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@itiswr1tten the fundamental problem with "game" like everything else bourgeois is that it doesn't dig deep enough. It looks at symptoms not causes. Has Rollo or Rian ever once asked themselves why PUA/Game only exists in the English language?

Why isn't there a Spanish language TRP? Or a Chinese TRP? Why do only westernized men experience these problems and why aren't non Western men asking the same questions?

In their Jouissance they never thought about it.

They've spent that past ten years trying to solve Western problems with Western solutions. How's that going? The same way the west can't solve the obesity problem the west can't solve the beta problem because it's solutions are Western.

The same way doctors hand out pain pills these guys hand out cute one line answers. It's a bandaid therapy symptomatic of the American profit driven system.

Fundamentaly if you want an American not to be fat he can't eat like an American.

If you want an American man not to be a retarded beta bitch he cannot think like an American.

That's the real Red Pill, which unfortunately could only emerge as a result of the failure of the old Red Pill. Unlike the previous Red Pill which is palletable to betas this one obviously isn't as we have proven on multiple occasions.

The first part of overcoming Amerimut Consumerism is reading real books which for whatever reason unbearably painful to them.

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wrote this forever ago but here is my research

A Brief History of The Decline - PUA

In 1994 a guy named Lewis De Payne started the online group, and the PUA community began. By the early 2000s, anonymous men with screen names like Mystery and Style were attempting alchemy - they wanted to create a foolproof method to get women into bed, a supposedly impossible task in a world convinced that everyone is special and being your genuine self was the correct sexual strategy.

​Their "Field Reports" (sound familiar?) existed for men to trade notes online (and in those days, offline in meetups or "lairs") and actually turned lead into gold; The Game was created. PUAs correctly identified that women out at night selected men who displayed domineering, proto-masculine traits and exploited sexual tension (typically through escalation and perceived indifference aka the "Neg") to get laid.

A Brief History of The Decline - Game

Game worked, and people were ANGRY. Takes 5 seconds of googling to reveal that mainstream thought labeled PUA "misogynist", "pathetic", and ironically "lies". What got bloops angry isn't that PUA worked (we teach you to listen to their actions, not their words). What made bloops furious is that PUA turned the AFC, or Average Frustrated Chump (aka 95% of you, dear readers) into a man who could get girls. Yet PUAs were disinterested in the "Why", because men care about what works, and don't typically give much thought once the method is proven.

​What audacity to disrupt the sexual marketplace in this way! PUA ultimately stole away some of a woman's ability to fully gatekeep sex. This usurpation of power was unacceptable! PUAs tried to fight back with a concept called "inner game", essentially arguing that PUA was actually just self-help written in locker room talk, and getting girls is a necessary part of building Maslow's foundation (see "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs"). This was weak - political correctness masquerading the desire to fuck as self-improvement. The bloops did not buy it, but a lot of men started paying attention....

A Brief History of The Decline - Enter TRP

TRP came next. TRP took what were essentially just bar tactics and built a cultural framework by which to explain the entire sexual marketplace. The Red Pill is an explanation of effective mating strategy in the context of culture - the "Why" behind the "How". Core PUA concepts like oneitis, Game, and the like had an underpinning truth that united them all together - men's old sexual strategy didn't work, and needed to be replaced. The foundational post, that you all better have fucking read ("Introduction" on the sidebar), spells this out: modern feminism is actually female sexual strategy that,

puts women into the best position they can find, to select mates, to determine when they want to switch mates, to locate the best dna possible, and to garner the most resources they can individually achieve.

Women had to fight back against Game - so they sought to feminize the entire conversation around the sexual marketplace. Through shaming (ever seen someone get "blown up on social media"?), silencing (do you look around or hide your phone when you open TRP in public?), and downright making the ENTIRE CONVERSATION verboten, men started to lose ground fast. There's a reason there are literally two guys (Rollo and rian_stone) who associate their face with this place on a regular basis - TRP is an instruction manual written in a man's language on how to reject what a feminized society has claimed is the truth.

The TRP truths are ugly: she isn't yours, it's just your turn. She is ready and willing to dismiss you once a better prospect is available. Worse, in her mind you will have always been a loser when she decides to ditch you! Faced with this awful reality, TRP responds with painful aphorisms: develop abundance mentality and ditch oneitis to overcome the fact that she will leave. Lift and improve yourself to become as attractive as possible, so that you may become the prize. Be the prize to fix yourself, not for the girls. Practice quantity over quality, because quality is actually just your delusion. AWALT, right?

TRP is so painful to swallow works. And TRP aware men will take what works over what feels good.

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Two cultures, my guy. is very divergent from reddit TRP. This is hardcore.

The way you post would just get your account banned. There's no tolerance for the purely antagonistic perspective. That TRP considers itself fully formed and enforces the same. You can call it whatever you want, but there's a simple reason we're here.

Reddit is mostly dead for us. I'd rather have 20 active posters with this mindset than a billion disgusting spergs.

Is what it is. Spend time appropriately

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@itiswr1tten Anyone who resists suggestions to lift here deserve no voice on this platform. If they make no effort value themselves enough to keep their physique (and by way of extension their brain/mind) in top form why should anyone take the time to value their opinions here?

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Just don't lift and hold frame bro

-that guy

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Cool, keep holding frame and get used to this on every platform

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@abaddon deleted his contrition post so I'll do my best to quote it

"I admit when I was wrong. The mods of TRP rejected my trpuk idea and there's no uptake here. Back to the drawing board I guess"

Gaylubeoil and I went out of our way to tell you in plain English how the customs here work and you proceeded to ignore that and HOLD FRAME BRO.

Just post physique or gtfo

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If you want to refute a point, you have to have one yourself.



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I pulled it for the chins. It's an American convenience chain like 711. It just adds to how much the image owns. Here's the original which is even more amazing



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You will not gain 1 follower from TRP. Red worth having by refusing to post physique and using avoidant language

As I explained via disagreeable / skeptic features, there are a few conclusions the community will make when you do this. They are:

  1. You don't lift seriously so no one should be taking any of your advice or joining any group you lead because you're larping step 1 of masculinity, or

  2. You do lift seriously and therefore have the bare minimum requirement covered but refuse to prove it out of ego, because you're incorrectly thinking proving it is an act of subservience (when it is actually an act of sport/competition)

Neither is good

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