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The Feminine Closet
Published 11/16/16 by Bancroft [0 Comments]

Introduction by Bancroft

Guys come to TRP for many reasons.

They’re unhappy, emotionally compromised, or just flat out horny and willing.

Swallowing the pill usually solves their initial problem. I’m sure we can agree here.

Yet while that pill opened their eyes to the feminine matrix and allowed them to unlearn the exploitive idealisms known as feminism, gender equality, and soulmates - there’s something to be said about what men can do to thrive in the post apocalyptic wasteland known as westernized civilization.

That despite swallowing the pill, knowing a few gender truths, and notching up their game with some newfound hotties previously out of their reach, many men unknowingly still participate in a lifestyle and paradigm wholly constructed by the feminine imperative.

Unplugged men and the feminine closet

Unplugging grants you the knowledge and strategy to control of your sexual life.

Unplugging does not, however, provide man clear and easy access to live beyond the rules set forth by generations of feminism, blue pilled friends and colleagues, and society’s personal doubts about your very own masculine potential.

All of your Red experiences, newfound talent, and savvy know-how provide you sexual freedom, but they are often still applied within a feminine societal context of how men should live.

That’s why we’re still stuck leveraging traditional feminine and Beta outlets for our lays: Bars, parties, friends of friends, Tinder, and naive girls who buy shit from Starbucks.

Feminism and the remnants of the Blue Ideals are the foundations of the fabricated world you’re still forced to play and fuck within everyday as you wake, no matter how Red or sexually liberated you’ve become.

This will be an ongoing difficulty for you because what you knew before is no different than witnessing an iPhone for the very first time. You can’t simply “forget’ what an iPhone looks like after you see it, just like eliminating years of feminine ideology is not going to happen overnight.

The female and Blue influences that be still want you to be a hard working slave for corporate America, frugal penny pinching hoarder for consumer America, and nice enough “gentleman” for your family, colleagues, and lovers.

Yes, they’re going to allow you to fuck whomever you want—they’ll give you that—but they still want you to be Beta. Your friends, family, co-workers, and perhaps even voices of doubt within your own head echo the very same safe ideology you gave up when you swallowed the pill.

They want you to have your Chad-ventures, non-committal fun, and glorious Red shenanigans but in the end still adhere to their idea of what it is to be a man in the 21st century.

This is the environment you play within even as you’re unplugged.

And this is the feminine closet you must eventually leave.

Unplugging is the first step to coming out of the feminine closet

Beyond getting your dick dirty and wet, a significant value the Red brings to men is the one thing feminism and the Happily Ever After never allows: The ability for you to choose your own life.

Now you have power to choose your partners, fuck what you want, and if you’re bold and lucky, commit to what you want.

That lack of choice is what brought many men here and that power of choice is what makes Red valuable.

Your ability to choose should not end with what hole you want to fill or SJW you want to troll.

Your ability to choose is the single most important resource for man today.

Without his ability to choose, he’ll succumb to the 40 hour work week, trivial media addictions, and feminine degenerative construct of what “men should be” today.

Without his ability to choose, he’ll be attacked by his own deep seeded insecurities and urge for complacency that only exist because weak Blue men and weaker shittier women rose to power and made these “feelings” and “emotions” tangible in the first place.

Your ability to choose is your best offense to battle what society wants you to become: A nobody good enough to pay your rent, buy a house, and raise even more affable children to eventually replace you when you die.

Your ability to choose is what will let you leave the feminine closet.

To finally leave their expectations, their jealousy, and their degenerative habits.

To finally become what you’ve really been all along.

Your own man.

After all, it’s your choice

I’m not going to prescribe anything at all here.

I’m not going to tell you the next step after unplugging is finding “happiness” or some “purpose”.

Those things may work for you, they may not.

I’m only telling you to consider what lies ahead and how the world does not want you to win on your own terms.

It wants you to win on theirs.

I’m sure you’ve already admitted having sexual success is a woozy. I hope it made you feel awesome for once in your life. That you had some bit of control that you lacked so dearly before.

I really hope it did.

I want you to consider that these feelings are just the start.

That making fun of women, lifting some heavy ass shit, and studying the excellent Red Bro Philosophy by /u/GayLubeOil is not the end of your journey.

It’s just the beginning.

Your beginning.

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