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JakinJake's Blog
The Truth About Being an Alpha Male
Published 03/02/19 by JakinJake [0 Comments]

So many guys new to the red pill always ask the same questions...

"Is it alpha if I hold the door for a girl? Is it beta if I take her on a date?"

The truth is that being an alpha male actually comes down to your MINDSET, rather than your BEHAVIORS.

Here's what I mean by this.

When a beta male does something, he's doing it for a number of reasons:

  • To gain female approval
  • To avoid social pressure
  • To avoid feeling fear/negative emotions
  • To avoid confrontation

So therefore, anything he does, no matter how "alpha" it might appear to be on paper, will actually come across as extremely needy, weak, and supplicating.

Likewise, when an alpha male does something, he's doing it for one reason, and one reason only...

Because he fucking wants to.

This is why, no matter how "beta" something might SEEM on paper, when an alpha male does it, girls will love it, and guys will look up to it.

It's why if a millionaire playboy (like Dan Bilzerian) takes a girl on a date, it's not viewed as beta. "Oh my God," the girl will think. "He chose me!!! He could have been dating 100's of other girls, but he chose me!! WOW!" she'll say.

This is why, fundamentally, being an alpha male is a mindset, and not a set of behaviors.

Don't ask: "How to I be alpha?"

Instead, ask: "What do I ACTUALLY want? Not what society tells me, not what women tell me, but what do I actually want?"


The 2 Things That Make Women Have Sex With You
Published 02/21/19 by JakinJake [1 Comments]

There's only two things that make women have sex with you... value, and comfort.

If you can balance these things in the right way, you will have your choice of women.

Most guys make the mistake of leading with too much COMFORT. This is the typical beta male approach.

Because they don't know how to turn a girl on, they try to buy her things, compliment her, and basically supplicate to her.

They'll buy her flowers, call her beautiful, take her out on dates... and then never even get a peck on the cheek.

What they don't realize though, is that without VALUE, comfort won't make a girl sleep with you. And in fact, giving too much comfort to a girl, without any value, is often what leads men to idolize her and turn her into a oneitis.

When you LEAD with VALUE however, the comfort will come much more naturally.

Value, simply put, is being a sexually attractive man. It means maximizing the following:

  • Looks (grooming, fitness, etc.)
  • Resources (money, connections, etc.)
  • Status
  • Game

When you LEAD with those things, and then just sprinkle in a little bit of comfort here and there, you will find that women will be far more turned on.

Let me give you an example. Most beta males lead with COMFORT, as I said. They lead by providing her with things.

What does this convey to a girl? That he's low value, and is trying to "buy his way" into her pants.

Let's say, on the other hand, that you lead with value, though (particularly game). You tease her, make fun of her, have some cocky banter, and flirt with her right off the bat.

What does this do? It communicates that you're a high value man.

That still isn't enough to make her sleep with you, however. It will get her ATTRACTED to you, but it won't make her sleep with you.

So, all that you do once you have sufficient value in a girl's eyes, is just build comfort. Talk about things you have in common, spend a few hours together, talk with her, build more of an emotional connection...

While you're doing this, you'll notice she will become much more comfortable being sexually open with you. She will give you more IOI's, and be more willing for you to isolate her.

Be careful, though - never build TOO MUCH comfort, relative to value. If it's out of 10, for example, you NEVER want your "comfort" to be higher than your "value." Ideally, you want them both to be 10, but if you have your choice, focus on value.

The reason why is because with too much comfort, it's hard to build value. If you don't have enough value in her eyes, she won't be willing to spend time with you, date you, etc.

With too much value, however, she will still be open to seeing you, because she views you as valuable. Then, you can build comfort relative to your value.

When you just understand these two simple things, your dating life will explode rapidly.

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