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Game the Vagina, Not the Woman Part 1: Super Secret Sluts
Published 09/13/16 by Bancroft [1 Comments]


This guide was inspired by Archwinger's earlier posts: Appeal to Her Body, Not Her Brain & Stop Trying to Be Someone Women Need; Be Someone They Want. These are excellent posts and inspired me for the good part of the past year. I recommend reviewing those two articles to better understand the concept of what women desire from men.

The Question to Always Ask Yourself

If you’re having troubles continually bedding a woman then you should ask yourself one simple question: Am I trying to fuck or am I not?

1) If you’re trying to fuck, then focus her vagina.

2) If you’re not, then stop reading this article, head on over to /purplepilldebate, and by all means continue asking your friend’s girlfriends for advice.

For everyone else who wants to fuck, please read on.

What Problems Occur When You Don't Focus on the Vagina?

Now this may seem obvious, but so many guys fail because they don’t focus on the vagina. They instead focus on the actual woman. By this, I mean they put a face and persona to the vagina and direct their efforts to them, like they would any other person. They either consciously or subconsciously treat the woman like another equal human being instead of what they should be seeing them as: a young, tight ticket to Bang Bravado, hosted by yours truly.

Focusing on the actual woman means they do these things:

  • They make normal and balanced conversation
  • They ask questions and answer her questions
  • They reciprocate and expect reciprocation
  • They actively listen and attach value to what she says
  • They believe she says what she means and means what she says
  • They assume she will properly make requests for what she wants from him
  • They promote harmony instead of conflict
  • They expect to be dealt with in a logical, fair manner
  • They respect her physical space, opinions, and, worst of all, her personality

All of these are great to make another person happy and many are how you should treat your best friends and even men you respect, but performing these actions with women is the surest way to make your sex life drier than Ole’ Hillary’s cooch.

Because when you’re trying to fuck, you should never come off as an equal human being she can relate to. She needs an alpha with a dick, not a guy with a conversation, and most definitely not a friend who cares about her. The last thing the average girl needs is a “friend”, otherwise known as “guy without a dick and balls”.

What she can’t get from the creepy co-worker, generic Jcrew orbiter, or that guy who’s “just being himself” is a strong, confident dick that only wants to “get to know” one thing in its life: her vagina.

Wait, Aren't You Just Saying Not to Be A "Nice Guy"?

Now many of you will see that above list and think all I’m saying is not to be a “nice guy”. And you would have missed my point completely because you can still be an asshole and perform most to all of these actions.

A jerk can be mean, cruel, and still in the end respect her as a person. This is how oneitis is created. I'm sure you've been there.

Likewise a jerk can still be mean, cruel, and in the end still expect to be dealt with in a logical, fair manner. This is why there are so many hopeless /askTRP posts because despite the OP’s elementary level of game, they’re still worrying about how to respond logically to what her persona says and does, instead of what her vagina needs and wants.

I’m not telling you to be nice or be mean, aloof or interested—I’m sure guys have gotten laid either which way, I sure have—what I’m saying is you shouldn’t focus your effort on treating her like a PERSON.

In fact, you should ignore the fact there’s a brain at the top of her tits and focus on what you want: her vagina.

What Does the Vagina Need and Want?

Unfortunately, much to the average guy’s dismay, unlike a woman’s mouth, her vagina cannot speak. So to focus on the vagina, you must know what it wants.

Lucky for you, my journey across the lands allowed me the special privilege of uncovering exactly what the average vagina needs and wants.

They always want three simple things:

  • To successfully find an excuse to allow its Super Secret Slut [SSS] to come out and play
  • To successfully ride the most Dominant Debonair Dick [DDD] in its nearest trajectory
  • To successfully feed its insatiable, never ending hunger called Penis Novelty [PN]

For Part 1 of my guide, I’ll explain a vagina’s SSS.

What Is the Super Secret Slut [SSS]?

Every vagina has a Super Secret Slut. This is the naughty nymph teenage virgins dream of and the same dirty, home wrecking slut that so many veterans come home to after their first deployment. They desire dick, and lot of it.

However just because every vagina has a hidden inner slut, it doesn’t mean they’ll show it. In fact, most will never show it. Their inner slut is just a deep subconscious urge they bottle in, like how pseudo MGTOWs remain virgins-in-hiding because they never have courage to grow balls, accept man’s true burden of performance, and start satisfying their libido by fucking something other than their left hands.

If you don’t believe me, then shame on you and polish up your RP literature with Rollo’s Post About Menstruation and Ovulation Cycles.

Every SSS Needs an Even Sluttier Excuse to Come Out and Play

The caveat, though, is that as a result of the average woman’s iron clad guard on their SSS urges, they secretly lust for a good excuse to let it out and play. The pressure must be released eventually.

And just like with all things women, they never want decisions to be their idea; they never actually want to be held responsible for their actions. They seek removal of agency and a valid scapegoat to dissolve any feelings of shame and guilt for their forthcoming slut-a-thon.

So then, despite the majority of women burying this desire deeper than the average neckbeard’s kinkiest porn fantasies, they still desperately want it to come out and fuck some hot alpha dick.

They just need the right excuse to make it happen.

That’s where you come in.

How Do You Create an Excuse to Let Her SSS Out?

You can only release her SSS by doing three things:

  • Sexually escalating
  • Making it clear the end goal for BOTH of you that night is in your bed
  • Making all these moves YOUR IDEA

This sounds easy but you’d be surprised at how many guys fail at one, two, and even all three of these.

Why would they fail to do these three things when they want to fuck the girl? Because they focus on what the person in front of them says and does instead of what the vagina wants.

Unlike a person, the vagina doesn't want to talk and it doesn't want to be treated well because it just wants to fuck.

You just need to be man enough to let it out and play because many woman will never do it for you.

How Guys Fail to Release the SSS

Take the standard scenario where the guy isn’t a complete loser: He goes on a date, comes off attractive, maybe even touches her a few times, and maybe even lands that really meaningful “first date make out” we all read about. Because she doesn’t overtly request sex, he never takes her home or just even tries to bang her right then and there. Then low and behold, the date fizzles out, and he goes home sexless. She never texts back, and like clockwork he asks help from the Gods in /askTRP. Hilarity ensues.

But in reality, while the PERSON didn’t say anything, her VAGINA might have fucked him then and there or wanted to eventually fuck him. But due to his inaction and focus on the person in front of him instead of the wet vagina, he strikes out.

She doesn’t end up fucking him because he forgot the one thing necessary to make it happen: Give the SSS an excuse to come out to fuck and make it HIS IDEA.

He acted civilized like he would toward a real person. He acted polite and awaited a logical invitation from said PERSON rather than assuming the VAGINA was ready to fuck right then and there. Which it probably was.

Seriously, lots of guys never just say “Let's go to my place to [insert generic PUA excuse activity]” or the even better line “Lets go. You’ll like my bed”.

By failing to give her vagina a free ride straight to Pound Town 101, she gets no SSS tingles. And by acting so beta, any burgeoning SSS excuse he earned that night was instantly destroyed and what remained was shoved right back inside her little vault of hamster chastity— only to await a future proper pounding from the one and only Chaddy TC.

The SSS Respects the Dicks That Act First

And I know, not all women, especially your special unicorn, will fuck on the first date. That’s not the point of my strategy. My point here is that by simply being man enough to (1) sexually escalate (2) shift logistics to get actually fucking and (3) make it all your idea, she will still be far more attracted to your dick and balls than a guy who meekly cowered away from those actions because he thought the PERSON in front of him “looked like she didn’t want to go home with me”.

Sex or not, by talking to the vagina, the vagina will eventually talk back.

Just make sure when it does, it’s talking to you.


Part 2 and Part 3 will explain a vagina’s remaining two needs: seeking a Dominant Debonair Dick and feeding its Penis Novelty.

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Comment by dr_warlock on 09/13/16 05:25pm

I don't like to think of women as human beings. When I think of her as a person, I see her eating, going to bed, pooping, peeing, brushing her teeth...... not very sexy.


I look at them as an ass to grab on to, a pair of tits to fondle, and a wet hole to stuff my cock.


Objectification is much better, and we both like it

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