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"It is better to be audacious than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly. She is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her."
-Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Hello and welcome to the machiavellian times. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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"Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you truly are."

-Niccolò Machiavelli, The Art of War



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"The reason is that nature has so created men that they are able to desire everything but are not able to attain everything: so that the desire being always greater than the acquisition, there results discontent with the possession and little satisfaction to themselves from it. From this arises the changes in their fortunes; for as men desire, some to have more, some in fear of losing their acquisition, there ensues enmity and war."

-Niccolò Machiavelli, Discourses on Livy


"On How Women Listen"
Published 10/01/15 by OmLaLa [0 Comments]

Let’s assume you have a dog named Fido.

Fido, being a dog, has limitations to what he’s able to comprehend.

These limitations are results of Fido’s lower level of perception and he must be communicated with this in mind.

You may talk to Fido about how you hate doing taxes or how rough your day at work was at the accounting firm because talking to him, getting all that stress off your chest makes you feel better about your situation.

But Fido’s level of perception does not encompass taxes or accounting. He lacks a frame of reference.

He can, however, sense your mood using contextual clues; he uses on your levels of intonation, changes in your body language, facial expressions, etc. To discern how you're feeling.

From this, he can tell that you’re sad about something and whimpers in condolence.

Fido compensates his lack of communicatory perception through his ability to covertly read non-verbal, contextual cues your body –in most cases subconsciously- creates.

Comparably, women do the same.

While women do not perceive their world in the overt, informationally based way like you and I, they’ve supplemented this lack of factual perspicacity with a covert, emotionally and non-verbally based acumen.

In short, women judge their peers’ intentions, SMV, personality and character by watching for non-verbal, subtle cues one subconsciously gives off as opposed to reading and reciting raw information in the manner men do.

And so, in today’s article will go in-depth…

“On How Women Listen”

“Others hide from being real by filling the air with words; the more words they throw out, the less actual communication happens and they are left with only an illusion of connection. This is the intimacy they so ardently seek but with these coping skills find so elusive.” ? David W. Earle

“Neither sex is wrong in their communication; both sexes need to learn how to understand each other.” ? Pamela Cummins

Let’s use an example to better explain the differences in male - female communication.

You’re sitting on a couch with a beautiful girl named Lynn. Earlier, she told you she loves engineers and fast cars, and as luck would have it, you’re an engineer who drives a Ferrari.

So you begin to tell her all about your job working for some automotive plant, how much you make, what your job entails on a daily bases, how you came about getting the Ferrari, the technical aspects that makes it go as fast as it does…

And yet after you’ve finished speaking you notice Lynn’s mood has completely changed.

She seems… “distant”. Unreceptive. It’s almost hot and cold compared to how she was before. She’s cold, short in her responses. She doesn’t look in your direction. She almost seems bored to be around you. She inches towards the other end of the couch. She points her feet away from you. She crosses her arms. She sighs often.

You think, “well maybe she didn’t understand what I meant.” I mean, she did say she liked engineers and fast cars, right?

So you begin again and go into even more detail. And yet again she becomes cold.

And then, without you consciously realizing it, the entire encounter falls apart:

You turn your feet towards her. You start talking with your hands. You grin as you talk. You try desperately to make and hold eye contact. Your voice varies. You fill the silence with more words. Laugh when you’re uncomfortable or things become awkward. You make sharp motions with your head and limbs. You fidget. Your eyes glow with happiness in being in her presence.

You crack a joke and laugh after she laughs. When she’s distant, you pull your limbs in closer to your body. You use too much kino, randomly, without reciprocation. You stumble over your words occasionally. You stutter. You mumble. You inch closer to her.

You use passive aggression as an attempt to seem harsh yet cool, like in those movies. Your phone goes off and you stiffen up like a red-handed criminal. You punctuate or fill the silence with “Uhhh” or "Ummm”. You match her emotions, she’s happy your happy, she’s sad your sad. You ask a bunch of personal questions, just question after question and all about her. Whats your favorite mivie? Your favorite color? Your hobbies?

You like to imply things without outright saying them. "I want to fuck you” in your head becomes “Maybe we should go back to my bedroom and "talk" some more lol” out of your mouth.

While she may or may not understand the technical jargon you’ve buried her in, that’s not what she’s been listening for this entire time.

Instead, she’s been watching and your body language, justas I’ve listed above.

And from those, she’s in creating a "character bio" for you and deciding whether or not you’re among the Unworthy, Beta, Alpha or Unattainable (see “The RP Guide to Defeating the Enemy: Attraction”).

For the sake of simplicity, the sum of all these minute judgements falls down to one important conclusion she eventually aim to reach: the level of your investment.

And why is that so important to her?

Your level of investment is a rather accurate representation of other womens’ collective perception of your SMV, which she'll use this a a basis to gauge her own perceptions.

Now, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll categorize these levels of investment into two groups: an under-invested man and an over-invested man.

They are defined as such:

The under-invested man shows disinterest in any one woman as he has multiple women in tow. This, in turn, means that multiple women desire him, or implies that enough women desire him that he is sexually content, and thus must be worth her attention.

His under-invested state implies pre-selection without the need of actual, physical proof.

The over-invested man shows his interest in her in abundance, making it clear to her that his sexual encounters are few and far between. He may use sexual regalings in an attempt to convince her of his sexual prowess, though his body language and level investment prove counter; surely a man who gets as laid as he says won’t feel the need to harp about in an attempt to sleep with her?

As such, this man is clearly unsatisfied and the woman wonders for why. In light for is undesirability amongst other women, she too shies away.

Allow me to explain this further with another example.

If you saw two identical rings and I told you one was worth more, how would you discern their worth?

Let’s say Ring A and Ring B sat behind a glass display in a shop downtown and 100 customers stopped in, all looking for a ring.

Let’s also say that 78 customers looked at Ring A and 22 looked at Ring B.

From there, although not necessarily true, you could predict that Ring A is worth more. The pre-selection from the other customers lead you to conclude the value of Ring A is higher.

Okay now let’s take this a bit further.

Let’s say rings are all the rage this season, and you constantly hear people talking about them.

From those conversations, you discern that 80% of the time people mention Ring A while Ring B is only mentioned 5% of the time.

High demand usually creates or stems from a high value to the user, and if 80% of the people around you speak highly of Ring A, you could assume Ring A is worth more. Although you haven’t witnessed the pre-selection firsthand, the implication of pre-selection lead you to conclude Ring A is valued higher.

Both of these examples illustrate just how pre-selection works within this context; while the actual value of the rings was unascertainable, using the context provided by your peers, you were able to conclude which ring was worth more.

Sure people wouldn’t clamour over something of low value, as collectively people’s varying ranges of value average out.

Demand increases value which in turn increases demand. This is the basis of pre-selection, which leads to abundance mentality, which lets to under-investment, which leads to increased demand, etc.

For the sake of novelty, we’ll call this theory the “Red Spiral”; the “contentness” derived from sexual abundance in turn fuels the sexual interest and intrigue of other women.

…but what of the over-invested men?

Folliwing our previius example, let’s say the company producing Ring B noticed Ring B's lack of demand and decides to incorporate a discount sale in order to generate more sales.

But this is a mistake; the value of Ring B was already low, and by lowering its value more, consumers will believe something might be faulty or that Ring B is a counterfeit of Ring A.

The market for Ring B is now limited to those who can’t afford Ring A, those begrudgingly accept Ring B as “the runner-up” or "the next best thing".

The folly involved is this:

Low demand will lead to lowered value, which then leads to market skepticism, followed by lower demand. This is the basis of desperation, which leads to over-investment followed by skepticism, which leads to scarce mentality, which leads to lack of sexual interactions, which leads to decreased demand.

We’ll consider this theory the ”Blue Spiral”; The desperation from a lack of sexual interactions prevents future interactions and further fuels the sexual desperation.

But why then do women bother with gauging investment over raw evidence when decerning one's SMV?

We’ll use one last example.

Let’s say you’ve taken up online dating in Saudi Arabia and every woman you come across wore a hijab (one of those sheet covering their entire body).

You wouldn't know what you were dealing with, what she looked like, etc. until you actually got to the bedroom. Hell, some of them could be guys!

So you might meet them for coffee first to get a chance to check for curves under their sheets or a casual slip revealing some details of what's underneath.

You study her frame.

Quite literally, in fact. But the premise is still valid.

This is what women are doing through shit tests; by reading your body language, they are checking your "sheet" for curves they like, possibly catching a glimpse of who you really are underneath all that fabric.

Attractiveness/Physique is only half of the equation for women. You’ll need strong frame as well, which isn't inherently apparent like physicality is for men. The more she likes from what she sees underneath that sheet, the more likely she is to fuck you.

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-about the machiavellian-

I am RP Machiavellianism in its purest form with a touch of Sociopathy and Charm sprinkled in then baked at roughly 450 degrees for 45 minutes. I am OmLala.

The RP Machiavellian dissects the "butterfly" in order to view his world in the purest & most objective fashion possible. But in seeing the world so objectively, you rob it of a beauty only possible through ignorance and subjectivity.

That is Machiavellianism in a nutshell; everyone and everything is a butterfly to either be dissected and studied or benefited from. Most interpersonal relationships with butterflies is through the pursuit of one's own ends. Superficiality is attached to most interpersonal relationships, feigning compassion or remorse, all while displaying a facade where the thoughts and opinions of butterflies matter.

But they don't.

The mindset and perceptions of butterflies can never match that of an individual; what a butterfly fears, holds dear, considers important are petty in the eyes of the individual.


for more insight, Skype with OmLaLa the Machiavellian under username omlala2015.

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"God and nature have thrown all human fortunes into the midst of mankind; and they are thus attainable rather by rapine than by industry, by wicked actions rather than by good. Hence it is that men feed upon each other, and those who cannot defend themselves must be worried."

-Niccolò Machiavelli, The Art of War