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"It is better to be audacious than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly. She is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her."
-Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Hello and welcome to the machiavellian times. We hope you enjoy your stay.

-the machiavellian news-

"Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you truly are."

-Niccolò Machiavelli, The Art of War



-the machiavellian headlines-

"The reason is that nature has so created men that they are able to desire everything but are not able to attain everything: so that the desire being always greater than the acquisition, there results discontent with the possession and little satisfaction to themselves from it. From this arises the changes in their fortunes; for as men desire, some to have more, some in fear of losing their acquisition, there ensues enmity and war."

-Niccolò Machiavelli, Discourses on Livy


"In The Minds of Women"
Published 09/24/15 by OmLaLa [0 Comments]

TL;DR- This will be a two-part guide: the first part will help you better understand the actions, mindset, habits, fears, strengths and weaknesses of women. The second part will explain how to use this new-found knowledge to your benefit.


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” –Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The fight for sex/validation is a game in which women are our opponent. Just like with any opponent, by completely learning and understanding their strengths, weaknesses and habits, one learns what characteristics can be exploited, how to exploit those characteristics, to what degree and to what outcome.

This guide aims to identify these characteristics in all women beyond those explained in basic TRP theology. The first topic we’ll cover is the mindset and thought processes of women.

Section A: Mind

There is little logic required to influence the thoughts of women. Women base their thought processes solely on 2 factors: how they feel about something (emotions) and how they feel about something right there and then(perception).

1. Mental Activity

The emotional and short-term perceptional basis of a woman’s thought process often contradict one another in seemingly irrational ways:

Brenda loves the taste and smell of vanilla ice cream (logic), but because Jenny from accounting called her a fat cow last Wednesday while she at vanilla ice cream during her lunch break, she may associate her negative FEELINGS towards Jenny to her overall PERCEPTION of vanilla ice cream. This’ll lead to her blaming the consumption of vanilla ice cream to Jenny’s comment, not her lack of calorie moderation.

Now until something positively influences her perception of vanilla ice cream, she will continue to feel negatively towards ice cream as the cause of her weight gain and the cause of bitch Jenny’s remark.

This is the framework behind “hamstering”.

2. Feelings

Women don’t get caught up in the why behind something that makes them happy, more-so the access to the feeling itself i.e. the what, when,how much and how often.

Women are lost in the constant pursuit of “feel-good” emotions due to their short-term, ever-changing thought processes: happiness, security, curiosity, lust, intrigue, complacency, etc.

This "pursuit of happiness" also succumbs to the ever-changing nature of a woman's perspective and beliefs.

Brenda's vanilla ice cream may have made her happy earlier today, but because of Jenny’s rude comment on her ever-growing second chin, she’ll hate vanilla ice cream tomorrow.

This causes her to constantly feel the need to seek out multiple “feel-good” stimuli and keep close secondary fail-safe “feel-good” stimuli as a countermeasure.

Women don’t plan out long-term supplies of these feel-good emotions like men would due to their “in-the-moment”, constantly-shifting perspectives, and as such, are always looking for the next best thing in case one of her current “feel-good” stimuli fails.

This is the framework behind “hypergamy”.

3. Perception

As I’ve explained above, women don’t plan for long-term “feel-good” stimuli due to the risks of being left with no stimuli in the short-term and the chance that the long-term stimuli will disappear before reaching its full potential.

Because of this, women do not care about a “potential” or "likely" benefit to them nor do they care about stimuli operating outside of their personal perspective (i.e. grasp).

They only care about things and people that will provide them “feel-good stimuli in the short-term which operate within a close proximity to them (i.e. ease of access).

This is also the framework behind hypergamy.

This is why women don’t care about your job as a Senior Technical Engineer in and of itself because the literal actions you take while working that job do not provide them with any sort of feel-good stimulus. It’s the RESULTS from working your job –the security of a house, the happiness brought on by items bought using your paycheck- that truly provides these feelings for them.

This is also why women cannot “love” unconditionally; while a man can love a woman for what she does, a woman loves a man for what he provides in the short-term. The phrase “I love you” coming from a woman honestly translates into “I love how you make me feel at this particular point in time through the "feel-good stimuli you are providing me”.

That’s not to say she isn’t impressed with your ability to work that job, but because she has little to no understanding of the complexity of that job and learning about said complexity does not provide her with the “feel-good” sensation she requires, she deems it as unimportant. It exists outside of her perspective.

4. Relationships with Men

The desire for relationships from the mindset of women stem from her recognition of a man as an established provision of multiple long-term “feel-good” stimuli (not on the potential for said provision as women don’t care about potentiality).

NOTE: This mindset explains why lesbian relationships can effectively exist; the woman is being provided multiple "feel-good" stimuli from one person over a long-period of time and her sexually-based stimuli are effectively being taken care of to the degree required by her individual necessity.

In short, women are drawn to men (or other women) that make them feel good in the moment AND men they've determined can make them feel good for a long time. This goes for plate-spinners, natural alphas, RP alphas and betas alike, with the only difference being the stimuli each provides.

An alpha’s determined provision is sex, passion, intrigue and lust (visceral, reptilian). The beta’s determined provision is security, comfort, and validation (support).

From this perceptive, a woman's “unicorn” is a man who can provide all stimuli they require at once (provide sex and intrigue and provide security and validation) all while providing said stimuli at the same level consistently for a long period of time.

It’s their belief in this “Prince Charming” and their limited foresight when obtaining “feel-good” stimuli that leads many women to marry once-Alpha men with the belief that she’s “feel” this way for him forever or why women pursue “bad boys” with the intention of “fixing them up”.

Women are constantly trying to build their unicorns;they like how they feel in the moment with these men and they want that FEELING to last forever.

Ever hear a woman utter the phrase "I want this moment to last forever" in a RomCom? This is the moment they’re referring to.

The problem with the woman's understanding of her Prince Charming lies the limitation of having just one provision.

Having only one “feel-good” stimuli, no matter how powerful a stimuli it is, runs counter to the very nature of a woman's nature (requiring “feel-good” at any moment and requiring multiple “feel-goods” as insurance).

5. Insurance

Let’s assume Prince Charming exists. He’s everything a woman could ever ask for: handsome, smart, funny, validating, comforting, reassuring, the whole nine yards.

She will cheat or be tempted to cheat.


Reason 1: "He’s too good for her." Her need for a “feel-good” back-up plan still exists. Because Prince Charming andproducts deriving from Prince Charming (i.e. things connected to his paycheck or his social influence) are her only source of “feel-good” stimuli, she’ll undoubtedly acquire a fallback or “fail-safe” guy (preferably in a similar albeit lower position than Prince Charming, otherwise she'd leave Prince Charming) to rely on should Prince Charming find himself a better suited woman.

Why does she do this?

Because she can.

With a vast supply of men to choose from, it’s easy for her to pick out not only the best male she possibly can but also his runner-ups as well.

NOTE: These runner-ups are not necessarily beta. A second-tier alpha is simply a man she’s determined to have her required characteristics for an good alpha, but an alpha she’s determined to be lower-tier compared to the alpha she’s currently with.

Reason 2: "There’s only one of him." As great as Prince Charming is, he’s still only one guy with his own life, goals and destinations. He can only be around her but for so long and his influences only reach but so far. On top of this, her needs and desires for a "feel-good" stimuli are in the moment and must be considered at all times.

Let’s say she visits a foreign land for 2 weeks and becomes horny. Let’s also say she encounters a handsome Foreign Prince who meets all of her qualifications for being an alpha. Because her focus is limited to the moment and the "good feeling" that moment is providing her, she’s likely to succumb to said feelings.

This is commonly why women explain their infidelity with “I needed you but you weren’t there!” She’s right to a degree;she cheated because her mind required that specific “feel-good” stimuli (sex, intrigue, lust) and due to the limitation of the man’s presence, influence or due to a lack in the over-all CURRENT quality of the stimuli, she went to seek it out elsewhere.

Because of how their minds are constructed, women don’t see sex with another man as infidelity. If they did, they’d also see going to X restaurant instead of Y restaurant due to Y restaurant distance or rundown state as an act of infidelity as well.

Women only see long-term utilization of another man's "feel-good" stimuli as cheating. That is why women weigh emotional infidelity higher than sexual infidelity in general.

Think of it like a cellphone tower. The signal that tower gives off are only beneficial to you so long as your cellphone gets reception. Anywhere outside of that range, you’ll require another means of communication to connect with your friends. In this instance, you may “cheat” on your cellphone tower by using someone else’s phone out of the necessity of your current situation. Yet when you've returned home and you’re back within range of your tower, you continue with your phone as if it never happened. This is the mindset of a woman regarding infidelity.

Note: This also explains the "guilt" a woman feels after infidelity; she doesn't feel bad about what she's done, she's mourning the sudden lost of multiple "feel-good" stimuli she'd once been given by her bf/husband. She also feels anger towards the bf/husband as he is the one who has separated her from said stimuli (remember, she sees no fault in infidelity, only the repercussions of being caught).

This in turn alters her perception of him from wonderful alpha/beta to "the horrible person who made her feel bad and separated her from happiness", regardless of whatever they've had in the past.

Reason 3: "He was mean to her last Tuesday." As described by the vanilla ice cream example, a woman’s perspective is constantly changing and updating. Although Prince Charming himself hasn’t changed, her feelings and beliefs about him have.

Because a woman is always “in the moment”, her perception of Prince Charming will solely be based upon her feelings towards him the last time she saw him and NOT a collective summary of all their times together, as this would be a very logically-based conclusion.

As such, let’s suppose Prince Charming and this woman get into a heated argument that made her feel terrible. Then, her Prince Charming leaves for a 2-week vacation to cool off without rectifying her negative emotions. Now she is left alone and in desperate need of some –if not all- her “feel-good” stimuli requirements met, yet all of her resources have walked out the door with Prince Charming.

As specified, all women have a back-up plan, and hers is Prince Savy. Remember that a woman’s beliefs stem from her perceptive and not logical facts, so regardless of all that Prince Charming has provided her in the past, at this very moment she feels hatred and disgust at the thought of him, believing him to be a terrible man for making her feel this way.

She was left with needs to be met and Prince Savy happily obliges.

6. Real World Example

Here is a good example of a woman's perception of someone being altered (received this morning/afternoon).

Let's review what her actions, her text messages and her time of texting have to say about her current perceptions and determine how they can be manipulated for benefit.

a. Context

Last night I met up with this woman I'd met on OKC whom we'll refer to as Q.

Pre-sex, I asked Q if she had to rate her sex drive between 1 and 10, what would it be? She happily replied "10". Post-sex, Q admitted that my sex drive was more likely a 10 and hers was more of an 8. She confessed that 10-level sex drives were rare and that she was having trouble keeping up.

I replied with, "I know a lot of people with 10-level sex drives."

b. What she thought

It's obvious from Q's text message that she believed me to imply, "I know a lot of attractive women with 10-level sex drives and you're not one of them" and her perception of me has changed from ordinary alpha to "player" (this was also hinted at from her reaction when I told her she wasn't the first woman I'd met up with off dating sites).

Truth is, I was actually referring to some friends of mine when I made the comment, focusing on the "rarity of 10-level sex drives" she'd mentioned.

But I won't be correcting her just yet.

c. What she's thinking now

By not responding, she feels as though she's correct in her assessment and as such feels replaced. She has been told that her once-secured resource of sexual "feel-good" stimuli could be lost to another, better woman. Although her anger iscaused by her lower sex drive when compared to her perceived competition, she has perceived me to be the root cause of her "bad feelings" and ultimate the bad guy of this scenario.

d. What she will think

She may seek out other men for short-term fixes to fill in the void I've left as her "feel-good" stimuli resource. I could care less about that.

Because she perceives me as a high-SMV male and possibly the only high-SMV male within her current perception (range/access), she will soon realize the men she's supplementing my absence with cannot provide her the same level of stimuli (or she's just find a better/equal alpha). She'll then reach out and try to rectify the situation; not because she's admitting fault, but because she requires the level of stimuli I provide.

This is how Alpha Widows are born.

I'll then reveal the miscommunication, she'll laugh it off and we'll resume having sex like nothing happened. She'll put forth additional effort on her part during sex to help alleviate her fears of losing me as a stimuli resource. I'll reap the reward of said efforts.


As predicted, Q reached out after a radio silence of 12 hours. She has now shifted her prespective of me from the a manipulative "player" only out to hurt her back to one of me as a strong "feel-good" stimuli.

Note that she now specifies that she "enjoyed my company" and that the "irrelevant BS" is a separate entity from me. Because she doesn't want to lose me as a stimuli resource, she's concluded that the offensive statement I made was the cause of her "bad feelings" and not me. This is a big step.

NOTE: If I had tried to explain prior to this point what I really intended, Q would have read such an act as one set on by guilt, similar to how a child rationalizes his bad decisions immediately after being caught.

I don't respond to this message for another 12 hours, telling her the real reason for my remark. Here'swhat follows.

Have you noticed how she continues as if the incident neverhappened? She's back within range of her cellphone tower because she enjoys the strong signal it gives.

And to the benefit of the cellphone tower, it can give its signal to multiple phones at once. Think of the relationship between men and women as symbiotic in that regard.

LL- To combat and succeed against women, first you must understand that the thoughts, mindsets, beliefs and rationalization behind their actions are based upon values very different from ours, an oversight many of us tend to make. A woman’s understanding of the world is thoroughly subjective as it is purely based around her own focal point: her interactions within the world, experiences in the moment and her interpretation/internalization of the information the world puts in front of her.

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-about the machiavellian-

I am RP Machiavellianism in its purest form with a touch of Sociopathy and Charm sprinkled in then baked at roughly 450 degrees for 45 minutes. I am OmLala.

The RP Machiavellian dissects the "butterfly" in order to view his world in the purest & most objective fashion possible. But in seeing the world so objectively, you rob it of a beauty only possible through ignorance and subjectivity.

That is Machiavellianism in a nutshell; everyone and everything is a butterfly to either be dissected and studied or benefited from. Most interpersonal relationships with butterflies is through the pursuit of one's own ends. Superficiality is attached to most interpersonal relationships, feigning compassion or remorse, all while displaying a facade where the thoughts and opinions of butterflies matter.

But they don't.

The mindset and perceptions of butterflies can never match that of an individual; what a butterfly fears, holds dear, considers important are petty in the eyes of the individual.


for more insight, Skype with OmLaLa the Machiavellian under username omlala2015.

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"God and nature have thrown all human fortunes into the midst of mankind; and they are thus attainable rather by rapine than by industry, by wicked actions rather than by good. Hence it is that men feed upon each other, and those who cannot defend themselves must be worried."

-Niccolò Machiavelli, The Art of War