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Thot patrol
The thot patrol manifesto
Published 10/02/19 by Lilrobinzz [0 Comments]

I want a pure red pill society. I want all of us together in a traditionalist society. I would like to buy a island and take my most red pill and loyal supporters with me to make this happen. Our society will be split on iq the smartest are only allowed while the worlds collapses we will survive

What it means to be a thot patroller. It basically means to be red pilled you understand female nature and human nature. Females are hypergamous which means they date up and want the best genes and best option for there offspring to reproduce with. They fuck the top 20% of guys they wait at the finish line and fuck the winners no female is loyal she’s always looking for a upgrade. Human nature is people are selfish and are only in it for themselves you got no real friends it’s really rare you only got yourself to look out for never trust anybody completely most guys are beta males and are still asleep living in the Mickey Mouse dream.

Thot patrollers don’t slay thots we could care less about them. I used the name thot patrol cause in my opinion thot patrolling is being red pilled.

Thot patrollers understand society is fucked there ain’t no hope I personally predict that in the next couple of decades society will collapse like the Roman Empire. Everything is going to shit feminism is being used to depopulate the world the west America is being destroyed from within by globalist the elites of society. The media is being used to promote fortification. the celebrities being promoted are promoting the destruction of the family etc- girls not to have kids/acting like sluts.the marriage laws and child support are for destroying the nuclear family which is the foundation of society drugs and porn are used to make people weak and dumb.(strong people won’t rise up) the news uses the divide and conquer strategy to put people against each other like blacks and whites. Females and males conservatives vs liberals.there ain’t no hope left my only plan is to break away and form our own group.

What this society will look like

First off we’ll have arranged marriages this will limit female hypergamy the council of elders the smartest of society will pair people off based off of compatibility and iq and status. Well have traditional gender roles males the head of this society females the support (it’s a scientific fact men and women are differ and have different talents) if hypergamy is left uncheck females will choose a bad short term option. Females most are irrational and most men are rational. Every male will be forced to be the best version of themselves or else they’ll get a lower smv partner. Every child has to be physically active to eliminate obesity which causes less happiness. When the elites get old they’ll choose the best child to mentor and pass there knowledge on to. they become there successor. This makes it so every child has a goal to strive for so they can become a elite.

Based off of talent and iq your job will be chosen. Military,farmer,industrial or etc we’ll teach the children our history and red pill them at a early age thot patrol the anime series and ranger Dave will be the cartoon shows. Families will only be required two children for population control well use a social credit system to determine who’s good and they’ll be rewarded very well and the bad apples if there bad enough they’ll be executed. This society in my opinion will be very successful it’ll be based off of how humans lived for the past thousands of years.

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