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The Permanent [Game] Noob & The Autistic Alpha (and how to fix it)
Published 01/25/24 by Vermillion-Rx [0 Comments]


# The **Permanent [Game] Noob** & **The Autistic Alpha**



Two of the most prevailing archetypes of men that are struggling in the manosphere:

**Permanent [Game] Noob**: struggles to learn game [or RP] no matter how much reading he does, how many questions he asks, how much support and coaching he receives, and what he tries out in the field.

**Autistic Alpha**: manages to successfully learn game through narrow and mechanical [***rote learning***](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rote_learning) and application, but fails to successfully manage or maintain any of his relationships thereafter due to lack of social calibration.

(I don't know who, if anyone, ever coined the term *Autistic Alpha*, but I saw @redpillpusher use [it here](https://www.forums.red/p/asktrp/322023/dread_is_always_applied_but_she_still_left/7834305) and couldn't find it anywhere else).


While somewhat different in levels of field success and ability to learn, *BOTH* archetypes of men **struggle from the same underlying problem(s), which is primarily poor social understanding**: poor understanding of social norms and social skills, not reading the room, not having an interesting social life, not understanding social contract or basic concepts such as reciprocity between them and other people.

The common reason both kinds of men have a foundational lack of social skills and social experience is from having a life trajectory of no or little to no friends to suddenly finding PUA/game/seduction or TRP and trying to game like Chads from a place of a fragile social foundation.

***These are usually guys that have been fairly lonely most of their lives prior to discovering manopshere content and skip numerous requisite steps to actually understanding anything they learn in game and manosphere.***



# What Differentiates Them?


**The Permanent Noob** is just that, a guy perpetually stuck on tutorial island for game and RP, even with dozens of guys helping and coaching him on his dozens (if not hundreds) of posts and with a world of information and guides at his fingertips to use even half-correctly, the *Permanent Noob* has the perfect storm of misconceptions and misunderstandings preventing him getting anywhere at all, or at least anywhere faster than 2 miles an hour for progress.

**The Autistic Alpha** on the other hand, manages to succeed at game, but primarily through rote learning and rote application of game and *NOT* through a genuine understanding of the broader social dynamics that people operate on. He learns what works (mostly on easy enough and broken, horny sluts that will typically respond to copy and paste "asshole" game) without actually understanding why it works. The *Autistic Alpha* is usually the kind of guy that gets told that he ***"swallowed The Red Pill on an empty stomach"*** because he carries PUA rote learning into every facet of his social and relationship life.

\*From the Wikipedia entry on *rote learning* in the second subsection "Versus critical thinking" [**emphasis mine**]:

>\***By definition, *rote learning eschews comprehension*, so by itself it is an ineffective tool in mastering any complex subject at an advanced level.** For instance, one illustration of rote learning can be observed in preparing quickly for exams, a technique which may be colloquially referred to as "cramming".

**The main difference separating the two** is that the *Permanent Noob* has several, if not dozens, of misconceptions (be it game or just social knowledge) that actively work against even rote learning game, even when it is spelled out in plain English, whereas the *Autistic Alpha* is capable of digesting game concepts as though they are facts about trains. The *Autistic Alpha* also tends to have less empathy and investment in his sets as well as more capacity for non-personal and unemotional self-reflection of his failures, which is more conductive to rapid trial and error without becoming discouraged.



# Why Lack of Social Foundation Hurts Both


As mentioned at the top, both of these archetypes suffer from a weak foundation of social skills. Most of them went from being relatively lonely to finding game and RP.

**Game, and by extension sexual relations, at their core, are fundamentally derivative products of social dynamics (albeit mixed with sexual tension and sexual strategy).**

*The Permanent Game Noob* and *Autistic Alpha* missed out on a lot of the social skills they would have developed if they had grown up with a lot of (real) friends. When you have real friends and consistent social experiences growing up you learn about basic:

- Turn-taking (talking, sharing, reciprocity)

- Cue-reading (boredom, interest, excitement, anxiety, attentiveness)

- Reactions to you (to the things you do and say, so you can calibrate)

- Reactions to others (how others make you feel helps you learn how to act)

- [Mirroring](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirroring) (learning what to do based on others behavior)

- Planning (logistics, spur-of-the-moment hangouts, venue-hopping)

- Situational Awareness (the effect of different scenarios on people's behavior)

- Empathy (what others are feeling and how to respond to their situations)

- Eliminating Bad Habits (friends help you realize what you should NOT do socially)

- Humor/Banter (friends help you learn what humor works and good boundaries for banter)

***The Permanent Game Noob loses at the starting line:*** if he were to understand social dynamics much better, it would clear up many, if not almost all, of his game misconceptions and he would be able to understand where game fits into socializing, how to suggest a girl go somewhere with you at an acceptable pace, etc.

***The Autistic Alpha loses at the finish line:*** he gets the lays, gets the results, but fails to keep women in his orbit because he has no social life, character development, or nuance to maintain a reciprocal human relationship with another person for more than a few weeks (or limited months if he gets that far).

**Both guys** continue to do behaviors and other social snafus that end up ultimately killing all of their sets or relationships, and thus one of the only real solutions to their problem(s) is to fix their broken and under-developed social foundations.



# How To Fix It


If the *Permanent Game Noob* or *Autistic Alpha* applies to you or a guy you know, the best way to fix it is to **STOP** trying to digest more game or RP. **More game and more RP content will ONLY *exacerbate* the problem**.

The reason you KEEP running into the problems you have with game or relationships is because you lack a lot of the social foundation that is required to integrate sexual dynamics into your life with women. By having a history or broad experience of different friendships (and not just with some other loner or two you know who is in the same boat), you actually gain a lot of the requisite skills that game and sexual dynamics are directly downstream from.

**You cannot build a house that stands up without a foundation. Even if you somehow manage to get the house up (looking at you *Autistic Alphas*), it will collapse shortly after adding another floor to the house (i.e. a FWB/relationship).**

You need a strong social foundation to be a Chad or to have meaningful and lasting social experiences with people (relationships, even just sexual ones, too). You CANNOT skip becoming a socially calibrated individual in your Red Pill journey. If this applies to you and you're a guy who found TRP while lonely and without much a history of friends, and still don't have real IRL friends, get on it ASAP:


- Find clubs (the hobby kind not the nightclub kind)

- Join groups

- Take group classes

- Join sports teams (coed, intramural, school)

- Socialize with people more with the intent to make friends (not lays)

- Strike up more small talk with people

**Whatever you do, do not skip making friends and building that strong social foundation, having these skills will make everything else on your journey far easier.**


To make friends (if you don't know how): be amicable, try to find common interests, screen for people with common values or similar backgrounds, have something of value to offer them (your skills, humor, etc.) and try to go from there.


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