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JakinJake's Blog
Text Game: 3 Simple Rules
Published 06/27/19 by JakinJake [1 Comments]

What's up, guys. I've banged over 150 girls in the past few years, and here are my rules for text game.

They're short, simple, and sweet. Do this and your results will 10x, I promise you.

If you want to read more on how to text girls, check out that article.

Anyways, let's get started.

Rule 1. Keep It Simple

Guys freak out over all this complicated shit. "Should I wait 3 hours to text her back?"

"How long before I set up a date?"

Blah, blah, blah.

When it comes to text game, keep it simple. Build comfort at first, and then set up a hard day/time to meet.

If she doesn't respond, you can try a "re-engagement" text, but in general, just move on and get another girl's number.

Rule 2. Don't Get Needy

This is another one of the biggest mistakes I see guys making.

They freak out when she doesn't respond.

Who cares? It's your life, girls are just an addition.

If she doesn't respond for a few hours, ignore it. If she doesn't respond for a day or two, ignore it.

If she goes a whole week without responding, consider texting her a funny meme to re-engage the conversation.

Again, don't waste time on girls who don't text you back.

99% of the time, it's because of something you can't fix, like:

  • She's seeing another guy
  • She doesn't like you
  • Your first impression wasn't good

So don't sweat it and just move onto another girl.

Rule 3. Don't Waste Time

When you're texting a girl, don't waste your time trying to spend a whole year building attraction.

You need to strike while the iron is hot. Period. This is always the case with girls.

If you just got her number, text her THAT DAY, just telling her who it is (while it's fresh in her mind).

Then, over the next 1-2 days, build a little bit of comfort (by establishing commonalities).

Then, by day 3, you should ask her out. "What are you doing tonight?" is a simple, but good way to ask.

If she doesn't commit to going out with you by day 3, just ignore her and move on. You did your job, now it's time for her to do hers.

If she is in fact interested in you, she will get back to you, and start re-engaging you. Again, move it towards a date.

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Comment by BTrack on 07/29/19 11:58pm

Good advice.

Text game should be kept simple and to the point. It's a difficult medium to game on, meaning can be misconstrued etc.

It's best to keep it as merely a tool to organise face to face meetups as quickly as possible.