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How to avoid being a TRP NPC
Published 12/07/18 by perrolo [0 Comments]

Okay, enough of the abbreviations. I am going to take the liberty and write this post for those who know what NPC means. If not, this post is also for you anyways, but you've got some reading to do.

There are NPC's in TRP too. You see them everywhere. The one liners, the book recommendations, the advice... Having read it once, you see it copy pasted over the years n times.

Sure, "lift", "No more Mr. Nice Guy", "AWALT"... are good advice. They form the basis for the construction of everything else for the redpill man. A time comes when the redpill man needs more than basic platitudes and needs a deeper discussion.

Do not understand this as “we are all special snowflakes and need a different recipe for our problems”, most of our problems are basically the same, that is why the advice mentioned above is good.

My problem is with those who enter TRP, soak in the information, and never do any critical thought. If all you do is repeat what others said before you, you are no better than a parrot. A red parrot, sure, but still a parrot.

If you behave like a screen that plays a movie made by Rollo, IM, GLO or someone else, line by line, word by word, there is no point in talking to you. You are merely one of the many screens that plays scripts written by somebody else.

There is no use in rejecting all idols if you are going to take in anything said by a TRP member as gospel. This is merely idol changing.

Many ideas of TRP are useful as heuristics. Apply those who work for you. Living rigidly through the 48 Laws of Power makes you a program with rules. Break the rules damn it.

Digest every piece of information if you must. Rearrange, compile, edit and discard the information that is useful for you. No thought is original, the way it is rearranged is. We all may have the same ingredients, but we all have to come up with a different dish. Play a script written by you, or at least edited by you.

So, how to avoid being a TRP NPC?

I hate bullet points, but NPC's need bulletpoints, and this post is intended for you:

  • Produce, instead of consume, for a change. Try to create a side hustle: freelancing, flipping, coaching, design...
  • Write, create art, play an instrument. It doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be a part of you. Lifting is a great hobby, but it shouldn't be your only one.
  • Read original works. Better to read The Origin of Species first hand than via an opinion of an opinion of an opinion. Make your own opinion. Read other works that are recommended here. If all of us here only read TRP literature, does that makes us better than graduates who have read the same 5 books?
  • Understand why feminism, communism or whichever movement you disagree with is attractive to others. Understand the pros and cons. The true enlightened man understands many different points of view on one matter.
  • Don't take in whatever is said here without any thought. I don't need to marry to know it is a bad idea, but I did need to check a few things here first and live them. This, apart from making you a more well-rounded man, makes you more interesting, as you have experiences to tell.
  • Tying to the last point, reject all the movements and ideas that you do have currently. Let those in again which are useful, only now you have consciously let them in, accepting their pros and cons. It is harder to unlearn than it is to learn.

To end this post. A true non NPC would reject all of this post and would call me out on my bullshit. Don't just agree and move on, disagree with me. Play something through that screen that isn’t written by somebody else verbatim. Don't be a TRP NPC.

Men who also shaped TRP and the Manosphere: Clint Redwood.
Published 11/29/18 by perrolo [2 Comments]

Summary: In the surge of personal branding on other platforms, it is easy to re-write history and think that Rollo and IM created the Red Pill alone. This is an atempt to put the spotlight on other, not well known, users who also shaped TRP. Today I will write about /u/Clint_Redwood and present some of his posts.


For those of you who don't have Twitter, know that many of the more known users are creating personal brands there and are expanding to YouTube and other endeavours. This isn't a criticism on them. The way I understand TRP and the Manosphere, I prefer to keep anon and separate my personal brand from this. Others are more antifragile than myself at the moment and I aplaud them for speaking many truths with their name and face.

There comes a problem though, because as time passes, people who get to know them via Twitter will assume they are the authority and only they posess the truth. This, we know isn't true, because we have spent longer time here and know that there are many who won't grow their personal brand, and focus on the message instead of the person. Different ways to do things.

One of the many users who has shaped me to become the man I am is /u/Clint_Redwood. I do not know him personally, I have never spoken to him and I do not know anything about him. Clint's posts on sex and business are pure gold. They were eye opening for me when they came out, and it would be a shame that the newer users don't get to read them.

I will be linking through archive, if it breaks the rules, please inform me on the best way to upload them.

Business lessons.

  1. The Golden Rule: How Not To Get Fucked In Business. https://archive.fo/K3pzK
  2. The Dark Rule: How To Fuck Someone In Business. https://archive.fo/Za5XM

Both posts are better understood read back to back. Doesn't matter the order. Both are the same story, narrated from two different points of view. There isn't much I can add to both posts, as it would do them unjustice.

Lessons for not putting one's eggs in one basket, not betting on one source of income and general good advice for business. Everytime I revisit these posts, I find a deeper lesson in each.

Sex lessons.

3. Dick Health. https://archive.fo/isGiN

This post is for those who are too embarrassed to go to the doctor or ask a friend for some advice. It goes over topics that aren't widely discussed, or at least weren't around here until he pointed them out:

  • ED.
  • Changing the taste of your cum for the girls.
  • Deathgrip (something I have suffered and learnt to correct ever since reading this one).
  • Kegels.
  • Dick size.

If you have a dick, read this post.

4. How To Make A Girl Squirt. https://archive.fo/xv1w7

Nothing more to add. Read the post. The first time I managed to make a girl squirt was by applying what I read here. I know do it regularly and have my own modifications.

General life advice.

5. Don't Ever Talk To The Police. https://archive.fo/nAGiT

A famous video about a law professor who discusses all the reasons to not talk to the police. It is good that it resurfaces from time to time, as it is essential to everyone. I am not from the US, and laws will be different, but the underlining message stays the same. Do. Not. Talk. To. The. Police.

Make the interaction as short as possible and set your ego aside. Nothing good comes from talking too long to the police.

There are many more posts from Clint that you should read. When I first found TRP, I spent a week reading through every single post and archive I could find. Newbies these days may not do that, so this is a chance to get to know some of the greats.

I recommend you go through his (and others) post history and read everything you can.


  • Read through not so famous posters history. There are hidden gems that don't get the spotlight they deserve or fall into obscurity with the rise of personal brands.
  • The message is more important than the person. Sure, IM, Rollo and others are essentially the Manosphere, but others who stay anon and small also shaped many people and helped in other facets of human life.

If this gains traction I will be shedding some light to other not so famous posters who deserve their credit and have stopped posting.


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