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Common question #1: How much do looks matter?
Published 04/14/16 by Gaiusscaevolus [1 Comments]

This is the first post in a planned 'Common Question' series, where I provide a definitive answer to common questions I've seen from newcomers to TRP, askTRP, BecomeAMan, and even PPD.

The inaugural question to tackle is the oldest one in the book, for men: Do looks matter? The answer to that question is obviously, yes, and you'd be a fool to think that your physical attractiveness (or lack thereof) has absolutely no bearing on your ability to be successful with women. The better question, and the one I'll be addressing here (as you might've guessed from the title) is, How much do looks matter to a man's success in the SMV?

There are two basic answers to this question, both with some merit, and both ignoring certain factors.

Answer # 1: Looks matter little: Multiple studies and simple observation will consistently show that women look at more factors than men do and apply more weight to factors like personality and status, whereas men consider attractiveness more important and consider fewer factors. Even in the meat market dating pool that is a nightclub, a man with presence and status can pull easier than a guy who is handsome and shy. This effect is only compounded for LTRs, where the comparative importance of a man's looks is reduced in favor of security traits (income, stability, caring, etc).

Answer #2: Looks are all that matter: This is a view most commonly held by guys who are SMV < 5, and for them, it happens to be completely true. At that stage, a guy's looks actively prevent him from getting laid. He isn't even failing at it, he has fallen short of the barrier to entry. For these guys, it doesn't matter what other qualities they have, women aren't attracted enough to even entertain the idea of fucking them, and so they fail solely because of there looks.

The Right Answer: Similar to a building, physical attractiveness is the foundation of a man's SMV. On a strong foundation, a man could build a single bedroom home, a tower bearing his name, or a sprawling mansion, depending on his resources and ingenuity. But without a strong foundation, even the richest and most talented man is limited to shanty huts and mobile homes.

Likewise, a man with a foundation level of physical good looks is limited in his success with women only by his frame and his abilities, but even the most able of men cannot become successful with women if he has not built the underlying foundation of his appearance.

So you want to get laid at the club...
Published 03/25/16 by Gaiusscaevolus [2 Comments]


You need 2 out of 3 to be successful in a nightclub.

  • Status: Be associated with the fun. Someone who is important to the existing fun, or adds more fun. The easy mode on this is to be a regular who is well known/liked by the staff. This gives you social proof. A tougher but more rewarding route is to be staff, whether security, bar-back (won't likely start as a bartender right off the bat), or a DJ/entertainment. Personally, I go the bouncer route. You control the flow of the fun, have an instant opener on any girl, and it's the most dominant position other than manager/owner.

Status is the most important point because it creates access, and you need access to separate yourself from the 100 other thirsty betas waiting to pluck up the courage to by some chick a drink.

  • Game. The club is not a place to be suave or subtle. Quick wit and physical dominance are the plays at a club. I continue to be amazed by what is permitted by some female patrons in regards to physicality. I have had success picking a girl up over my shoulder and carrying her away (note: DON'T TRY THIS YET. Bouncer, remember, no one will kick me out. You? Not so much.) Probably the best advice I can give you is to state that I've never been penalized for getting too physical.

Bonus tip: If a girl touches your chest, 95% of the time it's a hint you can escalate. Face? 98%

  • Looks: There's no nice way to say this, if you aren't at least a solid 6/10, you're wasting your time at a club. You'll get opportunities, but only with women SMV 3 or lower. From a looks perspective, height is king, followed by muscle, followed by facial aesthetic, followed by style. The good news is that once you leap that 6/10 hurdle, your status and game will allow you to effectively compete with men who are 8s and 9s. It isn't easy, but you can make up that gap with the first 2 factors.
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