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So you want to get laid at the club...
Published 03/25/16 by Gaiusscaevolus [2 Comments]


You need 2 out of 3 to be successful in a nightclub.

  • Status: Be associated with the fun. Someone who is important to the existing fun, or adds more fun. The easy mode on this is to be a regular who is well known/liked by the staff. This gives you social proof. A tougher but more rewarding route is to be staff, whether security, bar-back (won't likely start as a bartender right off the bat), or a DJ/entertainment. Personally, I go the bouncer route. You control the flow of the fun, have an instant opener on any girl, and it's the most dominant position other than manager/owner.

Status is the most important point because it creates access, and you need access to separate yourself from the 100 other thirsty betas waiting to pluck up the courage to by some chick a drink.

  • Game. The club is not a place to be suave or subtle. Quick wit and physical dominance are the plays at a club. I continue to be amazed by what is permitted by some female patrons in regards to physicality. I have had success picking a girl up over my shoulder and carrying her away (note: DON'T TRY THIS YET. Bouncer, remember, no one will kick me out. You? Not so much.) Probably the best advice I can give you is to state that I've never been penalized for getting too physical.

Bonus tip: If a girl touches your chest, 95% of the time it's a hint you can escalate. Face? 98%

  • Looks: There's no nice way to say this, if you aren't at least a solid 6/10, you're wasting your time at a club. You'll get opportunities, but only with women SMV 3 or lower. From a looks perspective, height is king, followed by muscle, followed by facial aesthetic, followed by style. The good news is that once you leap that 6/10 hurdle, your status and game will allow you to effectively compete with men who are 8s and 9s. It isn't easy, but you can make up that gap with the first 2 factors.
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Comment by throwawayyourliberty on 06/19/16 04:00pm

Kevin Hart: 5'2" Seth Green: 5'4"

They got inflated self-consciousness, because of their Game and Status. They fuck hundreds of girls and height is not an issue.

Btw complaining about height is useless, you will not be able to change your height. Focus on things you can change.

Comment by NotALawyer on 04/01/16 07:59pm

Honest question about the looks; what if you have muscle, facial aesthetics, and style, but you are 5'3"? I know how to carry myself and get mistaken for average height all the time so I feel like I'm compensating well enough, but I wonder how much that would carryover to a club setting.

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