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deeplydisturbed's Blog
A weekend with Dan and Lisa
Published 01/29/22 by deeplydisturbed [0 Comments]

Dan and Lisa has been married for 20 years and had two children.

They were chatting after dinner one evening. It had been a relatively quiet month; the bills were paid, their two teenage kids were doing well in school, and they had recently had an enjoyable vacation. By all accounts, they were a wholesome and happy family, and a loving couple.

Lisa was a teacher. She had a great schedule – she was home by 4pm most days, she had summers off, incredible benefits, good retirement plan, and great holiday breaks. She found the work repetitive and boring. Middle School kids were the worst, and she would often complain when she got home.

Dan was a financial analyst at a large investment bank. He worked extra hard in college, and took any internship he could find. After a decade of hard work he landed this amazing position. The work was insanely difficult, the days were long – he would often leave work at 7:00PM or later. It was also competitive. As most people know, younger talent is easy to train and WAY cheaper.But Dan was on his game. He had a good shot at upper management once he completed his MBA.

As the evening’s discussion evolved, Dan noticed a difference in Lisa’s usual upbeat demeanor.

"Babe, what’s wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, why do you ask?"

"You just seem a bit distracted."

"Oh, it’s nothing. Nothing worth mentioning".

"I am here if you want to talk about it."

"It's fine."

"Okay. I love you".

The next day, they slept in – Saturdays were awesome! They both rolled out of bed at about the same time, went downstairs, toilet, coffee, and social media check in – average American stuff. No kid’s sports today and no other obligations, so it looked like this would be a relaxing day.

Dan mentioned a few chores he wanted to get around to. The back door latch was acting up again, the car needed new wiper blades, and there were like 3 light bulbs out. The weather was decent, so he figure he would also get some yard work done as well. They also agreed to go food shopping together later that afternoon.

So after a slow morning, good breakfast and a few cups of coffee, Dan took a shower, got dressed and headed outside. After about two hours of work, he put the tools away in the shed and came inside, to find Lisa looking frustrated.

Babe, you good?

Yeah, I just have so much to do. It’s frustrating because I just want to relax on the weekends. Every day it seems like there is dinner, and kids homework, and then chauffer duty on the weekends to soccer and baseball games. It never ends!

Hey babe, take a deep breath. It sucks, I hear you. Do you need help with anything?

No. It’s okay. I haven’t started anything yet – besides, I have so much to do I am not even sure where to start.

Okay babe, I will be changing the light bulbs and then I plan to get on the door knob.

Lisa did not appear to hear that last bit. She seemed to just check out while he was talking and started walking away. She did that sometimes when she was stressed, and Dan knew that it is best to just let her go. So off he went to round two of repairs.

He had to run to Home Depot to pick up a new door knob. That old one was just beat. He also stopped by the Auto Parts store to get the windshield wipers. While he was there he also got oil and a filter. It was past time to get this done. So while the weather was good, he took advantage.

He got back home, arms full of bags. Once inside, he noticed Lisa meandering around looking annoyed.

"Hey babe. I just stopped and got us some lunch. I got your favorite riiiiight here".

Lisa scoffed. "I’m not hungry right now."

"What’s up?"

"I cannot find my bank card."

"Okay, I assume you checked your wallet and purse. Did you check the car seat. I must do that like twice a month. I’ll go check. Dan goes out to her car, opens the door and pokes around and – lo and behold, the license was under the drivers’ side seat. Same place he finds random stuff whenever he loses it.

He walks back inside triumphantly. "Okay, WHO’S THE MAN! Go ahead, you can say it."

He is dangling the card in front of her. She scoffs and grabs it. "God, you’re so annoying sometimes."

"Whoah, I am just being playful. You’re welcome."

"Yeah, well I still have to figure out where to start. I have like 10 pairs of old shoes that have to be donated, I need a haircut, and I really need a mani-pedi. I am starting to look like a troglodyte."

"Well, I am not sure what a troglodyte is, but you are a HOT troglodyte. As he grabs her waist, he growls in her ear – let me sing you the song of your people…."

"Stop. I’m serious." She smiles, but contemptuously. She knows he is being playful and trying, but she is just stressed for some reason.

"Okay. Well, like I said, if you need any help…"

"Okay. Thanks. I ‘ll let you know."

A few minutes later, Lisa grabs her purse and wallet and yells upstairs to him. Babe, I am headed to the salon, I’ll be back in a few.

"Okay babe. See you later. I love you!"

"Love you too, she mumbles."

A few hours pass. Dan had swapped out the windshield wiper blades, changed the oil and filter, changed the door knob, and changed all of the dead light bulbs. By then the yard was raked and looking sharp and he even found time to prune the hedges. What a productive day. It felt great!

So he went upstairs, took a second shower, and got dressed. It was about 3:30 and Lisa was still out. He called her on cell, but he got voicemail. “She’s probably under one of those dryer things” he thought.

He then answered a few work emails, picked up his daughter who was at a friends house all day, and fed the dog. He also decided that he would make dinner tonight. Maybe the right bottle of wine would help. So he calls Lisa again to ask her to pick up a bottle or two of their favorite on the way home. This time she picks up.

"Hey babe. How you doing?"

"Good. I am in a rush, what’s up?"

I am starting dinner and we could use a bottle of wine. Why don’t you pick up two bottles on the way back. Lisa sighed loudly and said “ FINE. I have to go. Talk to you later”

This attitude thing was starting to grate on Dan at this point. He stopped what he was doing as he zoned out looking out the back window into their beautiful yard. How many days have been like this? If you had asked him last month, he would tell you that Lisa rarely acted like this. Now he realizes that she was ALWAYS like this – mostly on the weekends though. He snapped out of it. He realized that if a man dwells on his partners negatives, that will cause a bad mindset that may never be undone. So he thought of how she would look with a new hairdo. He loved her and he thought she was beautiful – no matter the hair cut.

Dinner was simmering on the stove – spaghetti and meatballs. His favorite. Kids were both upstairs playing video games and the dog was looking out the back door for murders - and squirrels. Especially squirrels.

Lisa’s car could be heard pulling up.

Dan had the table set, and dinner was almost ready. Surely this would all cheer her up. Dan felt great.

As she walked in, Dan walked over and kissed her check.

“Let me see” he said.

See what?

Your hair. Take the hat off!

"Oh, I never got it cut. I got my nails done, and then wound up shopping around for clothes for the kids."

Oh. Ok. He thought to himself “that took all day?” but let it go.

"What! "She asked defensively.

What do you mean ‘what’? I didn’t say anything.

"Yeah, but I can tell from the look on your face that you are pissed."

"Pissed! Hell no, I am in a great mood. But you need to calm down. I have been patient and you have been a jerk all day long pretty much. So knock it off. I can be a dick too if you want to go there."

He slightly regretted the snap, but felt better for having let it out.

Lisa huffed and stormed off. "I CANNOT believe this!"

“great” he thought. And the day was going so well.

In that moment, he realized that his romantic plan for the evening suddenly felt stupid. There would be no sex tonight – she was clearly sending out those “no” signals, but either way he suddenly felt mildly repulsed by her behavior.

Then he stopped. He looked at the calendar trying to remember when her last period was. Every man who is with a woman for more than a year or two knows this pattern.

No, she should be past that week. What’s with her? That nagging feeling hit his gut – but he ignored it. He had heard stories from friends, family, and men on the internet. Their woman starts acting funny one day, and before you know it she is cheating and he is alone, broke, and living in a one bedroom apartment wondering what went wrong.

“Don’t let that get in your head Dan. Lisa’s not like that. She would never”

He took a deep breath, called everyone down for dinner and they ate.

The kids cleaned up and Lisa and Dan sat there with a glass of wine in hand.

Dan broke the ice.

I had an awesome day today. I got so much done. My to do list almost got wiped out. You would think I’d be tired, but I feel great.

"Great. Must be nice to be you."

"Babe, what the hell. I am just trying to be nice. What the hell did I do to set you off? Is this about whatever last night was?"

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Of course. Whatever it is, let’s hear it."

"Okay, we agreed to go shopping and we still have not gone. I missed my hair appointment, drove around looking for parking, the nail salon was packed and the lady who did my nails nicked my cuticle and now it hurts like hell. To top it off, you didn’t even think to ask me if I even wanted spaghetti and meatballs. To top it off, you are running around here having a good old time doing things YOU want to do, while I am out there dealing with morons all day. I am fucking sick of it!"

"Wait, sick of what?"

"Sick of you always being in this great mood when I am miserable. You have fun at work all day when I have to deal with annoying hormonal children, and you expect me to come home in a good mood?"

"Babe, you are home like 2-3 hours before I get here. That isn’t enough time to calm down?"

"How can I when the kids always need something – it’s always some shit. Everyone is so selfish, but I always put myself last and no one seems to see it."

Dan stops and listens as she goes on for another few minutes about how hard her life is, and how easy everyone else has it.

Her voice fades back in “….THEN you have the balls to ask ME to get wine!?Like what the fuck – you couldn’t have driven there yourself? Just ‘aaahhhhh!I am so over this shit.”

Dan sat there. For some reason, it just occurred to him that this sort of rant was more common than he realized. In fact, most weekends were something like this. Getting ready for vacations, visiting the parents, school events, and even the birth of their children. Everything was a crisis.

And every time she ranted like this, he felt fear. Yes, that was it. He was afraid. Because every single time she got like this, his immediate instinct was to reassure her. Because if her mood did not change, then that would mean she no longer loves him. And that means divorce and destitution.

But suddenly he did not feel that fear. He felt annoyed. No, HE felt anger. He realized that he had been deluding himself all these years. He fell into the “happy wife, happy life” sort of arrangement. And that suddenly felt foolish. Actually it felt pathetic. This feeling was not good and he knew it.

It had not always been this way. They got along great for most of their marriage. It is like when she hit 45 years old, she became a different person. In recent times, after a big argument, he would lay awake late at night looking at her sleep. It was an odd sort of feeling, as if an alien had taken over her body and it was mocking him for his inability to do anything about it. This is such a bizarre thing to think, he thought to himself. But that’s exactly how it felt.This alien would berate, annoy, provoke, and disrespect him from time to time and he knew he would never see his wife again. This new person was in control. And this person seemed to despise him.

Yes, the fear was gone, and it was replaced with anger. But he knew that he had to control that. “Never make life changing decisions based on temporary feelings” his father had told him many times. It was times like these that he missed his Dad. He didn’t realize how right Dad had been about so many things. He wished he could say sorry and hug him, but Dad passed a few years ago. It was just him, alone in this situation.

As he sat there on that Saturday night with a half full glass of wine, he felt numb. How did we get here?

He went off to sleep on the sofa.

The next morning, Lisa was silent. No words were exchanged, no “good morning babe”, or even “hey”. Nothing. Just coldness.

He decided to look at his To Do list. There were no sports events, no family things, and certainly no couples things. He decided that he needed to attend to the kids. They must feel the vibe in the house. This was not their fault, and he would not pass this sort of toxicity onto his children. “Over my dead body” he thought.

So he called the kids down and asked if they wanted to go out and do something.A few ideas were tossed around – they really wanted to get back to their electronics, but deep inside they knew Dad was trying and they knew family time was important. They wanted this too. So they all agreed to bowling.Dan went up to Lisa, who was puttering around the bedroom.

“Hey. We are going bowling. Would you like to join us?”

REALLY? After all this crap yesterday? What do you expect me to say to that Dan?

“You can either say 'yes', or 'no'. That is what I expect you to say”

"Well then, NO. I have things to do here." She snapped.

"Okay, as you wish."

And off they went to the bowling alley. Despite the fact that none of them had really wanted to go bowling, they actually had a great time. The family time allowed Dan to forget about things for a while and enjoy some wholesome time with the kids. They were growing up so fast. People used to say that all the time. “OMG Danny, you are getting soooo big!” Now he got it. Kids really Do grow up fast. Or at least it seems that way.

After bowling they all agreed to visit the mall and get a few things. Shoes and sneakers seemed to be a monthly expense. They all split up and went in different directions. Two hours later they were back in the car and headed home.

Dan texted Lisa: “Hey. Headed home. Need anything? No response.

The ride home took about 15 minutes and they all laughed at a few memes together. This what life SHOULD be about. Dan felt a strong sense of pride in his two children. They were turning out to be amazing people and he started choking back tears. Was this the stress of the last few days, or were his hormones changing. “Fuck” he thought, “I hope I am not becoming a woman!” He smiled and avoided any actual tears. But he felt a warm buzz of bliss flow over him as they pulled into the driveway.

The minute the car turned off, the two kids got out and he sat there. He did not want to go inside. This feeling hit him like a ton of bricks. He would rather literally break his leg that go back into that environment. But the kids were there and he felt suddenly extra protective. Lisa would never hurt the kids, but she might infect them with her attitude somehow.

It was 2:09PM on Sunday afternoon. A day he will never forget.

Lisa was sitting at the kitchen table. She seemed more angry than before.

He walked past her and she said “We need to talk”

“Uh oh” He thought. But he replied. “Yeah, we do”

Lisa spoke first. “Look Dan, I love you. You are a great father and a decent provider. But this has to stop.”

“what has to…”

“let me finish” she interrupted.

“In the past week, you have almost completely ignored me. You spent all day yesterday having fun doing your own thing, while I suffered with a pile of crap. Today you leave without me to have fun with the family. Did you think I might feel excluded?

“But I ASKED you!”

“Yeah, but only AFTER the decision had been made”

“Well, I went with bowling because the kids picked it. You know how hard it is to get those two to agree on ANYTHING. It was their family day – not mine or y ours. They are a part of this family too Lisa.”

“stop changing the subject. This is about you and all the things you do that make me feel left out and like I am doing all this by myself”

“Woah. Back the fuck up. I am a patient man, but what the fuck are you talking about”

I just spent the whole day cleaning out closets. The kids have clothes that needed to be donated. The attic had summer and winter clothes, so they needed to be swapped out. Not to mention I had to go to the story by myself after WE agreed we would BOTH go”

Dan chimed in “You didn’t tell me you were even going. How the hell was I supposed to know?”

“yeah, well while you were off gallivanting with the kids having a good time, someone has to take care of this house. It’s like you are so clueless about what happens around here. It drives me nuts!”

Dan let his shoulders fall. He felt tense and a headache was coming on. She was riling him up again, and that had to stop. So he breathed deeply and asked. “Ok. Fair enough. What other things do you feel I ignore around the house”

“everything” she said.

He nodded. He realized what was happening. Lisa was completely oblivious to all that he did and why he did it. It might as well be a ghost doing all the things he did around the house. It was all for nothing. Well, at least as far as the marriage was concerned. Such is the life of a father and husband. He knew this, but to be on the receiving end of such contempt was just too much. He wasn’t looking for recognition, or praise, or even thanks; but why such contempt and anger?

What the hell was happening right now. He felt lost. How do we close this gap?

“Come with me” he said. “I will meet you in the car”

“Where are we going?

“ Get in the car”

They told the kids they would be back in a while and off they drove into the fall afternoon.

He decided to take a few back roads through a quiet area outside of town. There were a few farms and lots of greenery. He needed to relax.

“Lisa. I love you very much. I have from the very beginning. We have been together a long time and we know each other very well. I need you to tell me what is happening. And I need the truth. I promise I will not interrupt.”

“Ok. I have already said what I have to say. I feel unappreciated”

“Oh you do. Okay. Anything else?"

“The division of chores feels unfair to me. It's like you expect me to work full time and come home and be this little housekeeper wifey woman, and that is just not me”

"First of all, your career was well under way when we met, so working full time is all on you. You know you can stop any time. And the housework seems fair to me"

"I don't see it that way": she retorted.

“Really. How?”

“Well you only do dishes 2-3 days a week for starters”

“Yes, and the kids do them 2-3 days as well, leaving ONE day a week for you”

“Okay fine. What about laundry”

Dan knew where this was going.

“Lisa, yesterday I spent the entire day working my ass off to make our house a home. I fixed everything I could. And I did it with a smile. My entire day was spent working, while you went out shopping and getting your nails done for YOU. Do you remember two weeks ago, and the week before that AND THE FUCKING MONTHS AND YEARS BEFORE THAT! What you are saying right now is bullshit. Utter bullshit. The fucking ball is it takes to sit as you get your feet massaged, while your husband is breaking his ass in the backyard while finding made up reasons to complain. This is clearly NOT about chores. You cannot possibly be serious right now Lisa. I have helped you consistently with every fucking chore in this house, yet you have never ONCE helped me with ONE FUCKING JOB! NOT ONE!

His voice cracked. He realized that he had lost his shit and he would not be able to calm himself.

“I have been with you every step of the way. From the late night feedings, to breast pumping, to diapers, to puke, to skinned knees, to post partum. Every fucking step. I have not quit on you ONCE. This can NOT possibly be about work or chores Lisa. That’s bullshit and you know it. Tell me what the fuck is happening right now Lisa. Tell me now”

She sat in silence.


His brain suddenly decided to go there. He hesitated and could not hold back any longer. If he could just get this one thing off his chest, she would say no and he could relax. At least that would be SOME small relief in all this.”

“Are you seeing someone?”

She looked at him and began to cry.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you so many times” She couldn’t speak.

Dan suddenly wished he hadn’t gone there. The realistic guy in the back of his head said “this is over dude” but he ignored it. He felt dizzy and slightly nauseous.

He pulled the car over.

“What did you just say?”

She sat there sobbing.

He turned the car around and headed home. He got back into town and pulled over at the gas station, left the car running and told Lisa. I may be home later. And started walking.

She yelled out to him, but he kept walking.

The thoughts and feelings in his head had him reeling. He felt like he was having an out of body experience. It’s like this rage, hate, anger, sadness, embarrassment, humiliation, and self-pity were all competing for control, but it just felt like a loud noise that he couldn’t turn off. He realized that he would never be the same man again – he wasn’t making a decision, just recognizing the reality. Nothing would ever be the same.

Damn, he wished he did not ask that question. But the other guy in his head would have his due from time to time. Whether in a fight, or in the bedroom, in a competition or moments like this, Dan’s primitive brain never let him down. But this time he wishes it would just shut the fuck up.

“I KNEW IT! I tried to warn you dude!”

“Shut the fuck up dude. Not now”

He was going crazy, talking out loud to himself while he walked. Luckily no one seemed to notice. He just walked mindlessly to a nearby bar. Because, well, isn’t that how this worked in the movies?
There would be a bartender who would see his pain, and serve him some amber liquid in a glass and say something like “Hey mac, looks like you got a lot on your mind.” And he would listen for an hour and dispense some wisdom unknown to Dan that would fix all this shit.

He entered the bar and there were two old men – an old man bartender and an old man customer. And it smelled that way. No movie scenes today I guess.

He sat down and asked for bourbon on the rocks. Brown liquids. Just like the movies. In his mind he was suddenly Rick from Casablanca, nursing a broken heart over a glass of whiskey. Where was a piano player when you need one?

The two older men sat at the end of the bar talking. Dan listened in.

“Yeah, she just passed away last week. Sad situation. She had a boyfriend after our divorce, but he left soon after for a younger model. Then she just bounced around until she turned 60 and that was it. That whole thing about cat ladies? It’s true! “

The two old men laughed. Dan choked back a chuckle too, while trying to appear like he was not eavesdropping.

“Hey youngster” the customer said.

“Ha! I am 50. It has been a while since I heard that”

“I am John”

“Dan, nice to meet you.” Dan picked up and moved closer.

“So what’s your story kid?”

Dan chuckled. “Well, I just found out my wife is cheating on me for starters”

John nodded at the bartender. The bar tender reached up and grabbed a bottle of Macallan 18.

He took the glass of Makers Mark from Dan and dumped it and gave him a new glass filled with the higher quality whiskey.

“Damn. Sorry to hear that kid. Was this a surprise, or did you see it coming?”

That’s a funny question, Dan thought. A clever question indeed. Clearly this old dude has seen some shit.

“yeah, I sort of felt it but I thought I was being insecure and jealous. And you don’t want to be THAT guy. You know what I mean”

“Oh I do indeed”

Hugh, the bartended chimed in.

“Kid, this sucks. And it’s going to suck for a long time. But trust me, it will get better.”

“Do you have any children” John asked.

“yeah, we have two. Great kids. They don’t know anything yet. As far as I know”

“Look kid, I am not trying to get too personal here, but can I ask you a question. Feel free to tell me to shut up if I pry too much” Hugh asked.

“Of course. Ask away. What do I have to lose”

“Does she have any reason to cheat? You know what I’m asking. Do you hit her, drink too much? Stuff like that?”

“Oh no. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I am a fucking altar boy”

Damn this mamillacanalans shit was powerful or whatever the fuck it’s called.

“Have you ever cheated?”

“Hell no. I mean I had a few temptations and chances, but I honestly just wanted to maintain the moral high ground. I know it sounds stupid. It’s just how I felt at the time.”

“ Good”

“Then what’s her problem?” Hugh asked. “you seem like a decent fella”

“We just had this big fight over the household chores. Who does what and all that”

Dan was feeling this whiskey. It was like a truth serum, and these two old goats were like priests in a confessional.

“Oh, the old ‘what you didn’t do” thing”

“What does THAT mean?”

“Well kid. Women sometimes have literally no reason to be angry. They cannot get mad at you, because, if you’re not lying to us, they have nothing to complain about. Some women then start to point out the things you DIDN’T do. Get it?”

“Holy shit dude. That shit is deep” Dan was half drunk but still coherent. It hit Dan like the Sudden Clarity Clarence meme.

This guy was right.

Almost everything Lisa had complained about was what Dan did NOT do.

It didn’t matter how much work he did - inside or out, how much money he made, how much cleaning, how many things he just did without a second thought or complaint. The countless things he did on a daily basis meant NOTHING in this relationship.

To Lisa Dan's contributions were irrelevant; she had this long covert list of expectations in her head - and he did NOT do them. Furthermore, he was completely unaware of this list of expectations, and it seemed that she resented him for being "clueless" about it all.

It all suddenly made sense.

In the background the radio softly played “As time goes by” by Dooley Wilson.

“Kid, listen to me carefully” John spoke up. “Look, I am an old man, and times change. Fashions change, people change, and culture changes. Hell, everything changes. Well almost everything. But one thing that never changes – at least not in one lifetime – is human nature. That evolves over millennia. And one thing I have seen more times than I want to admit, is your story. A good man who did all the right things and got screwed over”

Hugh asked “Do you still love her? Is there still a shot?”

“I am confused. This shit literally just happened like a few minutes before I walked in here.” He tried to think through the whiskey. “Look, I love her. Or at least the woman I married, but that women seems to have disappeared and I never even noticed when. This past two days is like I got a new pair of glasses and everything is clear. I don’t love this version of her. I want my old wife….he choked up…. I wan…”

Dan got up and walked to the bathroom, wobbling slightly. Tears were streaming down his face. He had to hold it together until the bathroom. Ten more steps. He felt like a weak, pathetic, fool.

He came back after a piss and a splash of water. What the hell was in that whiskey. He needed to get a bottle for home. These two old bastards were going to make a whiskey snob out of him before this day was over.

“Look Dan, there is no shame in having strong feelings. We have both been where you are. Let me share my story”

Hugh and John spent the next hour or so drinking and telling their stories and laughing. Dan couldn’t help but laugh too. These two were hilarious.

Suddenly it started getting dark. John stood up first. “Well gents, I will be on my way. See you next week Hugh. Dan. You take care of yourself. You are a man, so I would not presume to give advice or tell you what to do. But whatever you do, do NOT make a long term decision based on short term feelings. That’s some age old wisdom right there. Wish I had known that when I was younger”

He put his hand on Dan’s shoulder and smiled and left.

Dan was floored.

“Well, I guess it is time for me to face the music” Dan exclaimed as he took the last gulp of drink number….how many had it been? Anyway, he needed an Uber, so he sorted that out.

“John, you are a good man. Thanks for indulging me. I didn’t realize that I needed this, but fate intervened. I am glad I got to know you. Would you mind if I came back next week?”

“Of course not. But next time YOU are paying for the expensive whiskey”

“Oh shit! I almost forgot. How much do I owe you?”

“Go home kid. John took care of it”

“Thanks Hugh. And If I can’t get away next Sunday, please tell John I appreciate it”

“He knows kid. He knows. And you will definitely not be back next week. But one day you will”

Dan walked out into the cool evening air, not knowing what tomorrow would bring. “This really sucks” he thought as he got into the Uber.


Fast forward 23 years. Dan is sitting in a bar with his old friend Steve. Steve and he had very similar stories. Great kids, good careers, divorce and the loss of substantial net worth. Dan had long since retired. He changed jobs after his divorce. The kids were older and he was a grandfather to six little ones. All in all life was good. Most of all he was free. He had a girlfriend who would come over a few times week for company or intimate time. He felt lucky – she was much younger and still in good shape. He was still able to, well, you know. It was a rocky journey, but life was good. He had just attended the funeral of Lisa. He expected himself to be the one who would go first. If the broken heart didn’t get him, the statistics would. But here he was, sharing the sad news with his best friend.

Suddenly, a man walked into the bar. He did not look well.

“what can I get you sir” asked the bartender.

“I don’t know. Anything will do” The bartended grabbed a bottle from the well and poured it on ice.

Dan and Steve looked at the bar tended and said “Why don’t you grab us a both glass of Macallan, and send a glass to our new friend there. He looks like he needs it”

The man looked up, looking like he had seen a ghost. “Oh, hey. Thanks. I appreciate it. You don’t have to do that though”

“Oh yes we do kid. Yes we do. Now come over here and sit chat with us for a bit”

The man got up slowly and walked down to the end of the bar. Handshakes and introductions were made. A few sips later, the stories unfolded.

As they spoke, “as time goes by” droned on softly in the background.

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