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The Awakening
Published 03/27/16 by GimmeTheUsual [0 Comments]

Things used to be simple before you landed here.

You got up, went to work, and at the end of a long day headed home. Sometimes there would be a woman waiting for you, most times it was a semi-organized living space punctuated by takeout containers and hastily signed credit receipts. Near the end of the week, you'd be making plans to get closer to that hot brunette you've had your eye on. Or was she blonde? Who cares, she had a great body and you've been thinking about the many ways you'd express your appreciation once you got past the "Invisible Bitch Forcefield" that seemed to snap up every time you moved in for the kill.

Things were, for a lack of a better phrase, pretty damn good.

Then, inexorably, something happened. The details aren't important, just the force of the emotional blow and the subsequent shattering of everything you ever knew cascading down at your feet like so much swirling snow. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Wait a second, you mean all women do these things? The fog of disbelief running counter to the dark currents already swirling in your mind. Implications and hints coalescing into the all-too-plausible scenario of some eager horndog plowing your girl six ways from Sunday, while you were blissfully unaware.

You step back, looking at the shards that have cut your hands, not quite feeling the blood welling up and dripping slowly on to the ground. She betrayed you. Not only betrayed, but took gleeful joy in destroying your life. Like a child pulling wings off of an insect, you were the latest ruined carcass and you didn't even know it until it was way too late.

This is known as the turning point.

Sitting in front of the computer, punching in terms more like an electronic confessional - "FUCKING BITCHES", "HOW TO FUCKING FUCK SOMEONE OVER", "FUCK THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT" your capslocking-search unearths an oasis of truth. You've stumbled upon the archive of knowledge you wish you'd had. The guide that would've let you know exactly what was going on. Decoding the nonsense-words of women, the true emotional subcarrier context, all of it -- it would have saved you much grief, but you wouldn't be the man you are today without it.

You start reading, and realize - this is it. This is truly how to become my own man.

Welcome to The Red Pill.

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