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How to Get Laid FAST! (3 Key Principles)
Published 06/29/19 by JakinJake [2 Comments]

Introduction: How to Get Laid Fast

What's up, guys. I've een lurking for a while, and have been involved in red pill stuff for a while, so I wanted to make a quick post on how to get laid fast. Same night lays and same date lays all come from these three principles.

How to Get Laid Tip #1 - Look For IOI's

The biggest mistake I see guys making when they're trying to get laid fast, is they don't look for IOI's.

Now, I'm almost afraid to say this, because newbies just need to APPROACH.

But when you're advanced, and have overcome approach anxiety, why not just look for IOI's first?

If you approach a girl who ALREADY gave you IOI's, your approach will be 10x better.

Then, as you're talking to her, again - LOOK FOR IOI'S!

If she gives you a bunch, then immediately start screening.

How to Get Laid Tip #2 - Screen HARD

Now that you're getting some IOI's, screen for logistics...HARD!

You should always know the following, if you're trying to pull:

  1. Who She Came With
  2. How She Got There
  3. Where She's Staying
  4. What She's Doing Tomorrow

Ask these questions ASAP, but obviously not all at once. Slowly start gathering data.

Why? It's simple. If she came with her best friend from out of town, you probably won't pull that night.

If she drove here, you can drive her car back.

If she's staying at a hotel, she's 100% more likely to be down to fuck.

If she's doing something tomorrow at 7am, she probably won't be down to sleep with you that night.

Unfortunately, pure, unadulterated attraction isn't enough to get laid fast.

You need the logistics on your side.

If she doesn't meet these standards, get her number, tell her you'd like to hang out some time, and find another girl

How to Get Laid Tip #3 - Be Sexually Assertive

Once you've gotten some IOI's, and you know for a fact that her logistics are good, take the lead.

Girls want to be LED. It's in their nature... and as a man, it's your job to do the LEADING.

So, grab her by the hand. "Hey, let's talk outside, it's too loud in here."

Slowly start getting small bits of compliance.

Keep talking outside. Again, build comfort and value at the same time.

Eventually, come up with an excuse to hang out in a place where you two can be alone.

"Do you want to watch a movie at my place?" always works great.

Another great one is: "Hey, alcohol is so expensive here... you said you're a tequila girl, right? I have some Don Juan at my place, let's just go drink that."

Just be sexually assertive, take the lead, and eventually you'll get laid.

Summary: How to Get Laid

This is, in a nutshell, the easiest way to get laid. Just do these three things:

  1. Look For IOI's
  2. Screen Her Logistics Hard
  3. Be Sexually Assertive

If you can master these three things, you will get laid very easily. Why? It's the most efficient way possible.

Don't waste time if she doesn't give you IOI's. Yes, you can still pull girls who are very discreet, but it's harder.

Screen her logistics. Yes, you can pull if she's from out of town for a Bachelorette party, but it's way harder.

Be sexually assertive. Yes, sometimes girls take the lead, but the impetus is always on you.

Master these things and you will be getting laid in no time. Peace.

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Comment by Shanky on 07/07/19 09:45pm

indicators of interest

Comment by Phil_i_am on 06/30/19 11:44pm

Newbie here. What are IOI's