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The Parables of The Sower
TRP has an End Game
Published 10/22/20 by Whisper [5 Comments]

What is TRP’s endgame?

This has been asked in a variety of ways, from the hostile “You can’t just bang club sluts forever!” to the genuinely in search of guidance “This all just feels empty after a while…”.

To have an end game, you need an idea of what “winning” looks like. For that, we have to go beyond “getting laid”, which may have been as far as we ever considered at the beginning…. But we can turn to the words of RPS:

Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

A culture increasingly lacking in a positive identity for men.

And there it is. You’re going to want different things at 50 than you do at 25. But what you are always going to want is a positive masculine identity, and, less vaguely, you’re going to want to live your life immune to the effects of the anti-male society you were born into.

TRP’s endgame is to live a life according to your natural and healthy needs and wants, unaffected by an indifferent or hostile culture.

So, as your wants change throughout your life, you’re going to need to have a plan to get them without being blocked by the feminist, communist, intersectional, non-binary, internationalist, gluten-free vegan nonsense out there, and that plan is not going to be “change society”, because, viscerally satisfying as it is to watch lefties cry, change happens slowly and even if the tide does turn, you are going to spend the majority of your life sharing the earth with Upside Down Clown World.

But this does not mean that you are doomed.

Society was never a machine designed to support you. It’s just a pile of stuff that’s lying about as a result of other people trying to support themselves. And if you have power over where you go, and what you do, then you can pick and choose from that pile.

In other words, if you can’t control THE universe, control YOUR universe. You are going to create a micro-climate of healthy society around yourself, and place a comfortable popcorn-eating distance between you and Upside Down Clown World.

You are going to need things like:

  • Financial freedom. This doesn’t necessarily mean the greatest amount of money… high earners are often beholden to customer opinion, fads, or an existing power structure. It does mean a reliable way to support yourself that is insulated from social fads, cancel culture, or political instability.
  • A social network that won’t turn on you. No one is so independent that he doesn’t need friends. This doesn’t just mean people you hang out with… it means a few people you can call at o’dark-thirty if you need to get rid of a dead hooker. (Hypothetically speaking. Don’t listen to anything u/humansockpuppet tells you if he’s drunk.)
  • A reliable way to find new sexual partners and/or a relationship where you are the explicit and undisputed master, and she gets her ethos, morals, and values from you, not television or the other girls. Women are always slaves to something. Make sure your woman’s master is you.
  • A home that you own, in a place that won’t be mob-adjacent if things go really wrong. You don’t need to live in rural Montana, but you’re going to want to own someplace you can go if Chicago catches fire.
  • A stockpile of resources for surviving various types of turmoil. This includes many different things for many different dangers, from a portfolio of diversified investments, to a supply of non-perishable food and a rifle with plenty of ammo, in case things get really bad.
  • A sense of who you are and what makes you happy that you can’t be cut off from by strangers. Social media is useful, but it isn’t a substitute for life.
  • Good physical health. Start taking care of yourself NOW, before you start feeling the effects of age. Lift, eat healthy food, don’t use too much alcohol or party drugs, sleep as if it were your job, get comprehensive blood tests every year.

That’s a long list. It may take you decades to accumulate. But remember that this isn’t just about surviving economic crashes and commie riots.

It’s about spending as much of your life as you can surrounded by people and stuff that support you, and as little as possible interacting with clowns, haters, time-wasters, and idiots who live like insects in dirty concrete hives.

Each element of this list could be the subject of an entire book, and the list is there just to give you ideas… so, like everything else in TRP, you’re going to have to use your own head, instead of just following instructions.

Assuming you’re not a sperg, and can read between the lines instead of quibbling about stuff on a list, you’re probably starting to see how TRP doesn’t end with mastery of slinging dick. You can be 23 years old and laying pipe to a rotating succession of Victoria’s Secret models, but if you’re living in NYC, don’t even own a gun, and are riding the subway every day to work retail with a bunch of people who you hate, that would fire you if they had an inkling that you voted for Trump… well, then you have more work to do before you’re 35 or so, work that has nothing to do with more pussy and everything to do with more control over your own life.

Pussy is important. But it’s a satiable need. After a certain amount per week, you’re going to develop other ambitions.

So you’re going to have to plan your life. And while you plan, do not give in to despair, or the belief that your fate is in the hands of larger forces. You can’t control what exists, but you can gain the power to control your immediate surroundings.

Here are some examples of things you can do to get control over those immediate surroundings.

  • Learn game. The more influence you have over women, the more picky you can be, the more easily you can replace one who misbehaves, and the more you can control the behaviour of those you decide to keep.
  • Lift. Muscle mass is useful for all sorts of things, not just looking good. It helps you survive and prosper. It keeps you healthy. It inhibits aging. It makes your body more durable and useful.
  • Learn skills. It wasn’t muscle that made humanity the undisputed masters of the earth. It was learning how to do useful things, both by experiment and from others. Can you fix a car? Patch drywall? Shoot a rifle? Cook a meal? Fabricate metal parts? Run a business? Sell things?
  • Avoid pointless squabbles with petty and stupid people. Not only are they making you annoyed, they are wasting precious time that you COULD be spending on something that helps you or something you enjoy, or better yet, both. Yes, commies and feminists say dumb and wrong things on the internet. But you don’t need them to agree with you. You don’t need their approval. They aren’t useful to you. Spend your time with people who approve of the sort of person you actually want to be.
  • Spend less than you earn, and invest the rest. Money is a powerful problem solver, not only because you can pay people to do shit, but because it allows you to afford to walk away from a bad deal. The less you need from those you negotiate with, the more freedom you have.
  • Become immune to guilt, honor, and shame. Anyone who tries to get you to do something with appeals to these is admitting he has nothing tangible to offer you as an incentive. You were not put on this earth to serve others, and your time and effort isn’t free. Claim what you are worth.

This should give you some ideas.

Winning at life is more than getting laid, or having things. It’s about doing what is meaningful to YOU, not having your life dictated to you by others who don’t care what you want.

Society may lack a positive identity for men, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without one. The more you refine yourself, and build skills, leverage, and power, the more you can surround yourself with a carefully chosen slice of the world that isn’t hostile to you and everything you are and want to be. You don’t live in the entire universe, just selected pieces of it.

Choose carefully.

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Comment by i3Dtb8M on 11/09/20 07:46pm

This is a great article. Thanks a lot for writing it.

A sense of who you are and what makes you happy that you can’t be cut off from by strangers. Social media is useful, but it isn’t a substitute for life.

Ted Kaczynski calls this "surrogate activity".

Comment by StoicGorilla2 on 11/02/20 10:00pm

Thanks for this great article

Comment by boldbung on 10/31/20 11:41am


Comment by TheWhiteRaven on 10/24/20 11:16am

hidden treasures of the internet

Comment by quijote3000 on 10/22/20 08:41pm

Great read

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