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The Parables of The Sower
The Thing You Really Want
Published 04/08/19 by Whisper [4 Comments]

If the red pill is really all about getting to sex, and is absolutely amoral, why are there certain strategies we don’t discuss?

Why not tips for finding and dealing with whores?

Why not how to make an indifferent wife compliant as an endless source of “starfish” sex?

Why not, if we are totally amoral, how to commit rape? (And how to get away with it?)

Does the lack of these discussions mean that we secretly have principles? That there are depths to which even we won’t stoop? Or does it mean that it’s time to talk about that one little thing that every man knows, but seldom thinks about and never speaks of?

Yeah. That.

The little fact that it’s not sex you want. It’s not sex you’re here for. It’s not sex you’re here to learn to get. Oh, early on you’ll settle for sex. But as you start to be able to get it, it wasn’t enough, was it?

You don’t just want sex. You want girls to lust after you. You want them to desire you with the same intensity you desire them. Or, if possible, more. When you came here, you wanted to stop doing favours for women to try to get to sex, to stop being nice to women to try to get to sex… and have them start doing that to you.

The third rule of Tomassi tells you:

[With] [a]ny woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait.

If we reexamine this rule in the light of what we’ve just proposed, we can reword it to reflect a greater understanding

Any girl who declines sex for any other reason than logistics doesn’t desire you enough to give you the fulfillment you really want.

This is the real reason why you next girls for “making you wait”. If it were just about sex, hell, you could stand an extra three days, or a week… especially if you have one or two in reserve, like I keep tellin’ ya to do.

But if she can stand to make you wait, she will never fulfill your needs, she will never be able to scratch that inner psychological itch, she will never satisfy you… because she’s just not that into you.

But Professor Whisper, what if she’s a conservative? What if she’s a virgin? What if she’s a Christian with a capital “C”? What if she’s a “good girl”, and would make any man wait?

Go to the back of the class. AWALT. Every woman is both a prude and a slut, depending on how you make her feel. If she would make any man wait, then she’s just not that into any man. Virgins who are passionate about you will hop on your dick just as quickly and eagerly as party girls with double-digit counts… sometimes more so.

But Professor Whisper, isn’t getting to sex MY job? Isn’t it MY fault if she’s just not that into me? Why should I take it out on her?

Usually it is, unless she’s totally uninterested in sex. But… so what?

Who ever said nexting was a punishment? It’s not. It’s you taking the valuable time you would have wasted on someone who doesn’t really want it that much, and going looking for someone who wants it a whole lot.

You’re not taking revenge for anything, and whether she suffers or not is completely beside the point. You want to be desired, you’re not finding that with her, you’re gonna go dig somewhere else.

But Professor, won’t walking away mean that I have failed?

So? Everybody fails. If you don’t ever fail, you suck, because it means you aren’t trying hard enough shit. A girl is a hand of poker. If you have nothing but a pair of threes, fold. The next hand will be along shortly.

But Whisper, you’re wrong about me. I’m not looking to get lusted after or chased. I just want sex.

You’re new to this. Once you can scratch that itch regularly, you’re going to discover that not all sex is the same. Starving men are content with any kind of food. Once they are well-fed, they will figure out what they like the taste of.

Learning to be lusted after is about seduction technique, but it’s also about learning when to cut your losses. No matter how desirable a woman is, or how thirsty you are, you will never be satisfied with a girl who is reluctant to get naked with you.

If she says she’s saving it for marriage, then she wants to be married, not your dick.

If she says she only does it in a committed relationship, then she wants commitment, not your dick.

If she says she wants more time to get comfortable with you, then she wants attention and validation, not your dick.

So I should just avoid women who aren't already into me?

No, listen to me with your ears and not your autism spectrum disorder.

Seduce women. But next them if you fail.

All women need enough time to know who you are (a woman who doesn’t is someone who will fuck just anyone), but once that happens, then either you have either made her wet, or you haven’t.

Don’t waste your time… because while you still can get to sex, and often will get to sex… you will never get to passion.

And passion is what you truly want.

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Comment by Phil_i_am on 07/15/19 11:23pm

A girl came over to my place recently and we were to have sex but then she came up with all this excuses and I just ignored her hoping she'll come around but she just stood up and left and it still bothers me like I failed to get her laid... I'm angry at her and myself at the same time and I don't even know how to start dealing with the situation..

Comment by The-Sea-Wolf on 06/04/19 05:04am

You cannot control the women who are attracted to you, Hoit. It's like fishing: you can throw out some damn good bait, and you can even change the bait to suit a certain type of fish, but you can't control what bites.

Comment by clavabot on 04/10/19 12:16pm

Im not getting any sex at all, yet, and yet, I dont really want any, I want desire, hitting the nail on the head m8.

Comment by hoit on 04/09/19 06:00pm

I'm getting better at eliciting passion in girls, and I notice that I get passion from those I don't want (unattractive, dating a friend). How can you become the man that makes women wet, but not make a married woman wet and her husband jealous.