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Rational Red-Pill Results
Published 01/10/17 by deepthrill [0 Comments]

We are the ultimate rationalists. We don't care precisely what psychological studies say about certain topics in controlled conditions. We use that information, sure, but what we really hold credence to it unless it benefits our own experiences.

"Isn't that anecdotal? Is it statistically valid?"

Sure, I guess. Does it matter, rationally? What I do know for sure is that prior to consuming red pill knowledge, I had a certain success rate, and after absorbing red pill knowledge, I had a certain success rate. And I know how that success rate changed, for many of my goals.

We define endless theories galore about the why behind women's shit test (I have contributed a few myself), but at the end of the day, we rationally observe.

We see which guys are with the girls we crave. We notice their behavior, their mannerisms We might generalize, but that simply comes from noticing patterns amongst successful (compared to unsuccessful) men.

We notice which guys actually, in reality, have the highest success rates with sex, and which have the most loyal relationships. Whatever modern psychologists may say (they are just following along other professors' theories), we observe and find trends. We look at the pieces of their lives, their personalities and their external successes, and we observe how women respond to those components.

While we may try to understand the evolutionary mechanism behind shit tests, the red pill started with men observing that when a women pouts her face and turns coldly away from you, the men who responded in a certain way achieved better results. We notice that the guy who tries to console her actually yields a worse success rate cumulatively compared to the guy who has amused mastery in such a situation.

We observe which relationships we aspire to have, for those men looking for one. We observe which men have the most efficient success with hookups, for those men who enjoy the freedom of spinning plates.

That's key. We are results driven.

When we debate endlessly about "NAWALT/AWALT" ad nauseum, we are not trying to appease detractors and make sure that "don't worry, we still value the individual!".

Rather, what we are trying to do is to find nuance to increase our own odds of success.

I am inherently selfish.

You could say that we are our own scientific method, testing our blue-pill versus red-pill mentalities in our own lives.

We have noticed certain behaviors in ourselves which make us feel better and achieve our goals more often. If that knowledge which works for me is not generalization to every other guy, I'll try to learn from it and share what I think, but I don't care. For my own life, with the datapoints of pre-red-pill to red-pill, I have enough to validate the fact that this knowledge has benefited me (even to some statistical significance I might add, for the scientifically-minded).

We are comparing our way of interacting with the rest, the "blue pillers" as we call them. And we collectively have shown ourselves results. I know I sure have.

If somebody finds that they don't want that knowledge, if they fear such knowledge, or think it's immoral; if they believe they want to go through life with a different type of relationship to the girl or to their own feeble emotions, god speed. The scientific method did not work for you. You found no evidence that it increased your odds of success. Or you were unwilling to actually go out and try (i.e. seriously lift).

Yet in the hypothetical case of a man who followed all the red-pill tenets (seriously lift, eat well, sleep well, employed amused mastery, actively initiated dread game, demolished shit tests, understand how their actions connect to their evolutionary drives, et cetera) and actually used all the knowledge as his fingertips, and still had trouble with women, I'd love to hear from you and learn from you.

But we are ultimately aiming to rationally determine the optimal path towards our goals.

We are moral relativists and factual absolutists (one of my favorite posts).

I for one have experienced much more joy and success in my own life, and I instinctively know it's because of how I handle situations after swallowing the red pill.


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