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The Parables of The Sower
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Why They Hate You
Published 07/24/21 by Whisper [2 Comments]

It's pretty obvious we live in Upside Down Clown World now.

If you're reading this, you're probably young, white, male, single, and heterosexual. It's also probable that, while you're too young to have personally built civilization, you get both your genetics and your cultural values from those who did. And what we mean by Upside Down Clown World is that many of the people who live in that civilization have rejected those values and genetics, and hate the people who still insist on having them.

It would be very easy to write a ranty article about how much this sucks, and get many meaningless internet points from everyone who agrees, but you'll never understand anything if you stop asking "why" the moment you reach the thing you hate.

So... why Upside Down Clown World? Why do elected officials and cultural pundits, many of whom are straight white males themselves, suddenly give every appearance of hating straight white males?

If you ask them, you'll get their rationalizations, of course. They hold men white in general responsible for none of the accomplishments of other white men, but for every single atrocity. Never is it asked what kind of atrocities the Zulu or the Cherokee or the Aztecs would have committed had they been the ones civilizing the world. (The answer is "the same ones they did historically commit, but on a broader scale"".)

This, of course, is all rationalization. Standard operating procedure for demonizing a demographic. Go to the Stormfront website and you'll see how it works with black people. Well, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC are Stormfront for straight white males. A rationalization is not a reason.

The real reason is this. Straight white males, especially single ones, are hard to rule. They are the most libertarian demographic, the one most interested in the notion of "human rights", the most independent and self-organizing demographic, the least dependent on government handouts or corporate propaganda, the most inclined to go off and build something for themselves without asking anyone's permission.

If you commoditize the food industry for profit, and feed an entire generation of white girls a vile poison that makes them sick and fat, they will lean into it, and write songs about how being sick and fat is awesome.

If you want a black man to vote for you, you not only don't have to deliver on your promises, you don't even have to make any. Just tell him someone is a racist and pretend to be outraged. The city of Flint, Michigan couldn't even get the municipal water supply right for over five years, and did the population of Flint stop electing democrats? American blacks are one of the easiest demographics to rule.

I could produce examples like this all day, but you get the picture. Their problem with you is that you don't want to live in a pod, eat soylent green, and own nothing. You want grass-fed steak. You want a couple acres of land near a lake somewhere that isn't Chicago, NYC, or Los Angeles, where there isn't any graffiti or heroin-addicted hobos. You want a girlfriend who isn't fat and sick. You want to build things that matter, and get paid handsomely for it. You want a sports car instead of the public bus, or maybe a really cool off-road kinda truck, because you don't live in a concrete hive, and you want to tow the trailer with your jet skis to the lake.

That's not me telling you what choices to make. That's me pointing out to you what choices you have already made. Point is, you want to make choices, and you want to make the ones that are good for you.

That is why they hate you.

That is why you have to be stopped.

Not only because you won't do what you are told, but because you inspire others to not do what they are told, either. From the point of view of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC, independence is a plague, and you are Typhoid Mary. Of course they want to beat down the most infected population. This is why straight white male politicians hate straight white male voters. There's no solidarity... because there are no shared goals.

Their goal is to rule you.

Your goal is not to be ruled.

We'll talk next time about how to fight back, but it's important to realize first that you are in a fight, and second, that you can win. It may not seem that way, because they have so much money and power, all the cameras and microphones, they own all the social media platforms and they do everything they can to prevent anyone from talking online without their approval and permission.

But consider this: their goal is get you to do things. Your goal is not to do them. To win, all you have to do is nothing.

You don't have to watch television or listen to the radio. You don't have to drink Pepsi or Budweiser. You don't have to eat frozen microwavable "food". You don't have to vote for democrats or republicans. You don't have to live in New York City. You don't have to inject yourself with experimental gene therapies. You don't have to ride the bus. You don't have to have a Facebook or Twitter account. You don't have to wear a mask. You don't have to go to pride parades and cheer. You don't have to watch Hollywood's stories about how girls are better than you in every way, and you certainly don't have to pay them for the opportunity. You don't have to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or Steam.

You have physical control of your body, and the only way they can get you to do things is to trick you and those around you. They can't can come to your house and physically force you to do anything, because there are too many of you, and you own the Armalite Rifle, Model 15, a collaboration between Eugene Stoner and God, which was designed to make you free.

They know they can't come to your house and shoot you full of experimental gene therapies, because you can shoot them in the fucking face if they try it. They hate that.

You have freedom, and they hate and fear you for it. All you have to do to win is continue to not do what they want. And you're already reading dangerous subversive alt-right libertarian fascist nazi anarchist literature like this article, so you already know what's up.

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Comment by deeplydisturbed on 12/17/21 12:45am

Another excellent post.

I recently started digging through historical information related to the Prussian empire. Yeah, I know... but as best I can tell, modern "communism" is what brought that empire down. And there is a certain group of people who have been behind almost all of the world's strife since then - a group who shall not be named.

And one need not name them. It is as simple as assessing one's values. The sensibilities you mention (or alluded to) in this article - individualism, merit, human rights, work ethic, liberty, independence, self-sufficiency, etc. - are what they hate. And perhaps the easiest way to find out who hates you, is to simply look for people who hate those ideals and values.

Well done.

Comment by adam-l on 07/25/21 07:25am