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@LeashedDoggie Humanity is inherently evil, and it is only through struggle that we are good. To beat a dead horse, it is through work that we might struggle to become good. Nazi’s gassing Jews is a direct example of inherent evil and dereliction of the struggle to do good. It would have been work and sacrifice to stand up and say no to the abhorrent tasks set before them. It was surrender and weakness that kept them evil.

They did not work to be better.


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@LovecraftsNightmare your a high ego Anglo. I know the psychological type well and their linguistic structure.

He used the word Job, and I expounded on its implication. Your the one who is changing/introducing meaning by adding random words and poems.

Job + Worker = Work = Sacrifice = Good.

This right here is Christianity (Sacrafice = Good) which I am categorically against coupled with Capitalist Realism. This is your own invention and is diametrically opposed to anything I would write. It's also stupid. A person doesn't need a job to work. Not all work is paid but all jobs are paid.

My tribe has the deepest discourse on TRP. So telling me to add value is retarded.

In conclusion stop being an egoic Anglo and learn to be a better reader.


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@LovecraftsNightmare the definition of Job is a paid position of regular employment.

That's the context I used it in, is the standard dictionary definition which he is no doubt is aware of and utilizes.

You on the other hand brought in a whole new word. Then did a gay poetry reading.

Then you use my attachment of a banana man to jump to this wild ass conclusion " I assume you struggle to convey the points in an eloquent manner, or you just don’t understand them yourself."

My conclusion from all of this is that your some kind of high ego Anglo white with a middling verbal intelligence.


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@LovecraftsNightmare he uses the word job he doesn't use the word work. Work is a word that you pulled out of your ass to retroactively change the meaning of what he wrote.

The word work is irrelevant in this conversation.

What's happening here is we are analyzing his idiolect so we can understand his underlying value system and subsequently psychological structure.

Then you start doing Petersonian poetic readings "A man is more than a commodity because of his labour. He is the backbone, the shoulders, the fire in the eyes of the world and the only being in the universe willing to sacrifice himself for tomorrow."

Nice poem bro.


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@LovecraftsNightmare The owns actual ranch wasn't a casual boast, it was a seed crystal purposefully dropped into the discussion to test whether a Simulacra and Simulation angle would develop among the Philos-ifters, or whether an insult-and-mic-drop pattern would prevail. The results of this thought experiment are now committed to print.

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