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How to avoid being a TRP NPC
Published 12/07/18 by perrolo [1 Comments]

Okay, enough of the abbreviations. I am going to take the liberty and write this post for those who know what NPC means. If not, this post is also for you anyways, but you've got some reading to do.

There are NPC's in TRP too. You see them everywhere. The one liners, the book recommendations, the advice... Having read it once, you see it copy pasted over the years n times.

Sure, "lift", "No more Mr. Nice Guy", "AWALT"... are good advice. They form the basis for the construction of everything else for the redpill man. A time comes when the redpill man needs more than basic platitudes and needs a deeper discussion.

Do not understand this as “we are all special snowflakes and need a different recipe for our problems”, most of our problems are basically the same, that is why the advice mentioned above is good.

My problem is with those who enter TRP, soak in the information, and never do any critical thought. If all you do is repeat what others said before you, you are no better than a parrot. A red parrot, sure, but still a parrot.

If you behave like a screen that plays a movie made by Rollo, IM, GLO or someone else, line by line, word by word, there is no point in talking to you. You are merely one of the many screens that plays scripts written by somebody else.

There is no use in rejecting all idols if you are going to take in anything said by a TRP member as gospel. This is merely idol changing.

Many ideas of TRP are useful as heuristics. Apply those who work for you. Living rigidly through the 48 Laws of Power makes you a program with rules. Break the rules damn it.

Digest every piece of information if you must. Rearrange, compile, edit and discard the information that is useful for you. No thought is original, the way it is rearranged is. We all may have the same ingredients, but we all have to come up with a different dish. Play a script written by you, or at least edited by you.

So, how to avoid being a TRP NPC?

I hate bullet points, but NPC's need bulletpoints, and this post is intended for you:

  • Produce, instead of consume, for a change. Try to create a side hustle: freelancing, flipping, coaching, design...
  • Write, create art, play an instrument. It doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be a part of you. Lifting is a great hobby, but it shouldn't be your only one.
  • Read original works. Better to read The Origin of Species first hand than via an opinion of an opinion of an opinion. Make your own opinion. Read other works that are recommended here. If all of us here only read TRP literature, does that makes us better than graduates who have read the same 5 books?
  • Understand why feminism, communism or whichever movement you disagree with is attractive to others. Understand the pros and cons. The true enlightened man understands many different points of view on one matter.
  • Don't take in whatever is said here without any thought. I don't need to marry to know it is a bad idea, but I did need to check a few things here first and live them. This, apart from making you a more well-rounded man, makes you more interesting, as you have experiences to tell.
  • Tying to the last point, reject all the movements and ideas that you do have currently. Let those in again which are useful, only now you have consciously let them in, accepting their pros and cons. It is harder to unlearn than it is to learn.

To end this post. A true non NPC would reject all of this post and would call me out on my bullshit. Don't just agree and move on, disagree with me. Play something through that screen that isn’t written by somebody else verbatim. Don't be a TRP NPC.

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Comment by Robotics on 12/16/18 05:54pm

Even tho i do agree on alot of thins you are saying. This does not apply for everyone. Not everyone are able to think for themselves, and some are better just following instructions than to try to develop their own opinion on the topic.