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Everyone is already more selfish than you
Published 10/02/17 by Bancroft [0 Comments]

Affable psychologists and plugged in cucks alike would have you believe that deep down inside, everyone’s default mode of operation is to be “nice” and “caring” toward others. That most people try very hard to genuinely be kind and do their best to play nice unselfishly. When they do fuck up or act on their own self interest, we’re told to give them the “benefit of the doubt.” Surely there’s some circumstance and context that’s missing which proves they really do care about you and everyone else. No, they didn’t do it on purpose. Most people aren’t in it for themselves, they put others first.

This is a ridiculous thing for a man to assume. Despite the village’s supposed morality, the nice people are really in it for themselves like any other asshole. But just like women, they’re really fucking good at justifying it and even better at hiding it.

Take the average guy. Agreeable, humble, and a team player. He defers to conflict and does his best “not to be an asshole.” He treats people with “respect” and believes in meritocracy, he’ll wait his turn eagerly. Otherwise known as blue pillers, these guys are also some of the most selfish delusional idiots you’ll run into in life. Why? Because they’re only playing by the rules in hopes of a future reward. They’re so weak they can’t make risky decisions for themselves and rely on the village’s scraps to survive. Appearing nice and occasionally kind is the only trump card they can play because they’re too afraid to take what’s theirs at the expense of others. These are the same white knights who uphold romantic platitudes not because they care about others but because it’s how they’d like to be treated. Which is exactly why they’re just as selfish as an asshole. Perhaps even more conceited because unlike the asshole who has nothing to hide, they’re scared shitless to admit it.

The weak are the first to jump ship and protect their own asses. Girls? Too much effort, not worth it. Working out? Too much effort, not worth it. Money and talent? Too much effort, not worth it. The funny thing about these is that our society supports guys taking the easy path and being lazy. But you know what? Lazy is the purest form of selfishness. You’re not doing jack shit for anyone but your sorry self. You’d rather embrace personal comfort and mediocrity rather than pain and sacrifice. To me, that’s pretty damn selfish. Society gives these guys a free pass and criticizes successful men for being vain because by doing so, it makes themselves appear less weak. Again, selfish.

The people who appear the nicest are probably the most selfish when push comes to shove. Guy gets promoted over you at work? Fuck the boss, why not me? Dream girl reject you? Fuck her, why not me? Successful people make you mad? Fuck them, why not me? I mean this crap is obvious to anyone who spends time on the internet. The biggest haters and self-promoters aren’t trolls, they’re the average reader. They can’t wait to praise “acts of kindness” and trash “assholery,” never seeing the irony of moralizing the “bad” for their own selfish “good.” Yeah, these guys will “turn the other cheek” at tiny shit but they reveal their arrogant indignation like any woman when their weak egos are exposed to something better.

Women? You already know the score. They’ll masquerade in a dance of bubbly affection until their feelings change or something better comes along. They’re experts are manipulating the concept of kindness to conceal their own interests. When dick is on more demand than fast food and video game streaming, they have no need to play fair because there’s always a new future chump who’ll give her the “benefit of the doubt.”

The average “caring” people in this word aren’t here to cater to your interests. They’re here to cater to theirs. Sure, they’ll do the bare minimum to not offend anyone when people are watching, but when it matters, they’ll choose their weak shitty selves over you in a heartbeat. You can count on it.

This is why you shouldn’t think of these people as model citizens that need to be valued or even respected. They’re the farthest things from compassionate and respectful. They're better examples of key loser traits: fear, laziness, and lack of self-awareness. They’re secretly against you and they’re probably more selfish than you too. They want to fuck, make money, and have successes, except they can’t. Really, they should be seen for what they truly are: a bunch of chumps stuck in a crab barrel who have no reservations clawing the shit out of another if he so dares move an inch higher than them.

Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. Don’t even waste energy acknowledging their fakeness. Do your own thing, just like they’re doing their own shitty thing. In the end, you’ll be far better off, and they’ll still be playing safe by the rules hoping someone really cool like you eventually comes along and notices them for being the “good” person they try so shamelessly to be.

So own your shit. Do and say what you want. And make no reservations about admitting the only reason why you’re really in this game is strictly for yourself.

If you don’t, you’ll be yet another victim of liberal feminist psychology and stepped on by strong men and manipulative women. You’ll spend your entire life living by ideals that no one truthfully practices and sadly eventually become like everyone else: a nobody loser.

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