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The Red Soldier
Published 06/12/19 by RedPillLegion [0 Comments]

There is a massive need for more real men in our world.

The Red Pill has given all of us an opportunity to dramatically change our lives.

The knowledge gained from this discipline can catapult your life to new heights.

With proper planning, an honest work ethic, and a tribe of red pill aware men you'll be pulled to even greater heights in life.

I have read the material, but have not mastered it. This account was created in my humble attempt to read, discuss and write about the material found throughout the Manosphere.

There is no better time than now to swallow the red pill.

This is a call to arms. An opportunity to find meaning and purpose in your meager life. Join me on this journey.

You can find me on Twitter @RedPillLegion.

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