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Loneliness & Young Men
Published 01/25/19 by perrolo [0 Comments]

How is it going folks. Today I present to you a Twitter Thread I saved which is highly relevant to TRP.

Full disclosure: I did not write this. I find value in sharing other's works as long as they are credited. Sometimes you need to connect the right info with the right people.

I was reading in an old book yesterday, and the author remarked, only in passing, that young men in particular tend to feel very lonely. It's striking and shocking that he could say a very obvious thing like this without "evidence", which is an appeal to authority.

If you make a statement about the nature of men or women, there is a kind of luminary who will come out of the woodwork to ask, incredulously, "evidence?!" as if she would read a scientific paper and change her mind, as if social science research were anything but fiat.

But back to loneliness, and obviousness. Things that once were obvious are now quite hidden; we have rejected the wisdom of the past in favor of modern ideas. Who could doubt that we, from our vantage point atop a mountain of smart phones, know better than all of our ancestors?

(There is a treasure we can find in modernity, which was denied to people as recently as 2 generations ago; the joy of discovery. All literary works written prior to the 20th c. have been so defamed and hidden that we may discover them anew, as if we were the first to read them).

I was thinking about loneliness, and the loneliness that a young man feels, and I think he feels lonely in three distinct ways.

  • He feels loneliness for a woman.
  • He feels loneliness for a brotherhood.
  • He feels loneliness for a lord, which we may think of as being for god

And these three types of loneliness are not commutative, and the satiation of one will amplify the emptiness from the others. And in modernity we men have been forced to pretend that these feelings are inconsequential, or wicked, or non-existent, respectively.

We have been told that these three forms of loneliness that a man feels are instances of "toxic masculinity," and the cure for these problems is supposed to be a systematic abandonment of masculine ways of thinking and being.

Our loneliness, they say, comes from our alienation from our feelings. Women, who are obviously "in touch" with their feelings, do not have OUR problems, but because we "suppress" our feelings, our suffering traps us, and we even impose it on women!

My friends, we lack the language to articulate the magnitude of this monstrous insult, but fortunately I have been blessed by the good lord with the gift of the gab, so let me see if I can elucidate.

First, the loneliness that we feel for a woman, we are told, is a case of entitlement, which is an unjust belief that one deserves something. We are not supposed to suppress our pains, we are supposed to "be vulnerable", but only in ways that women have prescribed.

Only an entitled loser who can't get laid would ever express the pain that he feels from his hardships attracting a woman, of course. So this is not a pain we are allowed to feel, because this pain imposes on women, even if only in general. Only "toxic" males feel this pain.

Second, the loneliness that we feel for a brotherhood, we are told, is an engine of oppression and exclusion. When men are allowed to form mens' organizations, they use them to systematically exclude women from power and influence.

Therefore, all male spaces must be denatured.

In this program for society, any group of men assembling together for any reason must be seen with suspicion. If men do wish to associate on the basis of shared masculine interests, the only option they have is informal purposeless groups built around an interest in drinking.

But men need male friendship, and in particular, they need to be able to struggle together towards mutual goals. No one ever questions that women might have or pursue this need, but if men express a desire for exclusively male spaces, they are defamed as gay or misogynistic.

Third, there is the loneliness that we feel for a lord, which is the desire to follow a worthy leader. This is the hardest to understand, especially in America, where we are taught that all leaders are evil, and that the ideal is to be "free," which means to be leaderless.

If there are leaders, we are told, there will be abuses of power, and somehow it would be better that the whole world devolve into a centerless shamble than for even one person ever to abuse their power. And no one even thinks of the abuses we suffer at the hands of the void.

In older times, the pain of having no lord was well known, as in the famous Anglo-Saxon elegy "The Wanderer", a poet laments:

Since long years ago

I hid my lord

in the darkness of the earth,

and I, wretched, from there

travelled most sorrowfully

over the frozen waves

I have shared this fragment of a poem with you because I believe that verse can awaken us to an emotion we had hidden in ourselves, even when we had no awareness or language with which to find it.

Nearly everyone wants to follow a strong and powerful leader, though many are unaware of it. Leading is very hard, and it weighs heavily on the soul. Only a truly callous person could carry the burden of leadership without feeling its weight.

To follow a great leader is far more freeing than the filthy rags that leftists have the shamelessness to call “emancipation”. Sartre referred to the awareness that you alone bear responsibility for your actions as nausea.

To compensate for our lordlessness, we fall into the worship of celebrities, or CEOs, or politicians, or even twitter gurus, and we build a proxy of the aura of a leader; a little from here, a little from there, never quite filling the gap.

We men are guilty of suppressing our emotions! That’s what they say. But is a child guilty of suppressing his incontinence? Is shame not the right reaction when you piss yourself in public? (Oh god, that’s ableist!) If we showed you our true emotions, you would shriek ever louder.

We do not have your PERMISSION to tell you of our loneliness. These emotions do grievous harm to you: the need for a woman, the need for brothers, the need for god. These emotions oppress you, my love, and when I say “my love” I refer to all women everywhere, truly.

In the deranged thought of the devil, all differences between men and women are seen as aberrations. Man does not emerge from the womb fully formed; to be worthy, he must be tempered, and the shame he is made to feel for showing weakness is part of the fire that forges him.

The proper emotions of man are not the emotions of weakness, which are the emotions of children, and which are suitable for women, because they must raise children and be among children, the better to empathize WITH their children.

And again, man does not emerge from the womb fully formed, which is why he must learn mastery of his emotions just as he must learn mastery of his bladder. Only the most contemptible kind of idiot imagines that induction into manhood could come without pain, or without sacrifices.

This is what they want to take from you! Is it pleasant for the block of marble to be struck by the sculptor’s chisel? Do you think order, and prosperity, and security could come without a cost?

Feminists call the structure of society the “the big Other” and by this they mean all social orders are antagonistic to them. When a father teaches rules to his child, they call this castration. Could anything be more alien, more alienating, or more opposed to life and humanity?

Every time this topic comes around, I see people asking, “what about toxic femininity?” I’ll solve the puzzle for you. Toxic femininity already has a name in polite society: they call it feminism.

The guy hits the nail on the head. I won't add my personal view as it doesn't differ much from the text above.

Dude's username is 0x49fa98.

How to avoid being a TRP NPC
Published 12/07/18 by perrolo [1 Comments]

Okay, enough of the abbreviations. I am going to take the liberty and write this post for those who know what NPC means. If not, this post is also for you anyways, but you've got some reading to do.

There are NPC's in TRP too. You see them everywhere. The one liners, the book recommendations, the advice... Having read it once, you see it copy pasted over the years n times.

Sure, "lift", "No more Mr. Nice Guy", "AWALT"... are good advice. They form the basis for the construction of everything else for the redpill man. A time comes when the redpill man needs more than basic platitudes and needs a deeper discussion.

Do not understand this as “we are all special snowflakes and need a different recipe for our problems”, most of our problems are basically the same, that is why the advice mentioned above is good.

My problem is with those who enter TRP, soak in the information, and never do any critical thought. If all you do is repeat what others said before you, you are no better than a parrot. A red parrot, sure, but still a parrot.

If you behave like a screen that plays a movie made by Rollo, IM, GLO or someone else, line by line, word by word, there is no point in talking to you. You are merely one of the many screens that plays scripts written by somebody else.

There is no use in rejecting all idols if you are going to take in anything said by a TRP member as gospel. This is merely idol changing.

Many ideas of TRP are useful as heuristics. Apply those who work for you. Living rigidly through the 48 Laws of Power makes you a program with rules. Break the rules damn it.

Digest every piece of information if you must. Rearrange, compile, edit and discard the information that is useful for you. No thought is original, the way it is rearranged is. We all may have the same ingredients, but we all have to come up with a different dish. Play a script written by you, or at least edited by you.

So, how to avoid being a TRP NPC?

I hate bullet points, but NPC's need bulletpoints, and this post is intended for you:

  • Produce, instead of consume, for a change. Try to create a side hustle: freelancing, flipping, coaching, design...
  • Write, create art, play an instrument. It doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be a part of you. Lifting is a great hobby, but it shouldn't be your only one.
  • Read original works. Better to read The Origin of Species first hand than via an opinion of an opinion of an opinion. Make your own opinion. Read other works that are recommended here. If all of us here only read TRP literature, does that makes us better than graduates who have read the same 5 books?
  • Understand why feminism, communism or whichever movement you disagree with is attractive to others. Understand the pros and cons. The true enlightened man understands many different points of view on one matter.
  • Don't take in whatever is said here without any thought. I don't need to marry to know it is a bad idea, but I did need to check a few things here first and live them. This, apart from making you a more well-rounded man, makes you more interesting, as you have experiences to tell.
  • Tying to the last point, reject all the movements and ideas that you do have currently. Let those in again which are useful, only now you have consciously let them in, accepting their pros and cons. It is harder to unlearn than it is to learn.

To end this post. A true non NPC would reject all of this post and would call me out on my bullshit. Don't just agree and move on, disagree with me. Play something through that screen that isn’t written by somebody else verbatim. Don't be a TRP NPC.

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