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All women are whores
Published 11/14/19 by max_peenor [0 Comments]

*Your ideas are not my imperatives. My ideas are not your excuses.*

## Yes, all of them.

Yes, even your mother. Definitely your sister; I can vouch for her personally. Your granny. Oh yeah, that tawdry little scamp. Men still talk about her oral skills. Your touchy aunt? Charges by the quarter-hour. That sweet little vixen in your college economics class that you tug it out to late at night because you don’t possess the sack to even talk to her? W-H-O-R-E and she loves it. Every one of them. All certified, 100% grade-A (A for anal) whores.

We can talk about how sex is transactional. We can talk about how women use their [fish holes]( as ATMs when it suits their wants or needs. We can talk about how women manipulate men with sex. Blah blah. You’ll get angry about it. Bloopers will recoil in horror because I called their mothers whores. Incels will twirl their nipples in delight that maybe, just maybe, they have won the game. You’all are completely missing the point of why I said it.

Does your mother and sister explicitly take cash or goods for access to their pussies? Statistically, probably not. But if you cannot even consider uncomfortable ideas said with harsh words, then why the fuck are you here?

I’m not making a moral judgment about women that take pay for tang. Hell, good for them. Like I said, they have an ATM installed between their legs and men will give them top dollar just to flop around on them for a little while. Damn. I wish I had an orifice like that too (insert butt joke here). Good for you ladies; use it wisely is all I have to say about it. But men? You’re fucking idiots. You will pay top dollar to flop around on them for a little while. I called your mother a whore because you are more than willing to fuck someone else’s mother like a whore.

We talk about how to get the same testicular relief without having to pay top dollar. And you just keep trying to find new ways to pay for whores.

## Dear Max

> Dear Max, my LTR of five years has been disrespecting me lately. How do I MAKE her respect me.

She’s a whore, dumbass.

> Dear Max, this chick in my church group makes my peepee stiff when I’m within 50 feet of her. How do I make her touch it?

She’s a whore, dumbass.

> Dear Max, I’m really sad about this bird that once gave me a very drunk handy and then won’t talk to me again. How do I get her to be my one true love?

She’s a whore, dumbass.

> Dear Max, my wife refuses to put her mouth on my wrinkled, unwashed penis unless it’s my birthday. What do I have to do to make her my twice-daily cum slut?

She’s a whore, dumbass.

## But what I’m doing wrong Max?

Fucking everything. You tradcon cuck-el-fucks want to use my new world to fix your fucked up old world. Kindly piss off. You come here asking me how to fix your girlfriend. You come here asking me how to fix your wife. You come here asking me how to use old world rules, like dating rituals, promise rings and sexual fidelity to secure your access to occasional ass. I keep telling you to keep multiple women in rotation. I keep telling you to make you the prize that they pay for access. I keep telling you to avoid marriage and all the trappings of the beta world female trap. You don’t listen.

You just keep treating women like whores. And you keep asking me how to improve on this.

## But I like whores.

Who wouldn’t? Put a quarter in the machine and out comes your jizz. If you still think I’m talking about sex workers, you’re a fucking idiot. For the record, I fully support a woman’s choice to directly trade sex for cash or goods and do not judge them for it. I understand that it isn’t for everyone and some are in a bad place. It’s a shitty world. However there are plenty that enjoy their career and make good money doing it. Good for them. We aren’t talking about them. We are talking about your whore mother.

The real problem here isn’t you finding a quick and/or formulaic way to blow a load inside a woman. That sounds like fun. It’s where you go with it. It starts off cute, but then you start dreaming of picket fences and what you’d like to do to June Cleaver after the camera stops rolling. (Oh yeah, she’s definitely a whore.) You start structuring your life around this fantasy. You wish you can have one regular on-tap snatch, ever eager and willing, and [you can stop worrying about landing snatch](). You start making excuses for your blue pill dreams and you come to me to grant you forgiveness.

I personally don’t give a shit if you marry a unicorn which eventually shoves its horn up your ass in divorce court. Your life; your choices. But you aren’t getting my permission for it either.

## Not your personal army.

But you aren’t the worst I see. Oh no. At least you and your whore are just about you and your whore. You aren’t dragging me into this shitshow. The big problem is the sea of fuckheads that want to somehow rewind the clock and return to the Blue Pill Utopia they see as middle century America.

House. One car garage. Thin, well kept wifey that is a dutiful sex nymph on demand. Two crotch fruit and a dog. Wifey? Literally the Uber-Whore of whores. Oh yeah, ever dime she gets is in direct correlation to her time spent on her back after the kids go to bed (and wonder why you are making those weird grunting noises behind the bedroom door). Living the dream.

Nice dream right? Well, to get it you want me to fight a culture war for you. You want me to overturn my life, risk my position and risk my actual body to recreate to make it happen. You come to this sub bitching about how women need to be put in their place and cheering on tradcucks like [Jordan Petercuck]( who champions this dream of yours.

## My response? Fuck you. I like now.

In this day and age you can have a selection of women that want to spend little pockets of (naked) time with you just because it makes them feel good. You can have this at no cost. Wow. How awesome is that? Yet many of you are desperate for *A* (whore) girlfriend and can’t comprehend why you should keep plates in rotation. You want to foul my world (free range pussy) with your world (whores) and you want me to make it happen. Fuck you. I don’t give a shit if you can’t get sex. That’s not my problem. That’s not your whore mother’s problem. That is your problem.

It has never been a better time in modern history for a man my age in my position to get my dick wet by a variety of young, sexy women. You can join me in this club, but you need to do a few things; we talk about them all in the sidebar over there. -—>. Good stuff. Ultimately though none of it matters if you keep trying to trap and/or pay women for sex, all while keeping gentle blooper sensibilities.

So give it a try. Break out of those sensibilities. Join me. Say it out loud and be proud of it. Ready? Repeat after me:

> My mother is a whore. My sweetie girlfriend is a whore. All women are whores. I said a mean word but I don’t give a fuck because I’m saying it for my purposes, not for anyone else. Now I need to stop being such a mincing fruitcake and learn how to fuck.

## But let’s not forget about the women (whores)!

While everyone is prone to this thinking, it’s pretty obvious that the incels are the most desperate to turn back the clock and secure a dutiful (whore) wifey. They see it as the ONLY way to get their dick touched. Whatever. I think they are wrong, but I just don’t care. I find more interesting their opposite numbers in the femtard world. I have a much larger essay I will eventually post on this topic (it will be a while), but I want to touch on the point now.

There is a large number of women (whores) that expect us to protect them from these incels who want to turn back the clock.

Not your personal army, cupcake. I will neither fight again or fight for the current society. I’m a sidelined non-combatant just enjoying my time with a wet dick. You keep isolating them. You keep vilifying them. You keep literally turning them into an angry army. You have fun with that. If you use your pussy enough, maybe you’ll con some men into fighting for you. There is no profit for me in taking a side here—I find both equally repugnant and against my prerogatives. And I already have the pussy.

## Whores

All of them. That is all…

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