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On a Secret Society of The Red Pill
Published 10/01/19 by THE_StrongBoy [0 Comments]

Ad astra per aspera

Enjoy the decline. A phrase oft repeated, with good reason, by anyone who has even the smallest inkling of what is happening in western society. The trouble is, it is getting harder and harder to enjoy it with the passing years. The institutions of society and government are building power against us and though it is good to become knowledgeable and instruct others (I am speaking of participation on TRP subreddit) and even to apply TRP in the real world, we still sit behind our keyboards alone and vulnerable to the whims of those institutions.
Furthermore, my enjoyment of the decline is soured by my dissatisfaction with sitting around and waiting for it all to come crashing down around us. It is not in me to wait and accept this fate, as inevitable as many people make it sound, I will not allow myself to go out without giving it my best shot. I hope that some of you feel the same way I do. This idea is what will underpin this organization in my opinion and may even become its prime directive, but becoming a group that will be able to accomplish this goal of reversing the decline will take time and hard work.
For the short term, I am proposing the formation of a fraternal organization which behaves as a secret society. The main benefits being simple: The protection of its members from society and the government, the provisioning of its members economic success, and to provide its members with access to the highest quality women.

What follows is my strategy.

Firstly I will speak of the original idea. Several years ago, bsutansalt started a subreddit called the_fraternity and proposed a brotherhood of red pilled men who would work together and self-improve. People were interested and some rounded people up and got things started but as far as I know it all fizzled out due to disinterest. I set up a meeting with someone from my city as well, but I was not ready at the time to fully commit due to personal development reasons. It's still all up on reddit for anyone to read and there's not much, but there were some stories of what happened and what went wrong by those go-getters which was enough to start me thinking about how something like this might succeed.
The main problem that I identified was one of the quality of the participants. People may not want to hear this, but the type of person required to get an organization like this off of the ground is rare. There is a good likelihood that you aren't ready to be one of the founding members for reasons including - laziness, flakiness, being a LARPer, not really red pilled or alpha, no desire to behave in a selfless manner for the improvement of the group et cetera, ad nauseum.

The only way this will get started is if small groups of top quality red pilled men become good friends.

If you toss a handful of powder snow down a hill it goes nowhere, push a solid ball down and it gains speed and size rapidly. Yes, I did just explain the snowball effect to you but I think it is prudent.
People will only stick around if there is something to stick around for. In order to build this, we need groups of capable and intelligent men who won't give up - to do so. The way this is accomplished is by spending time together participating in hobbies and activities. So, first, small groups of capable men have banded together - they might do things like lifting, surfing, skiing, hiking, camping, playing instruments or any other high value hobby that they all enjoy or might enjoy given time. I believe that if we can form these small groups of close friends we will find success in establishing this fraternity.
Next, we must identify what it is that we really want as alpha red pilled men. Easy - access to top quality women. With our small group of cool, handsome, capable, interesting dudes with sweet hobbies and senses of humor (did I mention super alpha) this should quite achievable.

In essence what I am proposing is this: we develop a social circle that high quality men want to take part in by providing fun activities and sex with awesome girls.

This is the critical step for the formation of a lasting group with real power. I'll paint a picture for you of what I envision a national organization to be like. Chapters in every state (that we can) centered around the main metropolis. Each chapter meets weekly in a formal session, and there are people doing stuff every weekend that you can participate in. Each chapter owns one or several vacation properties where parties can be held to which members invite beautiful women they find in their day to day. Champagne and cocaine and no sleep for days. Social proof provides the aphrodisiac. Chapters host and visit other chapters for great times, bonding, local activities, discussion and sharing of ideas, and partying. National meetings of all members twice a year in the spring and fall and national meetings of chapter leadership twice a year to discuss state of each chapter, current progress, and future goals.
This, I believe, is achievable in the short term (~10-15 years)
We need a crest for the organization as a whole and for each chapter. Colors, uniforms for meetings, identifying marks like a tattoo for inducted members, traditions, ranks, etc all come together to create something with substance, something worth being a part of. Going all in on the secret society thing would be pretty awesome in my opinion.
In this stage we can have the dream RP lifestyle, and if we don't want, we don't have to progress from here. An organization like this could enjoy the decline for a long time. I would not be satisfied though and with this base built we could achieve much more.

The next stage of this organization is in the long term time-frame ( 15+ years) This is where things start to get crazy. It is in this time-frame where we transition into a society with money and influence. In the interest of time I'll keep it short. We establish an investment fund to grow capital for the org. We recruit promising new members from out of high school, show them the lifestyle, and pay for their education in top earning professions at top universities or give them the necessary environment to succeed in arts and literature in return for a percentage of their income later. Not to mention the value that their skills will add to the organization. Having young members bond will create an even stronger organization in the long term that's just unattainable in the beginning. Call them prospects if you will, to take a leaf out of the biker gang's book.

In this phase I imagine we will be able to have members of our organization in several levels of the government. Providing the backing for state government and congressional candidates.

From this position we will be able to do whatever we wanted. I'm sure that by that time we will have a clearer idea of what we can and should do based on more than just my thoughts, but the discourse of intelligent men over years.
I don't know if any of this second stage is possible, but I believe it is. I believe that of any group of men in history we are the ones who could achieve this and more. We have the knowledge of a layer of truth of human nature, and the force of will to make it happen. We understand how things work on a fundamental level. If the cartels can do it, if ethnic groups can do it, we can do it better and more easily than they.

I want to keep this short so as to be readable, but I will write more about this as I can. After you close this window, think of how you could build a core group of RP boys in your area. It is the most critical part - without that, this idea never leaves my mind and the pages of this blog.

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