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yes of course, as advised on the forums
but what i mean is, i literally laugh when a girl feels insulted, adding salt to the wound. and when they say I am retarded, a dick or crazy, I say "thank you" with the biggest smile. it started as a "fake tactic" and now its my 2nd nature
so am i still faking it at this point? :D
that's my point
at some point, a guy stops thinking about it. I don't really think about 'hold frame' or whatever anymore. at some point it's just the way shit is and you go about your day
kind of like lifting. I don't think much about whether or not my form is good because I know it is through experience. not saying it could never use adjustment, but it's not so far off that I think I'm not lifting properly
heartbrokennerd: there's nothing wrong in "faking" your responses to other people if it comes from a place of wanting to really change yourself and your ways towards the grounded man you want to be. Look at it as practicing and learning. There's everything wrong in it if you just use it as a tactic to get laid and you don't even understand why you're doing it.
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