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The Asshole
Make her feel special. (In other words, lie.)
Published 04/13/16 by Archwinger [0 Comments]

Women will often whine, ad nauseam, about how men only want sex, men only appreciate them for their looks, and men never appreciate them for their inner beauty. However, nine times out of ten, the women who complain about the lack of appreciation for their inner beauty are women who have none.

There was a time when many women weren’t sluts. They would save sex for men that they were truly interested in marrying, without having fun little casual flings between those guys. They would marry a good man at a young age, even though they were still pretty and could have played the field a little longer, had some fun, and met some other guys. They would spend these young, pretty years – the best years of their life – with the man they chose to marry. They would have his children, care for them excellently, and spend their days being incredible mothers, lovers, friends, and housemates. These women were beautiful on the inside.

Most women today just don’t have that special something any more.

Modern women praise promiscuity like it’s a religion. They leap between short-term relationships every few months, maybe with a few casual encounters between each one. They boldly declare that “experienced” women who “know what they want” are superior women, while the good girls of days past are oppressed prudes. They drink and party their youth away, marrying later in life once partying isn’t as fun as it used to be – which is usually the case due to a drop in popularity that coincides with a drop in appearance.

They bitch endlessly about how it’s oppressive and sexist that they’re expected to have regular sex with their husbands. They think that cooking a meal for another human being is beneath them – they actually brag about not being able to cook. They complain: why should they be the ones who stay home with the kids while men get to have all the fun working jobs? The ones that do stay home complain: so what if their husband has a job? Everyone does. If he doesn’t handle his share (or more) of the housework and child care the moment his ass gets home, he’s a loser. The ones that work complain about their jobs endlessly, while spending the bulk of their money on daycare, maids, and restaurants since nobody’s cooking, cleaning, or taking care of the kids. Then, after spending all of their money funding their job, they complain that their husband doesn’t make enough money.

To a modern woman, the very notion of doing something that doesn’t benefit her, solely to make another person happy, is ludicrous. Who could possibly be stupid and entitled enough to expect that of her? Of course, her husband, who works all day to pay the mortgage and buy food when he’d definitely rather drink beer and pay video games, needs to make her feel beautiful (even though she’s put on 40 pounds), make her feel special (even though she’s not), and treat her to a slew of flowers and backrubs and date nights just for a slim chance at grudging missionary sex, that she rolls her eyes about when he suggests it, as though she’s doing him a huge favor. Unmarried women expect similar treatment from their boyfriends and prospective fuck-applicants.

Yes, these same women, who drank and partied and fucked their way through their early 20s, can barely boil water for pasta while the maid cleans the house, think sex with men who actually love them is a chore, and believe that making other people happy is demeaning (unless it benefits them somehow) – these are the women that complain that nobody appreciates their inner beauty.

They don’t have any inner beauty.

But try to put yourselves in their mindset for a second. Modern women have spent their entire lives getting praise just for showing up. Being special just for existing. Believing – truly believing with all of their heart – that who they are and what they are like (e.g., the mere fact that they are human and have a personality) makes them special and valuable.

You can use this. Women are dying for an awesome, confident, powerful man with an awesome body to lie to them. To pretend they’re special. To pretend they have inner beauty. To pretend to appreciate them. To touch them. To make them feel sexy and wanted. The very fact that an awesome man is interested in fucking them and is willing to go through the motions of game and conversation means the world to them.

They need this validation like you need air. They’re sick of under-confident, scrawny losers giving them meaningless complements in an effort to buy sex with niceness.Validation is only valuable if it comes from a confident dude with muscles. A guy who doesn't have to be nice to get what he wants.

Deep down inside, they know you’re lying. They know they suck. They hate themselves. That’s why they respond so well when you treat them the way they actually deserve. But if you mix that with just the right amount of feeding their sense of entitlement, you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the assholes out there. Because if she’s going to cheat on her boyfriend or husband tonight, the most likely dude will be somebody who “makes me feel special”.

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