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The Parables of The Sower
There Is More Than One Blue Pill
Published 03/22/19 by Whisper [0 Comments]

Every once in a while, enthusiasm for what we call the red pill makes someone say some seriously dumb shit. Consider this particular dead hamster in the water pipe:

We can dismiss mythology as just a bunch of made up stuff and be real hard headed douchebags about this. That's what the blue pill wants you to do. You're just a standard human unit. Nothing particular about you. They're working to eliminate the distinctions between "male and female" itself. To completely standardize you into an economic consumption unit.”

What’s the fundamental error here?

It’s not “caring about the creation myths of a bunch of bronze-age ignoramuses”. You can have whatever hobbies you like. I like barbells, boxing gloves, and rifles; maybe you like myths, poetry, and Karl Gustav Jung.

The fundamental error the assumption that there is one blue pill, and so whatever is the opposite of it must be correct or useful. There is not one blue pill, there are many. And of course they are going to fight each other… because the prize is you. Ownership of your soul. Your slave labour until the moment you die. Your willingness to sacrifice your life fighting for a cause that will discard you like cheap toilet paper.

You think that’s valuable to more than one group? Of course it is.

You think that there’s more than one set of lies engineered to exploit you? Of course there are.

You think those packs of lies are going to clash? Of course they are.

So you don’t get to find out the truth by examining what idiots believe and assuming the opposite. Or by examining what tyrants want you to believe and assuming the opposite. You have use your eyes, your ears, and your brain.

Sure, gay communists working for the United Nations are going to have a problem with tradcons. They’re arguing over who gets to fuck you in the ass. So if you’d rather pitch than catch, you gotta watch out for both of them, and anyone else with their dick out and a suspicious-looking gleam in their eye.

And that’s not to mention the amount of retards who really believe that if something is a lie, the opposite must be true. Weirdos with tiresome and irrelevant theories about race. Guys who wanna tell you all about Jesus. I swear I saw an article on “return of kings” where some idiot was talking about how real men should smoke. (Yeah, sure, lemme kill myself by inhaling poison, because lefties don’t like it. That’ll do me a lot of good.)

You’re not beholden to be the opposite of the people who hate you, whether that’s good for you or not. You owe nothing to your ancestors’ dumb beliefs. You belong to you. You are here for you.

Open your eyes, examine everything, test your guesses, decide what works. That’s the only thing the “red pill” will ever mean.

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