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The Redefinition of Marriage
Published 09/28/18 by Whisper [3 Comments]

I think there is no group in America quite so awful at explaining its point as the so-called "Religious Right", that group of Christians-with-a-capital-C who are the populist voice of social conservativism in the American political landscape.

Their grasp of apologetics, outside of a few voices like Dalrock, is so bad that no one outside their community even understands their talking points.

When they said "family values", everyone else thought it was a code word for hating sex. When they say "defense of marriage", everyone else thought it was a code word for hating gays.

But the truth is more complicated.

The core of religious values, for almost all religions, not just christianity, is reenforcement of existing social structures. Now, the construction of a mythological framework for that is just what most religions DO. But when that framework becomes the only reason for those values that people understand, then they cannot explain the values to anyone who doesn't share their supernatural beliefs.

CCs (conservative christians) can't explain their values, because they don't themselves understand the real reasons behind them.

It never occurs, not only to cultural Marxists, SJWs, and other ultra-liberals, but also to the average moderate, that these values are wrapped around a correct idea.

This idea is that the basic unit of a society is not an individual, but a family. A society composed of weak, disconnected, or broken families is a broken society.

And the way our society has traditionally formed families is marriage. (Followed by children).

Now, marriage, at its core, is a contract. (Just like pretty much any human relationship that is formalized.) Contracts have a couple of things that distinguish them.

- They have terms. (These theoretically benefit both parties.)
- They have consent. (Both parties agree to the terms.)
- They have enforcement. (Some negative consequence to the party that breaks the agreement.)

Now, in the idealized version of the past that CCs want to return to, all these things supposedly worked.

- The wedding vows were the terms.
- Informed consent was obvious, because both parties recited the terms out loud.
- Enforcement was a social act by the community, because the vows were spoken in front of that community, who would socially enforce them.

Now, CCs think wedding vows are spoken in front of "God", but when was the last time you saw god punish a cheating wife, or a neglectful husband? No, the real enforcers of wedding vows were the tight-knit local communities people lived in. If the marriage contract was broken, the community would judge who broke it, and ostracize that person. Effective.

But because marriages have consequences in civil law, the government needed some notion of who was married. And this was the thin end of the wedge. Once people started having to sign papers declaring that they were married before the law recognized it, the enforcing authority passed from the hands of the community, and into the hands of the law.

And the law, in its need to standardize everything, began to standardize the contract.

So now, what do we have?

- The wedding vows are just poetry. The law defines the terms of the contract, and it can and will retroactively redefine those terms at any time.
- Informed consent is impossible, because the papers the couple sign don't contain the terms, which occupy volumes of lawbooks unavailable to most couples, and which can change at any time.
- The law does not enforce the marriage contract (no-fault divorce), it simply recognizes the dissolution of the contract, and divides the assets of the partnership (money, property, children) without any regard to who broke the contract.

So, when the modern couple gets "married", they are agreeing to terms they don't know about, breach of which will not be punished, and the dissolution of which will be handled by a templatized process that someone else has decided is fair for everyone. Is it any surprise this doesn't work? The favoritism courts show to women doesn't even enter into it. The problem runs deeper. When the government defines the terms of a contract, the parties to that contract do not know what they are agreeing to.

This is what CCs are on about when they don't want to let gays get "married". They have no idea of the reasons underlying their own values, and they're closing the barn door decades after the horses have fled, but they have some vague notion that the government mishandles the institution of marriage, and they want to resist that somehow.

So how should we fix this problem....?



We shouldn't, you fool. We can't. Have you forgotten where you are? You're reading TRP. We are not here to fix society, because our society eats self-sacrificing heroes for breakfast, then demands they buy it lunch.

We are here to survive the collapse.

So how do you do that? DON'T GET MARRIED, DUMBASS.

- It doesn't matter if you want children.
- It doesn't matter how much game you have.
- It doesn't matter how ironclad your prenup is.
- It doesn't matter how high your SMV is.
- It doesn't matter if you could have another her in thirty seconds.

You are still signing a contract you don't get to read. Would you hand a stranger a signed blank cheque? It's just retarded. There is nothing that all the redpillian advice in the world can do for you, if you are such a rube that you sign things without reading them.

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Comment by theultmatecad on 12/25/22 12:49pm

Only change I would make as your editor to this masterpiece

We are here to survive AND THRIVE the collapse

Comment by deeplydisturbed on 12/24/22 11:57pm


Excellently written. Keep up the good work.

If plebbit did not remove all my content when I was banned for saying the exact same sort of thing, you would find posts of me saying the exact same things from a few years go.

Carry on the legacy. And good luck!

Comment by CleverRaptor77 on 10/05/18 11:51am

How would those who want kids approach relationships? A child still needs a mother and I don’t want my kids growing up warped cause of mommy issues or stuff