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The Parables of The Sower
The Why of Feminism
Published 05/18/19 by Whisper [1 Comments]

People like to ask “why”. Specifically they like to ask “why”, and “why that”, and “why that” again, up until they reach the villain they wish to blame. Then that suddenly becomes an entirely causeless, spontaneous eruption of pure evil that we all need to be very concerned about.


Skipping over a lot of really of really boring philosophy, here, let’s just agree that no one will ever prove or disprove the existence of free will. But we all know that people do shit for reasons.

Stop looking for the reasons, and you’ve decided to stop understanding shit. In which case what are you doing here, anyway?

So we’ve certainly heard a whole lot about what feminism causes, and fuck-all about what causes feminism, which leads some dudes to get from dirt-obvious shit like this:

>> One thing that has always baffled me is how Muslim nations have practiced female subordination for centuries... and yet feminists never go after them for their, "misogynistic" practices. In fact they defend them.

To dirt-stupid shit like this:

>> I have a theory that women secretly crave that type of man guiding their lives.

… in one giant leap.

Yeah, women crave subordination… to powerful, confident men that they look up to and trust.

I guarantee you that random third world peasants do not qualify. You think women are just submissive to randos, go up to one, start groping her, get slapped, and reassess your worldview.

You wanna understand, you need better ideas. So why does feminism do dirt stupid shit like this? Where did it come from? And what the hell is it? All three questions are related.

Feminism isn’t a movement, and it isn’t a philosophy. It’s a tactic.

A tactic doesn’t have a fixed overarching goal. It’s simply a means of getting whatever the individual user of that tactic happens to want. That’s why feminists keep telling you that feminism came in different “waves”. It’s simple. Different generations of women wanted different shit. They just used the same method to get it.

What, then, is the method?

Feminism is the act of using shame and guilt to evoke the male protective instinct.

That’s it. That’s all. Think about how it works:

1. Find something you think is a problem, that affects you (a woman), regardless of whether or not it affects mostly women, or affects you because you’re a woman, or has anything to do with being a woman at all.

2. Construct a narrative that frames this problem as unfairness to women.

3. Relate this narrative to any man who will listen, and tell them that they personally are oppressing women unless they change their behaviour to fix this problem for you.

4. Repeat until men give you whatever it is you wanted.

So now can we ask why feminism exists? How about why it is so prevalent? Sure. It’s easy to explain now.

Feminism is prevalent in the modern world because the most powerful demographic of men in history became especially vulnerable to appeals to guilt and shame.

So why isn’t feminism being used against the muslim world? Easy to see that now.

Feminists don’t go after muslims because the feminist tactic doesn’t work on them.

So why do feminists come to the (verbal) defense of third world peasants who treat women as cattle? Simple to understand now. Muslims aren’t a target for the feminist tactic, they are a weapon. The concept of them as poor oppressed brown people who are victims of the evil white man (instead of the armed rabble gathered at the gates of civilization)… this can be used to make first world men feel more guilt and shame, and to get those men in the habit of feeling guilt and shame.

So what can we do with this knowledge?

Well, we now know how to protect ourselves from feminism. Become immune to guilt and shame. You’ll still be vulnerable to attack by herds of manipulated men, but you won’t be one of them.

We also know to stop blaming feminism for our problems, whatever they might be. Feminism is a thing precisely because it works… and who has allowed it to work? Modern first world men. Too domesticated. Too ashamed. Too unselfish. Too weak.

Of course it was inevitable that women should discover that femininity (which offers submission in exchange for protectiveness) was more effort than applying shame and guilt (which requires women to give nothing). Women did it because men incentivized it.

Feminism is not new. It is not a game-changer. It is not an alteration in the terrain. The Great Game has always existed and always will. Everything is a move.

Learn to counter.

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Comment by awakenedspirit1 on 08/07/19 07:45pm

This is awesome. And way to look at it from 30K feet. The great game is pretty fun when you think about it.

You know what helped me see this as a tactic? Squats. I don't even really understand why...I just know when I back squat 300 lbs for the first time, my first thought was "it's a trick! Cat calling does work! Just the wrong guys are doing it..."