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How to make bank
Published 04/01/20 by -Anteros- [0 Comments]
  1. Pick some shit you like (this is important because you'll need to tolerate documentation)
  2. look up this text "Gartner Magic quadrant <Shit you like>" example: "Gartner Magic quadrant devops"
  3. find a product that is doing well, look to see if it has a free version available. Most do
  4. look up the product name on indeed.com to find jobs that are available for that shit
  5. Do the basic shit with the product and look up its documentation.
  6. Find a subcontracting company (from step 4) and send your resume, feel free to embellish you abilities
  7. travel to customer sites and implement product while you are young. Make bank.
TRP IRC Rules and recommendations
Published 03/29/20 by -Anteros- [1 Comments]


  • No sharing of anyone's personal (or personally identifiable) information. It would be wise to limit your own sharing as well. This is a public forum and the internet has more permanence than you might be considering.
  • No whining.
  • No backwards rationalizing.
  • No estrogenic behavior.
  • No cucks.
  • Do not evade a ban, even a temporary one. Evading any ban will extend its duration exponentially. The way to handle a ban is to appeal to (using "/msg ") one of the channel moderators: Anteros, physt, anEffingChamp, DaPowa, jotenko, DocObvious, or tmbg Changing nicks/hosts, messaging non-moderators, and whining on reddit are not useful courses of action and will likely extend said ban.
  • Encouraging others to commit suicide is not allowed. No matter how funny it seems at the time.
  • Do not pester our users via Private Messages, it would be prudent to request permission before sending a PM.
  • QuakeNet rules must also be adhered to and can be found at: https://www.quakenet.org/help/rules/main-rules


  • We recommend you use irccloud: https://tinyurl.com/TRPirccloud2 to connect to the channel or set up client authentication by following the instructions here: https://tinyurl.com/TRPauth in order to mask your ip address information.
  • The Red Pill network is a hierarchy and newcomers start at the bottom. Voiced users and Channel Operators (usually identified by + or @ next to their nicks) are veteran users with a history of valuable Red Pill advice. Challenging these users is not recommended.
  • If you are new to the channel, hang out for a while and introduce yourself. Note that lurkers and users with no TRPbot karma are sometimes kicked/tempbanned.
  • Do not offer advice on topics you have no personal experience with.
  • The channel is not a competition for who can be the biggest internet asshole. AMOG attempts and passive aggressive behavior will be curbed.
  • Sarcasm/Snarkiness is estrogenic, and while it may be tempered with a long history of masculine behavior it should not constitute your first impression.
  • It is ideal to keep the same IRC nick so that other users can develop a better understanding of your situation and advise accordingly.
  • This channel is not a substitute for a licensed therapist nor will we attempt to resolve issues that should be handled by one. If you feel like killing yourself contact the suicide hotline at 1(800)273-8255 They are open 24/7 and happy to help. International users can visit here: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html for local phone numbers.
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