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Backup Options for TRP subreddit and sister subreddits
Published 10/02/19 by thismightnotbetaken [0 Comments]

In light of possible threat of the main reddit sub getting nuked from reddit here are a few backup options —

Official backup maintained by mods —


Unofficial backups —

askTRP sidebar in a pdf —


TRP sidebar in a pdf —


TRP in a website —


TRP offline backup —


I urge everyone to backup their saved post history using the old.reddit url using archive.is bookmark button no matter how painstaking a task it is.

Furthermore I would request you to download the TRP offline backup, and askTRP and TRP sidebar PDFs for they contain invaluable material for those that need unplugging from the matrix in the future. Keep an offline (saved on hard disk or physical memory system) and online (cloud) copy saved.

While archive.is links may stay up download links in all probability will be dead in the future. At which point the copies present with the red pillers will act as sources for the newly introduced.

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