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Making Out with Your Feelings
#1 Field Report with Law of Emotion AKA PSL
Published 01/04/20 by rBearwulf [0 Comments]

The Practical Sex and Love theory resolves around creating strong,overwhelming if possible,feelings in woman to overcharge their Emotional Side and pass over the Logic one,all of that without showing sexual intent.I read the theory and really liked the style.But only started to apply it recently.

I was walking through the beach when I noticed two girls going in the same direction. I hesitated a bit,but decided to approach

"Do you know where is Cida's Churrasquinho?"

"I don't know"

"Yesterday I was walking through the beach when a clown appeared,he said that a eletronic amusement park was going to open in the city"

"Well,I've heard that the nightclub back here have a few parties"

"He said that if I took a picture with him he could give me a custom cup,but he disappeared"

"Oh,are you saying that I look like a clown?" She said on an angry but amused tone

"You do seem to be a funny girl"

"He just said that I look like a clown"

"He just said that I look like a clown" She and her friend started to laugh a lot while repeating that.

"I can't give you a cup,but you can take a picture"

"So you want to take a picture with me?" The girls laughed and the one that was responding the most started to grab my arm as if she was pinching it.

I called her out on that,but do you guys think that this might have been a IDI?

We walked a bit more

"Are you drunk,boy?"

"Wait...are you drunk?"

"I asked you!"

"There was this time when I got made a party with my friends,and I got the responsability to get the drinks,so I went out at night,almost got robbed twice and got the Vodka,we then enjoyed the night,made some food and played games,but some of them mixed Coca Cola and Booze and started to pass out,they even hallucinated"

The other girl was kinda behind us,and when the caught up,the other told me to tell her this story. I told her,and looked at something,as if I was going to leave The girl who seemed to be more hooked said that I was looking for a place and told me to stay with them,that I could find it.

We walked a bit more,and one of them asked the other

"Do you know where the gang is?"

"They must be ahead,waiting for us"

As we walked I kept looking for that restaurant,as I was getting hungry,so I asked

"I wonder where that place is"

"Maybe we passed it"

"I'll be going then,bye" "Bye"

I'm curious about what I might have missed,and what I can do to improve.

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