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The Asshole
Stop trying to be someone women need; Be someone they want
Published 04/19/16 by Archwinger [0 Comments]

Today, let’s take an honest look at what’s happened in the world, and how that led to this whole Red Pill thing.

Before the female empowerment movement came along in its current form, women were dependent on men, pretty much by requirement. We talk a lot about the “good ol’ days” where women were sexually conservative, married young, stayed faithful to decent guys who were good providers, had children, and lived generally happy, old-timey lives. Many clueless men today still follow these old rules, thinking that if they work hard to become educated, high-earning, good providers who are nice, decent guys, this will attract women by demonstrating what great husband material they are. Too bad for those guys – the rules have changed.

Here’s an uncomfortable reality. Back in the “good ol’ days”, a lot of women weren’t happy. Women didn’t avoid promiscuity, marry at a young age to good-provider nice-guys, and stay in that situation for the rest of their lives because it was their greatest fantasy and their deepest want, due to their innate female natures. They did this because they didn’t have any other choice. Women were financially dependent upon men, and if they wanted to avoid social ostracization, starvation, and failure, they’d pair off with a good provider and stick with him.

Women did not become good wives because they wanted to, or because it’s where they gravitate toward due to feminine nature, or because it made them happy. They became good wives because society practically forced them to do so. Many women learned to be happy in that role, but absent social forces pushing women in that direction, it’s not where most women would have ended up.

Women are not sexually conservative, faithful, good wives, or attracted to decent, good-provider men by nature. If the constraints that force women in this direction are removed, women are pretty much the opposite of all of that, by nature.

It’s a woman’s true nature to be slutty, unfaithful, a shitty marriage prospect, and attracted to cads. Unless the consequences for that behavior outweigh the fun. Remove the consequences, and we see their true nature.

If a woman chooses to be a non-slut, faithful, cultivate good marriage traits, or date decent guys, this isn’t a biological drive. We like to call those good behaviors “feminine” traits, but they’re actually the opposite of female nature. They’re a conscious choice to go against a woman's nature for personal gain. A woman like that has done some logic, weighed the pros and cons, and decided that she stands to gain more from certain social behaviors than the fun she could have if she gave in to her nature.

In modern days, women vote, drive cars, hold jobs, and own property. Legally, they have all of the rights and capabilities granted to men. Sure, they’re a lot worse at some things, and a lot better at other things – they’re not actually equal to men in a biological sense, but they’re equal in a legal, societal sense.

In modern days, birth control is plentiful and pretty darn effective. And abortion is legal. So a truly unwanted child is a pretty rare thing. And in the event that a child is conceived and not aborted, the legal system will garnish the father’s paycheck and give a chunk of money to the mother to help with the childcare expenses. That’s not really a profit-center for mom unless the father happens to be wealthy, but it’s still free money.

So today, women who want to become self-sufficient can do so. Women can get a job and rent an apartment or buy a house and buy food and live, completely independent of a man. They don’t need a provider. If they fuck up or suck at life or end up a single mother who’s restricted employment-wise as a result, there’s even government assistance. And child support from the father if there are kids.

This means that when a woman is considering who she wants to date or marry, she doesn’t need to consider his provider traits. At least not as strongly as women did historically. It’s great if a guy is super-rich, but a normal dude with a normal middle-class salary isn’t that impressive. She already has that kind of job herself. So do her friends. That guy’s providership won’t improve her quality of life significantly.

Once we remove financial dependency from women, take a look at the kinds of guys women fuck: Hot guys and fun guys. Muscles and cocky behavior and social aptitude. That’s what women fuck. Not nice guys, not respectful guys, not deep intellectual conversation guys. All of those traits of husbands women married in the “good ol’ days” weren’t actually traits women liked. They were just using those men for money and social status. If the women didn’t need that money and social standing and could have done whatever they wanted, they’d have fucked good-looking, confident, socially apt guys.

The only reason the “good ol’ days” of good wives and sexually conservative behavior existed is because women were forced to behave themselves. They didn’t want to. Real “feminine nature” isn’t good behavior, it’s very bad behavior. I guess “bad” is something of a subjective moral term. A better description might be that feminine nature is very self-interested, pleasure-seeking, live-for-today behavior.

It’s 2016. Women have jobs now. They get health insurance and birth control through those jobs. Abortion is legal and entirely up to them in every way. They don’t need men any more, so it’s time to cast off any notion of the old rules: Stop trying to be someone she needs. She doesn’t care about your fucking engineering degree, your salary, and how much housework you’re willing to do to make her life more effortless, because you’re just so damn nice.

Stop being nice. Stop being a generous, good provider. Stop being well-behaved, respectful, reserved, and frankly, boring as fuck. Women aren’t impressed by money unless it’s obscene amounts of fuck-you, hog-wild money. And women definitely aren’t impressed by you doting on them and showing off how fucking kind and respectful you are.

Definitely keep working your ass off and making bank, but save that money. Spend it on shit you like. Maybe retire early. Don’t let the girls know you’re doing well financially. I won’t tell.

Start being someone she wants. Start being muscular, cocky, fun, and socially apt. Spend your spare time on you, at the gym, at the shooting range, at the basketball court, at a martial arts class, or whatever the fuck you like. Brew beer, grill steaks, rebuild car engines, or hell, do girly hobbies if you have them. But don’t waste a single second sacrificing something you like to do for a woman. That doesn’t impress her. It’s a turn-off.

It’s time to start honoring women’s real nature. Real women are slutty, shallow, fun-loving lunatics with shitty judgment. And they don’t want men to save them from that any more. They fought long and hard to remove men from that role and in most cases, replace men with the government. So pay your taxes and let the government do its job. And start giving women what they want, not what they need.

Grow some muscles, drop the nice act, and start fucking them like the sluts they’ve fought so hard to become. And quit reminiscing about the good old days. Women weren't any better then. We just chained them up and pretended they were.

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