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The Tribe is the Answer to the Question You Haven’t Asked Yet.
Published 07/24/17 by wikisnack [3 Comments]

The game is changing, of that there is no doubt, but the shift is subtle. It’s easy to get caught by surprise if you haven’t been paying close attention. Even since the beginning of this community I’ve witnessed the development of the sexual market. It’s changed and hardened and forced us to constantly adapt.

Adapt we have. These days I hear guys talking about putting in the hard work to be top ten percent. Strengthen the body, make the money, build power. It’s what’s necessary. We have to do that. But I remember a time not too long ago when new inductees were bumping their smv up a few points by learning not to be submissive dorks and it was enough to get them laid. I remember when a little bit of peacocking actually resulted in attention. I’m not saying this to wax nostalgic for the good ol’ days. I’m saying this to drive home the point that the market has a trajectory.

Because of the increasing influence of online dating, social change, and perhaps even the redpill itself, the old strategies that were once wildly successful are now showing diminishing returns. In their place other strategies are popping up. It’s the natural course of things. Remember, at one point marriage was a viable strategy.

The question then is, what comes next. What is the future of sexual strategy. My contention is that it lays with the tribe. When the sexual market trends towards a female monopoly on selective power, men trends towards distilled alpha traits. This effect was perfectly outlined by Athlone McGinnis in the foundational piece: How Black America Predicted Our Future.

>there exists within our society a model for the outcome of all the ongoing negative trends we are seeing, a culture that has already felt the impact of those trends and suffered their consequences.

That model or “prototype” for our future is Black America.

>The culture places a tremendous emphasis for men on the possession of traits matching those of urban masculine culture (read: “swag”, aggression, edgy appearance, etc).

It’s no mistake that young black men in this situation feel the pressure to join gangs. Aside from the financial incentives there is an understanding that gangsters get laid. There is almost no better way for men in that position to signal alpha traits than to be a part of a respected or feared gang.

The tribe is the solution to the sexual market recession. The tribe will allow men to compete in ways that individuals would simply be unable to. The tribe means power, and power is sexy. The talk of tribes here is not an accident. It’s timing is not a coincidence. The tribe is the answer to the question we haven’t asked yet, “how do we go forward from here?”

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Comment by gibro on 02/08/19 07:13pm

Fuck that, we are civilised men, heirs to the greatest civilisation ever built. Reverting to our tribal past is not going forward. Our tribe is Western Civilisation.

Comment by anonymousthrowaway97 on 09/28/18 06:23pm

Can you go into more detail about how to organize the tribe?

Comment by Self-Making-V2 on 07/25/17 09:33am

By allowing the splintering of the red pill to continue, and each tribe form it's own goal, but hold a level of respect for other tribes.

Individual RP tribes will bicker, some flourish, some die but as a "nation" of RP tribes, we'll have the apathetic Left on the run

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