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My sweet story with a filipina
My sweet story with a filipina pt.1
Published 05/20/20 by SomeBlackpilledDudeY [0 Comments]

Okay. Before anything, I’ll start by saying that the sole purpose of sharing my story is to kill a few myths.

I’ve heard so many times that western women are rotten and asian women are conservative wife material. I’ve also heard the same old about go to East Asia, go to the Philippines where you can easily score old fashioned wife, as they’re not hyprgamous, they are loving, caring and pretty much the whole pack. I’m here to tell you about my experience with a filipina.

I’ll try to be as accurate and objective as I can, even if it means making me look like a loser or whatever. The point here is to learn something I guess.

Lastly, the way it's written is so you can immerse yourself in being me.

-----------------------------------------Part I------------------------------------------

It all started with Kik and a friend.

Back then, there were no public group chats and the only way to make friends on Kik was to know their persona id or browsing randoms through a website called chatcard.co, which you could access from the app to meet other users and chat 1 on 1. You could see their profiles and names on a list that would refresh each time you would access the site.

So my friend was bummed out because women wouldn’t reply to him. Emphasis on “women”, not just pretty women, all women. I remember he saying “why would they be on chatcard to talk to randoms if they don’t want to talk to randoms?”. To which I replied “They do, it’s just that they only want to talk to the hottest randoms, you have a picture of on your grandma’s xmas sweater”. He said that wasn’t really true since women don’t get impressed by looks, and that it was all about the conversation opener.

So I said fine, let’s have a little fun. I grabbed my own phone, installed Kik, and made about 20 different accounts. I browsed through chatcard.co and picked this one girl with long black hair and I decided to try to approach her using different openers as my scapegoat. Using my plethora of different profiles, all with different names and different profile pictures to emulate different people with different characters, I wrote different openers accordingly to prove my point. These profiles included cute animal pictures, nature landscapes, pictures of average looking dudes looking nerdy, hipster, hugging their dogs/cats, and that typical picture of a distant dude stretching his arms up into the wild, facing his back to the camera. Their names were all fitting to the personalities we wanted to represent using the pictures. Adventurous, eloquent, fragile, strong, happy, funny, smart, shy, introvert, etc… Oh, and there was another pic with a super hot cute boi/stud and his name was pussy eater papi.

Of those 20+ profiles, she only replied to a few (no more than two) with something lackluster like “not interested bye” or anything of the sort.

Just to kill it for good, I decided to use rico papi and say something stupid like “hey babe lookin hott (wet emoji). Right after, I closed Kik to uninstall the app and she replied and asked what was my name. It didn’t take anything longer than 10 seconds since the moment I pressed send and the moment she replied. So we talked a bit, and I closed the app. Point proven.

My friend didn’t take reality very well and decided to play a dumb prank on her, so he literally just typed “I HAVE YOUR NUDES” on a different account, to which she only replied with smugness saying she’s never done that. I don’t know why I thought it was a better idea to send a blurry picture of ravioli and send it as proof we had nudes of her but she didn’t mind it. I know it was dumb, I am dumb, I do dumb shit. Bare with me.

Okay so we forget about it and an hour or so later, when I was on my way home, she texted me asking me to please not do anything bad to her and that indeed she’d never sent any lewd pictures to anyone, but she was scared I could fake something regardless. I told her to calm down and explained the situation. Told her about the experiment and that I was sorry for being a dumbass. She then adopted this very sad aura and told me she felt like trash, then went on to tell me other stuff that made me sad. I talked to her and tried to cheer her up and we made peace with eachother. I closed Kik and case closed for me. Wish you the best ravioli woman.

The next day she texted me, and a few days later we became friends. She just needed someone to talk to I guess. She told me she was 18, and because I was 25, I started calling her “kid”. Just for fun and because in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m an asshole. One thing worth mentioning is, I didn’t consider her to be attractive at all. At one point she sent me a picture of herself wearing a very weird smile on her face which killed whatever little interest I might’ve had on her. Not my type at all, and tbh pretty much the opposite of what I find physically attractive in a woman. She also told me she was a filipina.

One day she disappeared (considering we’d talk every day) only to come back the day after. Instead of greeting me as usual, she started the conversation with “I met someone, and I have a crush”. I replied with “Oh cool, what’s his name?”, and she said it was Kevin only to disappear again for another entire day. IRC, two days passed and again, instead of greeting me, she just said “I have a crush”.

“Yeah you told me”, I said

“No, it’s a nother guy. His name’s Martin (lots of heart emojis)”, she answered.

I just replied “K just don’t get hurt”.

And off she went again. A day or two later of complete silence, I figured this time she had found a boyfriend and had something to talk to. I was then about to delete Kik when she suddenly talks to me again. Tbh I felt happy bc I thought she was good company and I was going to miss her a little. Anyways so she greets me normally and we start talking again. Weeks went by and she starts asking for pictures of me.

I avoided that at all costs at first because I knew the moment she knew what I looked like she’d stop talking to me. As I proved earlier, women would only talk to you if you’re good looking. However this only applies when they’re looking for a hook up or a partner. This time though it was different. We had been friends for over a month now and whatever I looked like didn’t matter, since it was pretty clear no romantic feelings were involved and she only saw me as a friend.

So I sent her a pic of me. At that time I was lifting weights and buffing up, and my eyes are green which I guess she liked.Because she didn’t ghost me and I felt more comfortable around her, I gave her my number and stuff and we met.

She started flirting with me, but because I’m slow I couldn’t notice. She kept going on for about two weeks, being more and more direct about it about it but I’m a brick head so she eventually confessed. Then for a whole week or probably more, she started being extremely sweet, and because I was aware of her feeelings, I kinda started feeling the butterflies and shit. At the same time, she suddenly started looking really physically attractive. As I said later though I’m not a cute/hot guy at all, so I know dating anyone would only mean getting cheated on at getting hurt, so I kept my feelings at bay like I always do.

I guess this is the part where the downward spiral starts.

One day she asked me out and I knew that was a bad idea. I didn’t want to reject her so I told her I met someone else and that I liked her. She was hurt, but she said she wished the best for us and left. That same night, she texts me super angry saying I was ugly (lmao I know), and that she could’ve had better, looks, money, job, you name it (literally, I still have a screenshot of that text). I tried to calm her down but she kept attacking me and went personal on other things, so I got irritated like a tiny baby and told her I just didn’t like her and left. She texted me back saying I didn’t mean what I said, that I only said it bc I was angry (which was true), and she didn’t mean anything either. She told me cried that night and idk I felt really bad the whole rest of the night. No one likes to see a girl cry man. So the next day I apologized for being inconsiderate and I asked her out.

We start dating.

To be honest, I was still sure she would eventually find better and cheat on me considering she had two crushes in like three days, so I tried to keep my distance and not get too attached. Fast forward a few weeks or so, I was actually in love with this woman. She was just too sweet. She would say things like if any girl called me ugly, she’d punch them in the face (yeah I’m a sissy but I like that shit). I would sometimes point out her two crushes in three days which she wouldn’t take very well. She said she did it to make me jealous back then which only fueled my feelings for her even more. Made me feel special and shit.

She then explained to me she was very old fashioned and she was actually known for being really conservative, and each time I jokingly suggested she’d do something slutty, she would get angry and tell me she wasn’t that type of girl, that she’d never do anything with any man she doesn’t love. She even told me she had this three months rule about not getting close to any other man within three months from a break up. A bit too much but okay, she’s just conservative. At one point however I found out a little more information about those crushes she had, and it turns out it wasn’t at all to make me jealous, the truth is she actually asked one of them out immediately after meeting him, but the guy was a catfish. I’d sometimes bring it up to poke on her a little which she disregarded as a childish phase of hers, she wasn’t the type to go all crazy over cute boys anymore. I was her one and only. I ended up falling madly in love either way.


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