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How women can screw you over in India?
Published 02/02/19 by ryzuaki21 [3 Comments]

When it hits the fan.

Some background: I live in India which is a somewhat difficult country to sarge in. I am a pick up artist or used to be.

Have to vent out and I am not going to mince any words here. I have traveled to a few countries and my best sarging experience was in Germany. I have limited resources and challenges like body dysmorphic disorder. I am tall (6'2) and relatively good looking, based on the women that I have met and the reactions I get.

I met my wing after almost two weeks at a nearby mall after work. My first set was a milf who I was not into. Hooked and let go. My wing made an approach that did not go well.

Had an insta with the second girl. She was happy to meet me as she was having a bad day. S happened to be tall (5'11) lass with sharp features while the conversation was very organic sans routines. She talks about catching up again on Sunday and asks for my number before I could ask hers. We exchange numbers and I meet my wing at the food court. He seems unusually disturbed and we bounce to the ground floor of the mall.

There, I get a bit cocky and try a hand of god approach which works well. I don't like the girl and am just experimenting with my usual routines. My wing stands next to me observing and was not participating in the convo. That's the mandate.

This is where things go south. Apparently, a girl, who is ugly as fuck, with her body builder bf approach my wing from nowhere. She asks him in hindi about how he has the gumption to talk to a random girl.

Creates a big scene. I try to talk things out with her bf. As bad luck would have it the girl I am talking to is her friend. Her bf attacks my wing physically. A mob gathers. Some guy who has seen the situation asks me to leave. I get down at the next station and try to contact a lawyer friend who is unreachable.

My wing texts me to come to the police station. I am in a tizzy as I do not want the cops to come knocking at home or work. He calls me again and asks me to come. I am quite pissed as he had clearly ratted me out.

At the police station, my wing appears to have been battered up. They are very rude to me as well and the ug, her friend and their bfs are there. We are let off after they take our names and issue a warning. The girl in question is clearly lying and making up bs. I am really pissed at the wing as well as this whole situation. The cops tell me explicitly that nobody is going to listen to you because you are a man. They say that one can get arrested in India for staring at a girl. You should not talk to random women and yedda yedda yedda. I did tell him that I am working on a novel pertaining to female psychology.

They take our names and ask us to leave. Pissed off:
1) Absolutely ugly girls in India are pedestalized by desperate men.
2) Wing should not have approached a ug.
3)Laws are one sided and women can screw a man's life with a false/malicious statement alone.
4) Sometimes shit can happen for absolutely no reason.

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Comment by amitesh007 on 04/20/19 08:18am

Indian here. From what I can guess , you're a delhite and got in a feud with a local. That shit happens quite a lot and that's the reason I've started to keep a distance from people like this. These guys are beta af when it comes to situation handling. One the reasons I've stopped approaching girls is because of this

Comment by rajarshideb on 02/24/19 11:29am

Laws are indeed one sided in India. I am astounded at how entitled an average indian women can be.

Comment by JakinJake on 02/03/19 03:19am

I saw something in the news the other day, about how if a man calls a woman a "prostitute" it's not "murder" but "culpable homicide" lol wtf

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