and invite a group of our yoga pants soccer mom neighbors. So far, getting hot and sweaty with pretty, fit women hasn’t been enough to make my wife actually start jogging, but it’s been great for getting me yelled at for about ten minutes, ignored for about two hours, then fucked for about an hour after that. I usually use the last part of the two-hour ignoring period to shower and shave so I’m nice and clean for sex.

My mom, who is ever-the-narcissist, lies. Whatever you try to get her to do, she swears up and down that she already knows all about it, used to do that activity religiously in her youth, and has practically invented the way that activity works today. And if I'm good at it, she probably taught me how when I was younger and I just forgot. But it’s been so long since she’s done anything like that, so she’s not willing to try today. But she insists that she definitely knows all about whatever the topic is, which should definitely impress you, so please validate her.

Women are born with an innate fear of failure. A woman will only undertake a task if she expects to be able to do it well, and will make all kinds of excuses to avoid doing a task where failure is possible. This is true in all circles. The nerdy girl hanging out with gamers won’t play a video game she isn’t good at in front of the guys. She’ll just watch. The girl who isn’t already in shape won’t go to the gym alone. The girl who can’t sing won’t do karaoke unless a whole group of people goes on stage with her, or unless she has a group of friends egging her on, at which point she’ll act like my five-year-old by pretending she’s just being silly and not actually failing.

This is something you can use.

Assign tasks to your women. Ask them to do things, but always make sure that the things you are asking are well within their abilities. When a woman can complete a task for you easily, she’s less likely to give you push-back when you ask, and she feels good about herself for being capable of something. And she grows accustomed to following your instructions.

Neg your women by asking them to do things you know they can’t do well, but that they ought to be able to do. When your woman can’t cook and you hand her a knife to chop potatoes for dinner, you can tease the ever living fuck out of her when she refuses and gives you some kind of crazy excuse about how she worked so hard doing this other thing for you today and why she shouldn’t have to help with dinner. When your woman can’t catch a Frisbee and all of your friends are playing while she just watches and pretends she doesn’t want to play and doesn’t like Frisbee, throw it at her anyway.

Use a woman’s fear of failure to make her feel inadequate, like she needs to prove herself to you. Get her accustomed to making excuses to you when she won’t try something. This gets her used to feeling like she needs to justify herself to you.

On the other side of the coin, you, as a man, need to embrace failure. Try things, fail, improve, and grow. But remember: Women hate failure and have a complete inability to imagine that anybody else in the world could possibly live or think differently than they do. So don’t talk about your failures and shortcomings with women you’re trying to fuck. Save your self-improvement activities for your bros. Women need to think that you're innately and naturally good at things, because that's the only way they believe it's possible to be good at something. Because in their coddled and child-like world, failure doesn't exist.

The only question that matters: Is she fucking you, or not?
Published 03/06/17 by Archwinger [2 Comments]

Many guys approach The Red Pill with a question that goes something like, “My girlfriend (or some girl I’m dating, fucking, or just interested in) said X after I did Y, so I responded Z. How did I do? What did she mean by this? What is she trying to do?”

It’s normal, as a human being with functioning ears, to listen to things we hear and react to them. This is how we avoid potential dangers. This is also how we obtain new knowledge, such as by receiving information and thoughts from other humans. Listening to what people say is half of the process, while talking is the other half, right?Wrong.

It is estimated that about 7% of communication is verbal. The remaining 93% is some combination of body language, tonality, and all kinds of other details and signals, right down to what socks you wore when you showed up to meet somebody. The fact that you didn’t make a point of wearing your newest pair of socks may well bother your girlfriend far more than anything you say to her the entire night, but she won’t say a word to you about it. Instead, she will answer everything you say with short, one to three word statements, make no effort to initiate any conversational topics of her own, shrink away every time you try to touch her, and pretend to be on her period to get out of sex. You unintentionally communicated to her that you don’t care about her or your relationship because you couldn’t be bothered to wear the right socks. So she intentionally tried to communicate to you that she’s not going to make any effort regarding you or the relationship. Unmistakably clear communication, right?

So naturally, during the night, you might ask her, “Is something bothering you?”, responsive to which she will answer that everything is fine. As a normal human being with functioning ears, you may hear her respond that everything is fine, assume that everything is fine, and try to have normal conversation with her for the rest of the night. But she tried to communicate to you that everything is not fine by answering you with a curt statement using a bland tone of voice. You ignored what she tried to communicate and just kept trying to act like everything was fine, further confirming that you don’t care about her, her feelings, or the relationship. Combined with the sock incident, this was completely unacceptable, so she spent the rest of dinner texting one of her male co-workers to set up a lunch date tomorrow.

When somebody asks the question “Some girl said X. What did she mean?” he is making a very critical error: He is listening to shit women say.

Never listen to shit women say. When a guy asks about something some girl said to him, the first question you ask this guy should be: “Is she fucking you?”

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. If she’s fucking him, she’s into him. If she’s not fucking him, she is not into him. The sounds she happens to make with her mouth don’t matter at all, only her actions. Is she fucking him, or not?

However, most guys fall into a gray area. She fucks him sometimes, but doesn’t fuck him other times. And most of what she says and does seems to be attempts to try to get him to say or do certain things, responsive to which she acts happy and sometimes fucks him, but sometimes doesn’t, seemingly at random. One might think that whether or not she fucks him is completely disconnected from what she says with her words. To an extent, this is true, but most of the time, her words are a shit test.

A shit test is essentially a power struggle. A test of who is dominant in the relationship. You want to have sex. She knows you want to have sex. She wants to have sex, too. But instead of having sex, she says something completely unrelated to sex. The normal instinct of a man having functioning ears would be to respond to what she said, and if what she said is a problem, to try to resolve it. But after he complies with whatever it was she said, she proceeds to not have sex with him! If he then attempts to initiate sex, she acts aghast! “What? After I had to tell you to do X instead of you doing it yourself, now you want sex? You didn’t care enough to have done X before I said something. I’m not feeling very close to you right now!” Or sometimes, she might say, “What? You only did X for me because you thought it would lead to sex? That’s manipulative! I am hurt. You must now make this up to me for many weeks before we have sex again.”

Never listen to shit women say. What she’s saying to you is secondary. The only question you need to concern yourself with is whether or not she’s fucking you.

If a woman is into you, she will fuck you without reservation and without imposing conditions on you. You can be the biggest asshole on the planet who’s never done shit for her, and she will beg you to fuck her. Sex with you is its own reward for her. She feels like it’s something she works to earn, rather than something you work to earn from her.

If a woman is not into you, she will make you jump through hoops with the vague notion that this may lead to sex sometime in the future, maybe, if she feels like it and you maintain your good behavior. Sex with you is a grudging chore she tries to avoid. She feels like it’s something you have to earn, and it’s annoying to have to put out every so often to keep you from whining too much.

The specific words a woman says aren’t that important. Wracking your brain trying to figure out what she meant or how you should respond is a waste of time. She’s either fucking you or she’s not.

Every time you say something to a woman, it should not be a direct response to her previous statement. It should be a stepping stone toward your objective: Sex. You should have a plan to lead her toward sex. Maybe you’re going to go to this first location and do a first activity, then leave at a certain time to go to a second location if necessary, then to your apartment, where you will do another activity and end up having sex. Everything you say to her should be taking charge of the interaction and leading it according to your plan.

She will try to throw monkey wrenches into your plan. She will try to get you to stop leading the interaction and start responding, line by line, to things she says. She will try to become the leader of the interaction, while you react to her words. Then, at the end of the interaction, she will feel like everything was disorganized. There was no plan. The two of you just spun your wheels, and she didn’t have a good time.

Don’t waste any more time listening to a woman’s words. That’s not how they communicate. Look only to her actions. She is either fucking you, or fucking with you.

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