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TRP Rises
Published 10/03/19 by BTrack [0 Comments]

It's been a while since I have decided write a blog post here on this blog. My last post, The Red Pill Needs a Viable Backup dove into what I saw as huge problems in the longevity of the TRP community.

I was concerned that, with such a heavy reliance on a platform hell bent on getting rid of us, that when the ban hammer eventually falls the community could be scattered.

Over the past week we had just a scare, the Reddit admins gave notice that they were going to be removing the TRP subreddit from the site. What ensued was what can only be described as a mad rush to get users migrated over here to TRP.red before the inevitable.

Now, I must congratulate redpillschool on the fantastic work that has been done to this site, bringing it up to a standard that was way beyond my expectations. He has put in a serious amount of work behind the scenes to get all of this up and running and I must commend his efforts.

Having not seen the new site, I was very concerned before that there was no viable backup to the TRP subreddit, and no hub that we collectively owned as a community. This new site I am glad to say has swatted aside and given me hope that not only will TRP continue, but that it will flourish.

Over the past few days we have seen this site explode in users. Tribes have been popping up left and right, and the site is bustling with new content and discussion - which is fantastic.

It's a sharp contrast to the old site, which is anyone remembers, was a ghost town devoid of life.

TRP has risen from the ashes, and this new community is giving a new life to TRP which I have never before seen.

We had an active community on the subreddit before, but here we have an entirely different sense of community which simply wasn't possible on Reddit.

I don't think I'm the only one to notice the more cohesive atmosphere that has developed here over the past few days. Over the coming weeks and months, as we continue to onboard new users and the new forums are unveiled, I expect this will only continue to improve.

TRP has risen.

The Red Pill Needs a Viable Backup
Published 07/30/19 by BTrack [1 Comments]

It's common knowledge within the community that The Red Pill is under systematic attack from outside forces, and has been for some time.

Probably the best example being the TRP subreddit, which was quarantined under suspicious circumstances quite some time ago. I can't quite remember how long ago, but well over a year.

Yet despite this, no-one in the community seems particularly concerned about creating a legitimate contingency plan.

We have a Reddit clone (Forums.RED) which has been locked off to new users/contributions for at least 2 years (if not longer), and barely functions.

And we have this site - TRP.RED - which while at least accepting new users and submissions, is so poorly designed it struggles to maintain even a basic community.

You would think, given that the subreddit could be purged any day now, that the community would have given serious thought to building a legitimate replacement for the subreddit and work on pushing traffic/content over to it.

But this seems to have been willfully disregarded.

Unfortunately we're now in a position as a community that if the subreddit goes, the entire community will be shattered. The majority of users would be lost, and while some content has been backed-up and would remain, the vast majority of discussion would be lost forever.

I hope, that Forums.RED can be opened, recieve so much needed maintenance work and we can begin the process of migrating users and content over to it as our main hub. Because if we don't that community will be lost and will take many years to rebuild.