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Hello hello
Published 09/10/15 by Gaiusscaevolus [3 Comments]

Welcome to my blog. If any of you don't know me yet, I'm Gaius Scaevolus, a senior TRPer and Moderator of /r/theredpill and /r/askTRP, as well as the principal author of the BecomeAMan program, along with RedPillSchool and several others.

As I write this, my intent is to focus on most of the same things I focus on in the Red Pill subreddit network; discussing and honing theory on sexual economics as well as the interactions of individuals with and within our greater society, as well as stories and example from my own life and things I observe others saying/doing. Who knows if this will actually be the case going forward.

Anyways, welcome to TRP.RED. Some pretty big things are going to happen here, you don't want to miss it.

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Comment by OmLaLa on 09/24/15 03:33am

Hello. I'm OmLaLa.

Comment by redpillschool on 09/10/15 09:26pm

We patiently await your analyses of human behavior.

Comment by Gaiusscaevolus on 09/10/15 09:07pm

I think TRP mods is a pretty cool guy. Eh creates blogs and doesn't afraid of anything.

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