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Stripped of Honor
Published 08/16/17 by wikisnack [0 Comments]

Men need honor. Men need a place in which they may prove their worth, where they mind form their identities from the esteem of their brothers. They are not meant to wander the world unsure of their standing in it. It is a deep psychological need to have one's place affirmed within the group.

Only there is no group left. Men cannot find identity in tribe because they have no tribe. They cannot find identity in their masculinity because it has been stripped from them. They cannot find it in their race because it is seen as shameful.

So men are stripped of their honor, and without their honor they are desperate. They seek out identity in anything that might offer it. They are wayward children in a den of predators. It is not long before they become predators themselves.

Honor your brothers. Be close to them. Form tribes with them that they might make themselves strong in your company. Do not let them faulter.

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