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The Parables of The Sower
Serotonin, Dopamine, and Covid-19
Published 05/15/21 by Whisper [1 Comments]

Have you ever wondered why people take the blue pill? Any blue pill?

Have you wondered why most men continue to court women with compliments and gifts, despite watching them shun "nice" men for sociopathic drug addicts?

Have you wondered why people eat sugar and other processed food, get fat, then try to calorie-restrict their way out of it, never asking why we had barely any fat people in 1953?

Have you wondered why people worship and believe in Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour, despite the fact that the All Powerful King of the Universe who can bend time and space with a thought, is too busy or remote to pick up a simple telephone and call them... even though he personally loves them very very much?

Have you wondered why people buy two months salary worth of shiny rocks, hacked out of the ground by child slaves, as part of the ceremony of signing away most of their legal rights, just to see a woman smile?

Have you wondered why you are suddenly hearing so much about how Bitcoin uses a fuckton of electricity, and that buying electricity to use it on whatever the fuck you bought it for is somehow bad .... right around the time that governments are printing money like there is no tomorrow?

Have you wondered why people give up a third of their income without a fight, so it can be spent by a group of septuagenarian multimillionaires with a 20% public approval rating?

Have you wondered by people send their children out of their home for half their waking hours to be raised and taught values by people with government jobs and no marketable skills?

Well, if you have been paying attention for the last year and a half, then you may wonder no more. There's no mind control microchips in the experimental coronavirus "vaccines". (Not that people wouldn't put such a thing in if it existed.)

But there doesn't need to be. Mind control technology already exists, and it's working just fine. It turns out that people are already biologically programmed to imitate each other, and to accept repetition as a substitute for evidence. We don't need to wonder who the NPCs are anymore.

They're the ones wearing a piece of cloth over their faces, when the same people who told them to wear the cloth are the ones who started out telling them not to. They're the ones taking an experimental RNA treatment methodology which has never before been approved for humans and has a history of serious side effects, because they never bothered to even read the Wikipedia page, much less the studies.

The mind control technology that is being used right now on western civilization is pretty much the same one we use on girls to get laid.

There's no magic. There's no conspiracy. There doesn't need to be. Just control the frame, set your message, then give a compliance test.

When you are seducing a girl, you start by selecting where you will meet and when, and telling her to be there. Then when she comes in, you wave your hand at a nearby chair and say "Have a seat". Do you really care that much where you meet, or where she sits? Of course you do not. The point is control. The point is to get her used to obeying you. Then there's something you actually want, such as blowjob, sinking to her knees is a natural, almost an automatic, process.

There's no magic. There's no conspiracy. There doesn't need to be. Just control the frame, set your message, then give a compliance test.

No one actually cares about the effects of a supercold epidemic. They don't give a fuck if a bunch of sick old people kick off a bit sooner. Look at how many people they are willing to kill so they don't have to admit that "calories in, calories out" is bullshit, and take on the food industry and all their lobbyists, lawyers, and money.

It's a compliance test. It's a society-wide compliance test.

And what are you being asked to give up?

There are two distinct ways that humans can feel good. We call them pleasure and happiness, but what they really are is dopamine and serotonin. Both are necessary for human life, but only one of them is part of the economy. Only one of them can be sold to you for a price.

Dopamine is an excitatory neurotransmitter. It crosses the synapse, and makes the next nerve want to fire. It feels good, and it makes you want more. Any pleasure you can binge on, any pleasure you can overdose on, any pleasure you can get addicted to, that's dopamine. Dopamine is social media, it's sugar, it's alcohol, it's cocaine, it's religious fervor, it's pornography, it's spinning plates and sex with a new woman each week, it's "popping bottles and fucking models", it's the "Dan Bilzerian lifestyle".

Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It crosses the synapse, and makes the next nerve want to not fire. It feels good, and makes you want... nothing. Feelings of peace, relaxation, love, connection, pride of accomplishment, calm, contentment, that's serotonin. Serotonin is long conversations with friends, it's exercise, it's a religious community, a potluck dinner, it's a new skill learned or a new project accomplished, it's a good book, a relationship with a woman who loves you, it's your friends, it's your pride in the business you built or when your code finally runs.

(It's a 19 year old boy telling me that without the things I wrote to help him with his life, he would have killed himself years ago.)

Notice something about the difference?

Only one of these things can be sold to you. For money. The other one, you have to build for yourself, or you won't have it.

Notice something else about the difference?

Only one of these things has been put on hold for the "pandemic". The other one, all the masked NPCs are still allowed, even encouraged, to engage in.

In-person conversations are on hold. Social media is encouraged.

Shopping at your local farmer's market is on hold. Packaged stuff with sugar is encouraged.

Gathering at church is on hold. Binge-watching Netflix shows is encouraged.

Having an outdoor barbeque with your friends is on hold. Having a giant left-wing outrage party in the streets is encouraged.

Patronizing small businesses and local restaurants is on hold. Shopping at Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot is encouraged.

All the dopamine-related pleasures have people with a lot of money selling them. All the serotonin-related pleasures are just about you. So those are the ones the compliance test is focused on.

The "problem" with capitalism is that it doesn't know better than you, and it doesn't try. It doesn't decide what you need, or "should" want, and give it to you despite your wishes. Instead, it just gives you more of what you actually buy. It will just as happily help you destroy yourself as help you take care of yourself.

You can buy plastic pipe and water pumps to build a hydroponic herb garden yourself, and have fresh basil for your home-cooked masterpieces, or you can buy a lot of Belgian chocolate. The choice is yours, and capitalism does not judge.

But when the time comes for people who want to control you to give you a compliance test, they're not going to shut down your dopamine-based porn addiction. That's making money for powerful people, and they get a cut. They're going to stop you going on dates, and maybe meeting someone you really connect with. Because the only person defending that is you... and they are going to see if they can get you to give that up.

There's no magic. There's no conspiracy. There doesn't need to be. Just control the frame, set your message, then give a compliance test.

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Comment by RedPirate751 on 06/02/21 04:04am

This is incredibly spot on. Our world has evolved to only incentivize the short term reward. Capitalism rewards those who give others what they want. This is not inherently a bad thing, but our society has utterly lost it's compass. The problem isn't that something is available, the problem is when there's no counterweight. It's not a problem to have beer in the fridge, it's a problem when you never stop drinking it.

There used to be a cultural appreciation for the types of things that release serotonin. The long term process of working on something, getting better, and seeing the ultimate fruits of your labors used to be celebrated. Other people understood what you were doing, maybe not everyone, but enough that it was encouraged.

Now when you do something like that, the general reaction is more like neat dude but why not just sit around and smoke weed instead?