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HumanSockPuppet's Guide to Training Bitches
Published 10/03/18 by HumanSockPuppet [11 Comments]


Here at The Red Pill, we have an enduring respect for The Natural Order. We respect it because we are products of it. Far better than fighting an impossible battle against it, we explore its realities so that we can understand and fully embrace what we are. Men are nature's designated risk-takers, innovators, and pathfinders, so it falls upon each one of us to master our environments - geographical, social, and sexual.

So, what is the Natural Order? It's an amused master male sitting atop a pile of fawning bitches who are gently cupping his balls, while the unchosen, unwashed masses of unworthy males look on with scorn and envy.

It takes time, practice, and exposure in the field to develop your intuition and become just such an amused master. And what our conversations here at The Red Pill have thus far lacked is a concrete guide on how to seize the minds and hearts of bitches and make them into your property (in all but legal terms).

That's why Maestro SockPuppet is here with another helpful guide - this time on the subject of Control Game. Whether you're an out-of-practice misogynist looking to dip back into regular pussy, a total fucking RP noob, a long-time lurking coward who's too afraid of offending women, or just part of the special needs section of the class, this guide will pull back the curtain on the real politics of male social dominance, and help you become the kind of benevolent misogynist that bitches crave to be belittled by.

Foundational Theories

Fighting the Basic Instinct

Have you ever wondered why feminists use such extreme language when talking to their sistahs useful idiots? They use terms like "Patriarchy", "mansplain", "privilege", and "misogyny". They evoke the imagery of slavery and serf-class oppression, and imagine themselves to be down-trodden revolutionaries kept from their true potential by a privileged class of exploitative males. Apart from its entertainment value as a work of fiction, what's the purpose of all this hyperbole?

The purpose is fighting the female instinct to submit.

Female humans have a powerful built-in instinct to submit to the commands of dominant males. It is involuntary. The instinct itself is a reflex born of thousands of years of tribal warfare, when power constantly shifted between combating males and their tribes. Those women who were strong-willed, defiant, and loyal to their abstract tribal affiliations were slaughtered or brought to heel. Those women who were arbitrary, suggestible, and obedient to their new conquerors were safely absorbed into the population of the invading tribe and continued to breed. In either case, obedience was promoted, and defiance was selected out.

Bitches are built to obey.

The only way the masses of neon-haired, socially-maladjusted land whales can even begin (vainly) to fight against this deep-rooted lizard-brain urge is to try and recruit the higher brain functions to momentarily subvert it. They must indoctrinate the higher brain, insist tenaciously that women are an oppressed class, and inspire women to defy their firmware with conscious zeal.

It's identical to the way The Red Pill uses its own version of extreme language to beat back your deep-rooted reflex to protect women and sacrifice yourself for them. We use just enough extreme language to shake you free of that reflex so that you can recognize when people are trying to use it against you.

Problem is, instincts are impossible to fight indefinitely. In the absence of external motivators, or when under duress, we inevitably lapse into the roles that nature has selected for us. Without the Red Pill firmly in your mind, you return to being a suggestible tool for every woman with a complaint and a CashApp. And without feminism looking over their shoulders, women return to being the servile, risk-averse, co-dependent baby baskets they evolved to be.

This is why you needn't fear putting any of this into practice. Your victory is all but guaranteed. The Natural Order is on your side.

There Are No Unicorns

In TRP parlance a unicorn is a woman that comes prepackaged as the ideal woman for you. Remember how TRP keeps repeating this mantra about there being no unicorns? There's a reason for this.

Women emerge from their mothers' wombs as submissive blank slates ready to be written upon. They are not born with the knowledge of how to please you specifically any more than you were born with the knowledge of how to attract them. And while AWALT (all women are like that - e.g. hypergamous and susceptible to game), the truth is that NAMAA (not all men are alike). Men are numerous and varied, as are their desires and interests. To find a woman who is perfectly suited to YOUR desires and interests is impossible.

Unicorns are not born. They are trained.

Your responsibility as a man mastering his environment is to inspire women to want to please you, and to teach them how. This guide will show you how to do this.

Getting A Feel for It

From time to time, this guide will use vague language to describe when it is appropriate to shift between phases and strategies of game. This vague use of language is intentional: no two relationships will play out identically, and so the speed and degree of emotional investment will vary. Women will emit non-verbal signs and signals for you to interpret, and you will use these signs to judge when to transition from one state to another.

You must develop sensitivity to these signs and signals yourself by remaining alert and aware as you apply these principles in the field.

Also, make sure you are familiar with the basic principles of Bitch Management. Refer to Whisper's Cliff Notes guide, and my full Guide on Bitch Management.

The Tools: Indifference Game & Control Game

Indifference Game

We're all familiar with the concept of Indifference Game. It's the kind of game that is predominantly taught here at TRP. Indifference game focuses on aloofness and detachment in order to emphasize to a bitch that she's not so important to you that she can get away with bullshit.

Indifference Game is the tool you use to avoid becoming trapped in oneitis. It's the tool you use to keep your life pleasant and drama-free. It's the tool you use to keep control of your own life and agenda, and to avoid becoming a tool in someone else's.

Indifference Game is the tool you use to protect yourself.

Control Game

Control Game is the tool we don't spend nearly enough time discussing explicitly, which is why this guide now exists. Control Game focuses on harnessing women's natural submissive instinct to secure their obedience and faithfulness (insofar as women are capable of it). It comes into play when you've moved past the point in a relationship where you can plausibly feign indifference for a bitch.

Control Game is the tool you use to gradually train a bitch to be the ideal topping to your life's sundae.

Control Game is the tool you use to get what you want.

Applying the Types Together

An important principle to keep in mind is that Indifference and Control game are not juxtaposed to one another. They are not "opposite sides of the same coin" or any other metaphor of conceptual symmetry. They are meant to be used together. Control Game is the power drill you use to make holes, and Indifference Game is the level on the back of the drill that you use to keep your new hole parallel to the ground. Yes, you read into that metaphor correctly.

Both Indifference and Control Game will be used together, in varying degrees, to achieve your goals. How much you use of each depends on the status of your relationship with a bitch. Use both effectively to keep her parallel to the ground.

Control Game Explained

Some aspects of Control Game you are already familiar with - mostly as strategies inherited from the older seduction community. Other aspects you may only be subconsciously aware of as you've applied them in the field. And still others you might be completely unaware of, which will likely explain past failures you may have experienced. This guide will cover each of them.


A carry-over from the seduction community. Negging is the strategy of deflating a woman's overinflated self-esteem to make her more impressionable.

Our society is plagued by the Cult of Female Self-Esteem. This cult has concluded that Self-Esteem is like money - the more you have the better off you are. Take successful people as an example - they all have high self-esteem! That must mean high self-esteem leads to success!

Well, no.

Success and fame lead to self-esteem. But the inverse, self-esteem leads to success and fame, is not necessarily true. Yet this logical misstep hasn't stopped The Cult from trumpeting women's self-esteem to the skies, without for a moment considering that having lower self-confidence and feeling dependent and safe in the presence of a stronger person might actually make women happier and feel more secure.

Negging is simple. Whenever a woman makes an overt or covert demonstration of her prowess (e.g. anything from bragging about her self-started business to flaunting her cleavage with a low-cut top), you remove its significance by nonchalantly dismissing it. They key to an effective neg is delivering your demotion with an air of either playful condescension (which I have covered thoroughly in my Guide to Teasing Bitches) or bored indifference.

Now stripped of her self-awarded accolade, she must look to you as her source of esteem and validation.

Compliance Testing

Another carry-over from the seduction community. The compliance test is a method for gauging a woman's desire to have your esteem and validation.

Compliance testing begins by making small requests of a woman. "Give me your hand, I'd like to read your palm". "Pass me that [X], would you?" "Sit here, won't you? I'd like to ask you something..." as you pat the seat next to you. These are all examples of simple, low-level compliance tests to judge her willingness to follow your lead.

As a woman complies with your requests, you slowly ramp them up, making your requests ever more laborious. Eventually, they lose all superficial courtesy and become outright demands and expectations.

  • "Give me your hand, I'd like to read your palm" turns into you holding your hand out while making strong eye contact, and quietly expecting her to give you her hand.
  • "Pass me that [X]" becomes "Bring me those [Xs] from over there."
  • "Come sit over here, won't you?" becomes "Come here."

Compliance testing never truly ends. It begins with small requests and builds in the bitch's mind the understanding that you will make demands of her, and that she must comply if she wants to continue enjoying the benefit of your attention. From that foundation, it eventually becomes true obedience and a mutually-beneficial exchange of her servitude for your guidance and protection.


Boosting is a newly-coined term which I am creating for this guide. Conceptually, boosting is the opposite of negging, and it serves a similarly important function in the maintenance of a relationship.

A boost is praise, recognition, or a gesture of bonding and commitment awarded for good behaviour, or used to raise a bitch's self-esteem when it drops too low due to negging or due to her admiration and envy of you.

The correct application of negging and boosting are critical in managing the delicate seesaw of a bitch's self-esteem - the details of which are covered in the next section.

The most important aspect of Boosting is this: you should apply Boosting when she demonstrates improvement in parts of her life that you have taken an active part in training her in.

For example, if you are taking your bitch to the gym and training her how to exercise and live healthier, then you should boost her whenever she reaches a fitness milestone such as squatting a certain weight or fitting into a dress that was once too small for her. If you are training your bitch how to cook, then you should boost her when she successfully makes your favourite dish for you with minimal supervision. The aim here is to train your bitch to associate pleasing you with feelings of confidence, growth, and happiness.

Training Your Bitch

Now that we've covered the techniques, it's time to discuss how they are applied over the course of a typical relationship.

Early Relationship: Compliance Conditioning and Indifference Game

In the early stages of your interactions with a girl, you are still strangers to one another. Because of this, Indifference Game will be your opening strategy. Low investment, low overhead, and low risk, Indifference Game makes you appear relaxed, confident, and unconcerned with the outcome of your interactions with her - what we call outcome independence. In this early stage of the relationship, Control Game would come off as needy, possessive, desperate, and "creepy", so you should mostly avoid it.

HOWEVER, even during these early stages, it is important that you engage in Compliance Conditioning - that is, issuing small and incrementing requests with the expectation that the girl will obey.

Combining Indifference Game with Compliance Conditioning in this way has two strategic purposes:

  1. Indifference Game allows you to save face in the event that a girl refuses to comply with a request you have made. Did she refuse to pass you the [X]? That's fine, she's unimportant anyways. You scoff and shake your head at her rudeness, and proceed to exclude her from further interactions until she makes amends. Now she is on the defensive.
  2. The small and harmless nature of the requests allows the girl to save face. If she is especially paranoid about appearing submissive in certain company, or even to herself, she can rationalize her obedience as simple courtesy.

The incremental requests create the impression that you are a man who is accustomed to being obeyed. And the magical arbitrariness of the female mind will ensure that she slowly rationalizes her compliance as a genuine interest in you - otherwise, why else would she be doing it?

Compliance testing is a hook. If she takes the bait consistently and with the clear intent of satisfying you, then you can consider transitioning.

When to Transition

You will remain in the Early Indifference phase at least until you've had sex with the bitch and turned her into a plate. It will also last for some time into her status as a plate, but you must move to the next phase before she becomes a friend-with-benefits. How will you know the time is right? You will feel a difference in the way you interact with her - in how she responds to your demands, in how she comes to you seeking help or comfort, etc. The amount of non-sexual time you spend together will increase, and there will be some mutual concern for each others' well-being. You will use these signals to determine when to transition. This is where Indifference Game takes a back-seat to Control Game - based on your past actions of caring about her life and behaviour, you are now too invested to plausibly feign indifference.

If a bitch begins to respond to your Indifference Game by becoming depressed, distant, disinterested, or disrespectful, then it means you have carried your indifference too far when you should have been applying control. She can detect the disparity between your feigned indifference and the amount of time and emotion you've actually invested in her. She is interpreting your lack of control not as indifference, but as cowardice and a reluctance to lead her. Pay attention to the above-mentioned signals and avoid straying into this territory, because it is nearly impossible to recover from.

Also note: If the bitch hasn't earned the right to advance to becoming a friend-with-benefits, then you can stop right here. Remember, commitment isn't an inevitable result of her spending time with you. She must EARN your commitment, as per the Bitch Management Guide. Only transition from Indifference to Control when you decide she has earned the right to have more of your attention.

Mid-Relationship and Beyond: Self-Esteem Management

At this point, you will have greater control over your bitch. You will issue instructions, and she will follow them. The game now consists of managing her self-esteem via Operant conditioning. You will use rewards and punishments to fine-tune her obedience and behaviour to suit your individual preference, but you must keep her self-esteem inside the "Sweet Spot". Too high and she will feel equal to or better than you - too low and she won't feel good enough for you. Both pose a risk of her ejecting from the relationship to preserve her ego and her life.

Inflated High Self-Esteem

We are all familiar with the risks of inflated high self-esteem in women. It results in bitchy, competitive, confrontational, unfeminine behaviours which are repulsive. When a woman gains so much confidence that she believes herself to be above the man who ostensibly protects and provides for her, she will disrespect him, oftentimes in public via shit tests.

A bitch's confidence will typically become overinflated in this way if you don't spend enough time actively teaching and influencing her. Use negs and demonstrations of your trained superiority to chip away at her defences.

Caveat: DO NOT punish a girl for expressing confidence in something that you taught her how to do. Remember, you want to reinforce her positive experience of obeying you. If a girl expresses growing confidence due to your involvement in her life, reward her with small bonding gestures. You only want to discourage over-inflated self-esteem derived from external sources (such as her friends, her social media, movies/television, etc). If she expresses over-confidence in something you taught her to do, a small neg (something indicating your continuing superiority over her in the subject) is appropriate.

Low Self-Esteem

There will be times in your relationship when your girl seems withdrawn and sad. If you get her talking about her feelings (which is never hard) she may admit that she doesn't feel like she deserves you, that she feels like she is holding you back, and/or that she is scared that you might leave her because she isn't good enough. This state of mind is the inevitable product of negging on your part combined with her observing (and envying) your well-honed skills and talents. When negging and being naturally awesome causes her to teeter too far in the direction of low self-esteem, it is time to boost her up a bit so she doesn't check out of the relationship entirely.

"But HSP, don't we want girls to be will-less, impressionable human waste with no thoughts, faculties, and desires of their own?"

Absolutely not. For two main reasons:

  1. A woman without at least some esteem for herself is a woman incapable of independent thought or creativity. She cannot make judgments of her own or anticipate your desires. She cannot surprise you in ways that will make your relationship with her a delight. In other words, she will not be able to function without your direct and constant oversight.
  2. Beyond a certain threshold of low self-esteem, women will eject from a relationship with you out of fear. Women are so terrified of the prospect of being abandoned that they would rather leave the relationship themselves (and thereby maintain some level of control) than leave themselves vulnerable to be deserted unexpectedly.

Apply boosting as rewards to reinforce desired behaviour, and to prevent your girl from ejecting from the relationship our of fear of abandonment.

Your Continued Responsibility

All of the applied theory in the previous sections is just window dressing if you don't actively work to keep yourself strong and driven. You must constantly be seeking new challenges, learning new skills, developing new allegiances, and gaining ever more value so that you always remain the clearly superior option. Never settle, never slump into complacency. Remember, if you aren't growing, then you are stagnating.

Always Be Ready to Go Thermonuclear

If at any point in your interactions with a bitch the system begins to breakdown and her obedience or investment wane, you must be willing to cast her off without hesitation and move on with your life. Indifference Game comes back into play to protect you when your Control has failed. Identify where you failed to maintain control and take it as a lesson for improving current or future relationships.


Before I tie off this guide, it's necessary that I address a couple of important disclaimers regarding the application of these techniques.

Use These Techniques on ALL Bitches

I know that all you newbies are going to take this guide and immediately try and use it on your oneitis.

Those of you who have a little more experience might try using it only on girls with LTR potential.

Both of you are wrong.

Barring a few extreme exceptions (such as female bosses), you should be applying these techniques on every woman you meet. Every obedient bitch in your social circle improves your quality of life, and being surrounded by obedient bitches is unfakeably authentic advertising of your social dominance. There's no reason not to.

Not All Bitches Will Be Worthy

This is a guide on how to train bitches to be obedient. This is NOT a guide on giving every bitch you meet a guaranteed path to your validation and attention.

If you've read the Bitch Management Hierarchy like you were supposed to, then you know that earning investment is a bitch's job.

A girl must give you her time and effort first, and then she can have your time and effort in return. Always safeguard your valuable time - never give a bitch more of it than she has earned.

Beware of Nosy Interventionists

While male leadership may be the Natural Order, we've all seen what happens when ugly truths rear their heads to ugly people. Liberal-minded, cunt-soggy feminist apologists will twist themselves inside out when confronted by functioning examples of the Natural Order, and their socialist tendencies will drive them to try and intervene in relationships that aren't any of their business. They all want to be the liberating heroes in the stories they tell about themselves on Twit-Book.

Part of training your bitch is preparing her to be confronted by nosy interlopers. Reassure her that your relationship is your private business and no one else's, and be prepared to confront someone in the event that they try to take it upon themselves to "rescue" your woman.

If you're still in the early stages of learning these techniques, you can avoid confrontations by simply dialing back the demands you make of your bitch in mixed company, or by smoothing them off with harmless courtesies like "please". However, over time you MUST become willing to diffuse confrontations. Your woman is your territory, and a man who cannot defend his territory is weak.


So, what have we learned about Bitch Training from this guide?

  1. Bitches are born to obey. Proceed with confidence.
  2. Training a bitch involves rewarding obedience with bonding and validation, and punishing defiance, masculine behaviours, and other unattractive traits with indifference and emotional distancing.
  3. Building a relationship with a bitch begins with making incremental demands and rewarding her for meeting those demands, thereby easing her into her natural role.
  4. Sustaining a relationship with a bitch requires balancing the seesaw of her self-confidence.

Armed with all this knowledge, you are now ready to venture out into the field and apply it... and apply it you must. No one ever became an expert in anything by jerking off in an armchair - except armchair jerking.

Now get out there and start distributing biscuits for good behaviour.

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Comment by TheWhiteRaven on 11/05/20 10:30pm

Good read. Women enjoy being controlled

Comment by Asiknowit on 12/31/19 01:02am

Never give a female control - they all want control , so always let them know your the controller - once they take control , they abuse their power and abuse you -

Comment by Phil_i_am on 07/03/19 09:47pm

Just refreshing...

Comment by soviet on 11/26/18 08:06pm

Very good, strategies aren't often discussed as opposed to tactics. Thanks.

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Great work

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pinning it

Comment by buttgoogler on 10/13/18 03:18pm

@donescannedlt I feel like while "validating" is more of a passive behaviour, "boosting" is the opposite.

Comment by StrifePrevails on 10/13/18 02:28pm

Thanks for this. I noticed that I'm a bit too dominant in the early phase and go straight to the demand and expectation stage of compliance testing. It works just about as much as it fails (though the girls it works on are an almost guaranteed lay) but it seems like I'm unnecessarily shooting myself in the foot

Comment by MelbourneRed on 10/13/18 02:26am

Great piece. Hans-Hermann Hoppe would approve.

Comment by DoneScannedIt on 10/13/18 02:10am

Please compare "boosting" to "validating". Are they the same or different?

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This is great. Thanks. Typo: Dupe text: the power drill you use to make holesthe power drill you use to make holes,