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The Red Soldier
A Review of Rollo Tomassi's Iron Rule #8 - Always let a woman figure out why she wont ƒuck you, never do it for her.
Published 06/24/19 by RedPillLegion [0 Comments]

Iron Rule of Tomassi #8

Always let a woman figure out why she wont fuck you, never do it for her.


Do not mold yourself in any woman's "ideal alpha."

Doing so will put you near the end of race instead of the front. Most men do this already. This is where try-hards and fake-alpha's come into play. They'll get all hyped up on booze and drugs and proclaim to the world, or their inner-circle of fellow chodes, how manly they are and how much pussy is about to get smashed.

Don't be this chode.

As a free man, you should, ideally, have your own set of standards and a clear purpose/mission in life.

This breaks for no man. Especially woman.

If she is not reciprocal of any flirting or kino, MOVE ON. This is why Rule #7 precedes this one. Always. Be. Prospecting.

A woman looks for the man who remains stoic even in the face of adversity. In today's modern age, that just means a few shit tests here and there. Not a raiding tribe looking to fuck your shit up.

Know the value of your time.

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